How Fidcom Is Creating The 1st Crypto Investment Company Using Decentralised Governance

Fidcom Token Sale

Cryptocurrencies have opened a whole new world of investment opportunities.

From new ways of funding startups, to new trading opportunities to innovative ways to buy and sell financial assets, the world of investing is being turned on its head.

A brash new startup called Fidcom is tackling these opportunities head on with their new ICO.

Fidcom is entering a range of hot areas in the cryptocurrency sphere.

To fund these projects they are currently opening up a token sale to the public.

Fidcom ICO In BriefFidcom ICO

ICO symbol: FIDC
ICO start date: 19th October 2017
ICO finish date: 19th November 2017
Raise target: $18 million
Technology: Standard ERC20
Blockchain: Ethereum
Buyback: 50% of new profits allocated to buybacks on a quarterly basis.

Activities Planned For Fidcom

Fidcom has a number of interesting activities planned off the back of their token sale. The funds raised during the token sale will be allocated to these different activities based on their profit potential and cost to develop.

In order to bring more fiat funds into the cryptocurrency space Fidcom will be launching their own cryptocurrency exchange. The goal for this exchange is to hit daily trade volumes of $6 million. Fidcom have determined that in the beginning they are likely to be the market maker for their exchange. Over time however they hope to bring in other market makers.

By the 1st of December 2017 Fidcom plans to launch an investment portfolio with up to $9 million in funds. This fund will focus on some of the most popular cryptocurrencies. Fidcom will also invest in promising startups within the cryptocurrency space.

In April of 2018 Fidcom plans to release a new payment service. This will allow people to pay for everyday purchases using cryptocurrency with a plastic card.


Fidcom have identified some very interesting areas for potential investment.

If they are able to execute on their vision then token holders could do very well.

As a large part of their investments will be into either very large cryptocurrencies or promising crypto startups, the overall success of Fidcom should closely match that of the cryptocurrency market as a whole.

Crypto bulls could therefore see Fidcom as an interesting particularly if they are looking for more actively managed approach.

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