ARBIDEX Delivers Up To 4% On Each Trade With Automated Arbitrage


Imagine making up to 4% profits without taking any risks.

It sounds too good to be true but a new crypto trading platform called ARBIDEX actually completely automates this profit taking profits for its users.

ARBIDEX is a trading platform which accumulates the combined liquidity from a range of the most popular cryptocurrency trading platforms.

Not only does this provide the ability to take advantage of all the liquidity available on those exchanges from a single trading terminal, it is also what enables automated arbitrage trades.

Using the automated arbitrage tools users can enjoy profits of up to 4% by taking advantage of the different prices of crypto assets on the various exchanges.

Here we’ll look at the ARBIDEX platform in more detail and explain how you can gain premium access by contributing to the ABX token sale.

The Current State Of ARBIDEX

ARBIDEX already has a Minimum Viable Product in place.  You can already trade on Bittrex, Bitfinex, Polionex, WEX and Kraken. In order to trade on these platforms you do not need to have an account with any of these trading platforms. Through the main trading window you’ll be able to see the connected exchanges, a common trading history and the bids and asks for selected cryptocurrency pairs. You will also be able to see all of the cryptocurrency trading pairs that are available.

Benefits Of ABX Token

ABX Token is a native, utility token for the ARBIDEX platform. There are a number of benefits that are enjoyed by holders of the ABX token. Firstly, holders of the ABX token are able to have premium access which enables lower fees on transactions and arbitrage trades. Having ABX token also means that you can increase the arbitrage deposit. ABX token holders are able to vote on new tokens to be listed and the listing fees on ABX are cheaper than with with other payment fees.

Purchasing ABX Tokens

ABX tokens are being made available in a public token sale. In total there will be 17.2 million tokens put on sale at an exchange rate of 1 ABX token is equal to $1 USD.

The ABX token sale will be divided into a presale and main token sale phases. During the presale which will last from December 11th to December 25th 2017, ABX tokens will be offered with a 20% bonus.

The main crowd sale be between January 23rd and February 28th. You can find more information about the ABX token sale by visiting the following websites or searching on social media using these hashtags:

ARBIDEX Website:

ARBIDEX Whitepaper:

ARBIDEX Hashtags:  #arbidex #arbibounty;u=1138788

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