How TradeBit Is Providing The “Tools” For The Crypto Gold Rush


There is a saying that in the gold rush, those that got rich weren’t the gold miners.

Instead it was the people who sold the “tools” that made the fortunes.

In the 21st century it is difficult to argue that the gold rush is in cryptocurrencies.

But, history looks like it may repeat with the people who are becoming truly wealthy, being those who provide the “tools”.

In this case this is the infrascture like trading platforms.

If you want to be on the side of the “tool sellers” and not the “gold miners” then you might want to take a look at the upcoming ICO for crypto trading platform TradeBit.

TradeBit In A Nutshell

TradeBit is a platform which wants to make it easier to buy, sell and manager cryptocurrencies.

If successfully implemented it would provide a simplified “one stop shop” where you could buy cryptocurrencies, monitor your portfolio, trade between tokens and then move funds back into fiat.

One of the unique features of TradeBit is that it will be mobile first. The TradeBit mobile app is being designed to work with both iOS and Android. The idea is that the app will be just as easy and powerful to use as the desktop application.


Key Benefits Of TradeBit

200 of the top cryptocurrencies – TradeBit will have an exchange which features the top 200 cryptocurrencies in one place. This is something that is not currently available on other exchanges.

Mobile technical analysis – Technical analysis tools definitely exist for crypto-trading when you are using a desktop computer. But, there aren’t the same kind of convenient options when you are trading on a mobile device. This is something that TradeBit would aim to solve with the same high level analytical and trading tools available on the mobile app.

Universal wallet – TradeBit will provide a universal wallet which will enable you to store a wide range of tokens including TradeBit’s own token called TBT, as well as other popular ERC20 tokens and other tokens such as BTC and EOS.

TradeBit Token Sale

TradeBit will have its own native cryptographic token called TBT. This will be used to purchase services on the platform and to trade between users.

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