Node ICO Opens Up Hot Wireless Energy Market To Crypto Investors

Node ico

Between 2017 and 2022 it is predicted that the market for wireless transmission devices will grow by 23.15% annually.

Set to take advantage of this fast growing industry is the wireless energy transmission device company called Node.

Node has two products in the final prototype stage called the Eon and Alpha. The production and marketing of these products is planned to be funded by a token sale.

Below we’ll take a closer look at the the NODE token sale.

What Is NODE Token?

NODE is an ethereum based token. NODE token can be used to purchase the Node range of energy transmission devices. NODE token will be priced at $1USD.

Is there a presale?

Yes, there will be a presale lasting from 7th of December 2017 to the 1st of January 2018. During the presale there will be a 50% bonus. For each token purchased an additional 0.5 tokens will be provided. In the presale up to 0.75 million tokens will be available.

When does the main ITO start?

The main ITO will start on the 15th of February 2018 and last until the 15th of April 2018. During the main ITO up to 10 million tokens will be distributed (less those sold in the presale).

How will the funds be used?

Funds raised in the presale will be used for applying for trademarks in Europe and the USA. request for technology patents in Europe and USA will also be initiated. Finally, the legal structure for the ITO will be finalised. The funds raised in the main ITO will be used for the production of a trial consignment of the Eon to start in July 2018 and the Alpha in March 2018.


Where can you participate in the ITO?

You can participate in the NODE ITO by visiting:

Node Website:
Node Whitepaper:;u=1138788

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