Soma ICO Wants To Transform The Way We Buy And Sell

Soma Social ICO

Crypto startup Soma is creating the first decentralized socialized selling platform. Using a unique rewarding system users that contribute to the Soma platform will be rewarded with the native SCT tokens. These SCT tokens are being made available to the public in a token sale. read more to find out if investing in the Soma ICO is right for you.

What Problem Does Soma Solve?

Anyone has purchased something online realises that there are two major problems. Knowing whether the person that you are purchasing from is a reliable seller and that the product you’re buying is authentic and fits the description isn’t always easy.

Sellers also faced with the problem of how to reach the desired audience.They might have a great product to sell and are genuinely good people, but they just don’t have the social reach to get that product in front of the people there would love to buy it.

Using social selling Soma is seeking to solve both of these problems.

How Soma Wants To Revolutionise Online Selling

Soma is designed to be a decentralised platform which rewards people who contribute socially to the marketplace. Sellers can use SCT tokens to incentivise sharing and liking content.This allows users to leverage people who have large social followings in order to promote the products that they’re selling.

For sellers it is an opportunity to be be financially rewarded for their social activity.Currently on Facebook, Twitter and other social platforms actives social users aren’t rewarded for these activities. In fact it is quite the contrary. Social platforms in these case monetize their users social sharing activities.

Soma wants to change that by making sure that those people who contribute into the platform are the ones that are actually rewarded.

Soma Social People

What You Need To Know About The Soma ICO

  • Ratio: 1 ETH = 450SCT
  • Max cap: 120 000 ETH
  • Supply for Token sale: 54 000 000 SCT

Preserving Product Data On The Blockchain

Soma is not only creating a platform which improves the social experience of selling. It is also designing an environment with every product is tracked and recorded.

When an item is listed on the Soma platform it is given a Interactive Item Card. You can think of an Interactive Item Card as being the unique DNA for that particular product. Every interactive item card has all records of the key information about the product.

Using the interactive item card potential buyers can see how much the item has sold for in the past, how the quality of the product is rated and whether it is actually the genuine article.

Alternative Payment Methods On Soma

Off course when Soma is first introduced not everyone is going to want to use the SCT token. Adoption is going to take time and the Soma team have recognised this fact. Consequently they have made it possible to make and received payment in a variety of popular cryptocurrencies and Fiat currencies.

they believe though that as the Soma community grows and more people acquire SCT tokens users will switch over to the native token. Because they will be being rewarded in SCT tokens active users will have a supply of these tokens available for purchases. SCT tokens will also be considerably less expensive as a payment option leading to lower transaction costs.





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