ModulTrade Targets $6.7 Trillion B2B Ecommerce Market


The size of the B2B e-commerce market is estimated at more than 6.7 trillion every year.

While this number is impressively large, it could in fact be larger. Currently there is no single platform where micro.small and medium sized enterprises are able to to meet and establish trade agreements in a cost effective manner.

ModulTrade is a blockchain enabled ecosystem that wants to change that. Thanks to two key technological innovations, tokenisation and smart contracts, ModulTrade believes it can deliver a radically improved mechanism for businesses to conduct trade with each other globally.

The Challenge Faced By Small Enterprises

Small enterprises would like to be able to trade directly with one another but are limited in the ability to do so. In the current system there is significant barriers which limit the ability for these small enterprises to trade freely with one another. These barriers include a lack of trust between different enterprises and the complexity of executing trade across borders.


What ModulTrade Offers

Modultrade is both an ecosystem which gives SME (Small and Medium Sized Enterprises) the ability to trade easily with one another.

This ecosystem which provide an end-to-end range of services that are needed to facilitate the entire B2B trade cycle. The end goal is to enable micro, small and medium sized enterprises to easily and securely trade with one another.

In order to achieve this the platform will integrate with third parties that are able to deliver trade related services. This will  include insurance, logistics, tax and bookkeeping, trade financing and more.

How ModulTrade Will Do It

ModulTrade is building its ecosystem on two major technological innovations. These are smart contracts and blockchain tokens.

Smart contracts are self executing contracts where the terms of the agreement are written into the lines of code. In essence smart contracts can be created to replicate standard agreements used in global trade. Smart contracts provided certainty and transparency for both the buyer and seller because provided that the requirements of the contract are met, they will execute automatically. They also don’t require a trust third party intermediary like a bank which makes them more efficient and less expensive.

The other major technological innovation which enables ModulTrade is tokenisation. Tokenisation on the ModulTrade platform comes in the form of the Ethereum based utility token MTRc. The use of tokens for trade has significant advantages over a fiat based currencies. Tokens can be traded anywhere in the world with much lower transaction costs and faster transaction speeds. Using the MTRc token buyers and sellers can conduct trades using any device, including smartphones and tablets. Tokenisation also enables third party applications to be built into the ModulTrade. This enables the platform to scale more easily and provide greater functionality for users.

Key Details About The ModulTrade ICO

As detailed above used through-out the ModulTrade platform is the MTRc utility token. This standard ERC20 token is being distributed through an Initial Coin Offering (ICO). You can find out the key details about the ICO below:

Token exchange rate: 700 MTRc = 1 ETH

Number of tokens being distributed: 20 million MTRc

Soft cap for token sale: 5 million MTRc

Hard cap for token sale: 30 million MTRc

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