FLIP Crypto-token Aims At Fast Growing Digital Gaming Goods Market

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It’s difficult to overstate the size of the digital gaming products market. Estimates vary but most put the size of the digital goods market at over an incredible 100 billion dollars annually. And that market will only increase in size. According to accountancy firm Price Waterhouse Cooper the gaming industry is predicted to increase by 5% per year until 2020.

One crypto company looking to capitalise on fast growing trend is Gameflip. Established in 2014 Gameflip has grown to become one of the leaders in the gaming good industry. It’s looking to build on the success and introduced the premier crypto token for the digital gaming goods market – FLIP.

In order to fund the development and promotion of the FLIP token Gameflip is currently running ICO.

Gameflip Gaming ICO

Details of the Gameflip ICO

Token Pre-sale

The presale for FLIP will last from the 13th of October through to the 27th of October 2017. The minimum purchase for FLIP during the presale is one ethereum with a goal to raise 3000 Ethereum. There will be a hard cap for the presale of 7000 Ethereum. Bonuses during the presale or range from 30% up to 70% depending on the amount of FLIP tokens which are purchased.

Token Main Sale

The main token sale for FLIP will last from the 28th of November through to the 30th of December. During the main saie the minimum purchase is 0.1 ethereum. The goal of the main sale is to raise 3000 Ethereum. They will be bonuses during the main token cell depending on how early people buy into the token sale.

About The Gameflip Marketplace

Gameflip is already one of the most successful digital goods marketplaces online today. Gameflip has over 2 million users who each month collectively trade millions of dollars worth of digital games goods. The Gameflip website receives over 10 million visits each month.

This is one of the clear difference between Gameflip and many other of the of the other current ICOs. Gameflip already has an extremely successful product. It also has a team which has been shown to be able to acquire users of digital goods.

Transitioning these users over to a crypto token should be significantly easier than trying to acquire these users without an existing market place. This gives Gameflip a serious advantage over other competitors that maybe trying to enter the digital goods market.

Growing FLIP Into The Premier Token

Gameflip has identified a number of reasons why they believe they can grow FLIP into being the premier token for the gaming digital goods market.

Gamers face serious problems when trying to trade digital goods. One of the main problems is there is ensuring ownership of the digital goods and then trading them securely with other gamers.

The blockchain can solve these problems. Blockchain tokens like FLIP are built on ethereum which allows the creation of smart contracts. Using the ethereum blockchain ownership details of digital goods can be stored. This means that users have ownership of their digital goods independent of the specific gaming platform.

Smart contracts also allow gamers to trade digital goods safely. Because a smart contract can be set up so that the transfer of digital goods is only made when payment and token is made digital goods can be exchanged without worry about fraud.

Gameflip also has a strategy for ensuring that game developers and publishers are incentivised to promote FLIP tokens to their users. 40 million FLIP tokens will be retained to be distributed to game developers and publishers. These can be in be used as an ongoing revenue stream by game developers and publishers. This should enable FLIP tokens to be widely distributed amongst gamers.


Gameflip has to be one of the best ICOs for 2017. I’s got a team which is already proving it knows how to build a digital gaming good marketplace. It has a very compelling argument as to why the gaming market needs a solution like the FLIP token.

FLIP tokens will not only be a less expensive way of making payment for digital goods, they will also be significantly more secure thanks to smart contracts.

Finally Gameflip has a very well developed strategy about how to get game publishers and developers on board with the FLIP token.

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