World WiFi ICO Plans To Connect 20 Million Private Routers In Just 3 Years

World WiFi

Over the next three years World WiFi wants to grow the number of WiFi routers connected to their system to 20 million.

If they are able to achieve their goal then they predict that they will be producing an annual turnover by 2021 of over $1 billion.

An ambitious target? Certainly. But there are very good reason to believe that they very well may reach those targets.

What is World WiFi?

World WiFi is a network which connect owners of private routers with guest users who want to connect to open Wi-Fi access points.

In exchange for the use of the free Wi-Fi those guest users agree to view advertising. The income earned from that advertising is sent to the router owner in exchange for providing the service.

The Benefits of World WiFi

The World WiFi model is beneficial for everyone who is involved with the network.

The cost of owning a router is usually reasonably expensive. On average a residential internet connection will cost about $30 a month. Owners of these routers can profit from this connection by providing access to the internet.

The network that the Guest Users login to will be completely separate from the home network that the owner of the router uses. This will mean that their home network will be completely secure at all times.

For the advertisers the network is a way to reach targeted viewers. By using the network the guest users will supply a broad range of data which can be used to target advertisements. This data will cover their location, gender, social profiles and more.

Finally, for the guest users it’s a way to get access to free and fast Wi-Fi wherever they are located.

Why World Wi-Fi Could Deliver On It’s Big Goals

World Wifi is by no means newcomers to the Wi-Fi industry. The co-founders of World WiFi also founded the two successful Wi-Fi businesses “Radius Wi-Fi” and “Ardent”. These businesses are currently supply Wi-Fi is more than eighty cities and employees more than a hundred people.

The two businesses are already using the advertising on public Wi-Fi as their business model. As a consequence they have significant experience and technology in place in order to deliver this for the new decentralised network.

World WiFi

In 2017 these two businesses were able to grow the number of Wi-Fi access points by 784%.

World WiFi has already been trailed at a number of local hot spot locations and has seen to be successful.

The Value Of WeToken

The missing ingredient in creating a truly globalised and decentralised WiFi network is WeToken. This ERC20 token makes it possible to facilitate microtransactions at very minimal cost and extremely quickly.

WeToken will be used for all of the transactions on the World WiFi network. The WeToken will be distributed in a token sale to last between March and April of 2018. The fund used from this token sale will be used to develop and promote the World WiFi network.

You can learn more about the WeToken sale here:

World WiFi Website:

World WiFi Whitepaper:

World WiFi Twitter:

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