3 Big Benefits Of Crypto Trading Platform Tradershub


Tradershub wants to transform the world of crypto trading. They plan to offer the next evolution in cryptocurrency trading to provide a smart, easier and more profitable way to trade. Read on to find out three of the major benefits that Tradershub plans to deliver to the cryptocurrency trading community.

#1 Unified Interface

One of the biggest challenges currently facing crypto traders is how fragmented the market is. There are many different trading platforms. Each of them has its own unique interface and application process. Having to create and manage multiple accounts is time consuming and inefficient. Tradershub will be integrated with multiple major exchanges. From the Tradershub interface traders will be able to access these other exchanges. From the users perspective the interface on Tradershub will always be uniform no matter which exchange they are actually executing the trades through. No more need for multiple trading accounts.

#2 Solves Liquidity Issues

Anyone who has traded altcoins knows that liquidity can be a major issue. Buying and selling tokens in the quantity and price that you want isn’t always possible on a single platform. That’s why Tradershub solution could be so beneficial. Tradershub allows traders to trade across multiple exchanges from the same interface. This means that the trader is able to access the liquidity of multiple different exchanges. This should make it much easier for traders to trade in the volume and price that they want.

Tradershub ICO

#3 Experts Are Incentivised To Share Knowledge

Newbie crypto traders often struggle to trade against more experienced traders. Expert traders have more experience, information and knowledge of the cryptocurrency markets. This gives them a significant advantage. There is currently little incentive for experts to share this knowledge with newcomers. Tradershub would change this paradigm by giving experts an incentive to share their knowledge and expertise. On Tradershub traders can choose to make their trading portfolio public. Other traders can then “copy trade” mirroring the trading actions of the expert trader. In return for this the experts receive a percentage of the profits from their followers. In this situation everyone can be a winner.

Tradershub Initial Coin Offering (ICO)

If you would like to participate in the success of Tradershub you can do so by joining the Tradershub ICO. To find out more about the Tradershub ICO visit:

Tradershub Website: https://tradershub.io/

Tradershub Medium: https://medium.com/@tradershub

Tradershub Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Tradershub.io/

Tradershub Whitepaper: https://tradershub.io/build/static/downloadables/Whitepaper.pdf

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