How Aeron Plans To Make Flying Safer For Everyone

Aeron Pilots

Each day more than two million people fly somewhere. And of course for most of those people the experience will be incredibly safe – if not always comfortable.

But there are far more aviation accidents each year than most people are aware of. In fact there are an estimated 3302 aviation accidents each year.

It’s a serious problem because when something goes wrong in the air lives are at risk.

Aeron is a blockchain startup which wants to make flying safer for everyone. They have a unique solution to helping solve the problem of increasing aviation safety.

By introducing the new Aeron crypto token they want to make it much easier to track the key components which might flying safe (or unsafe) and along the way build a thriving business.

Why Humans Are The No 1 Aviation Danger

When people think about the danger of flying they might think about parts failing or perhaps even the possibility of a terrorist hijacking.

What people rarely think about is the dangers that are caused by the person sitting in the cockpit.

In fact it is estimated that 57% of aviation accidents are caused by human error.

That’s a really big problem but it’s one that is actually relatively easy to solve when the correct technology is applied.

There are some key reasons why human error is common in many aviation accidents. Pilots unfortunately do have incentives to be deceptive about their flight history, as do flight schools.

Pilots can relatively easily claim to have experience which they may not have and they can forge the records to back these claims up.

Some flight schools in the past being complicit in allowing pilot to fake their experience. Lastly Aircraft operators in may under report the amount of flight hours that a plane has done in order to reduce requirements for expense of maintenance.

Of course all of this can be solved by having improved tracking and data retention which is difficult – if not impossible – to change.

That’s where the blockchain comes in.

The blockchain isn’t just for creating cryptocurrency. it also allows you to store data on it. Because the data is decentralized it is virtually impossible to change records. once information is recorded it is there permanently. it is also roughly easy for people to check the data which is on the blockchain.

How Aeron Works

Each pilot that uses the Aeron platform would have access to a pilot application. Using this application they can easily log flight data.

This data is then added to a decentralised transparent global aviation registry system.

Passengers are able to access the data using the portal.

The third part of the system is the company application. The corporate application will cross check data from flight schools, aircraft suppliers and maintenance organisation amongst others to verify its accuracy.

Details of the Aeron Token Sale

ICO Rated -= 4.2
1 ARN = 0.5 USD
100 million tokens issued
Ethereum ERC20

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