Hydrominer ICO To Provide Green Alternative For Mining – And It’s Cheap!

For most crypto-enthusiasts being involved with mining is no longer practical. However a new crypto mining operation is currently running their token sale giving everyone the opportunity to get a piece of the mining pie. What’s more this mining operation will be powered by clean, green hydropower.

Hydrominer At A Glance

  • Hydrominer is a crypto mining operation based in the Austrian Alps powered by hydroelectricity.
  • Hydroelectricity benefits from being extremely cost effective and having a minimal environmental impact.
  • Hydrominer is running a token sale from October 18th to November 15th during which time backers can buy into the H20 Token.
  • The H2O token can be exchanged for mining time.

Background To Hydrominer

Hydrominer has its roots in 2012 when two sisters Nicole and Nadine Damblon starting experimenting with mining at home in their apartment. Seeing the profit potential from mining the sisters started to examine how they could run their mining operation most cost effectively. The identified that in order to obtain electricity at the minimal price it was necessary to go to the source. In Austria this is the hydropower in the alps. The sisters set up Hydrominer in 2016 with two rented hydro mining operations. They are now looking to expand the operation through the token sale.

How Exchanging H2O Tokens For Mining Time Works

Any H20 holder will be able to exchange their tokens for mining time on the Hydrominer platform. In order to do this the owner of the token simply needs to register on the platform and then exchange the token for mining time. Any proceeds earned from that mining time will be paid out on a daily basis. This gives H2O two significant advantages. Firstly the total supply of the tokens available will decrease over time. All else being equal this should cause the price to rise. Secondly token owners can earn additional income by taking advantage over mining time.

Which Coins Hydrominer Will Mine

Hydrominer is planning on focusing on the following coins:

  • ETH
  • BTC
  • ZEC

They will also focus on a profitable mix of coins based on a particular algorithm. Token holders will be able to choose which coins they choose to mine when they exchange their tokens for mining time credits.

Read more:

Hydrominer Token Sale: https://www.hydrominer.org/

Hydrominer White paper: https://www.hydrominer.org/wp-content/uploads/HydroMiner.pdf

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