A Guide to Knowledge.io: The Knowledge Based Adtech Platform

Knowledge ICO

Knowledge.io is an exciting new ad tech platform which uses the power of the blockchain to incentivise users to share their knowledge. This platform rewards users for offering their knowledge in a specific area and then uses this to enable advertisers to precisely target their marketing messages. Here are four reasons why the Knowledge.io token sale is one you may want to pay close attention to.

#1 Targeting based on knowledge of the user

Knowledge is an advertising platform which is unique amongst its competitors. The majority of advertising platforms target users based on demographic data or their consumption of specific content. Knowledge.io adds another layer which enables targeting based on how much that users knows about that particular topic. This level of knowledge signifies where that particular user sits within the knowledge funnel. Based on this love the advertiser can create advertising messaging which is specific for them.

Example – imagine someone who is purchasing a new computer. Some users may have detailed information about the workings of a computer and will base their buying decision primarily on the hardware specs of the computer. What’s more their knowledge score might indicate that they have the correct level of knowledge to understand the value of those specs. An advertisers could therefore craft and advertising message which appeals specifically to that level of knowledge. Another user might have very limited knowledge about computers. Therefore that user needs a more top level message and may be more responsive to other messaging such as price & branding.

#2 Elimination of fraud

One of the biggest problems facing the online advertising industry is that is fraud. A huge percentage of ad spend is wasted because of fraud and the use of bots. The Knowledge.io platform would help to eliminate this problem in a number of different ways. Firstly, statistical outliers could be easily identified within the Knowledge.io platform. Secondly, any partner that help to use bots in order to earn KNW tokens would be at risk.


#3 Identity verification

Users will have their identity verified when they spend their tokens in the Knowledge.io marketplace. Verification will can also occur when users want to view their token balance or to sell their tokens on an exchange. This will provide another data layer and help to reduce the incidence of fraud on the platform.

#4 Rewards for contributing

Users are directly rewarded for contributing to the the Knowledge.io platform. When a user contributes knowledge they are rewarded with KNW tokens. One of the things that is unique about the Knowledge.io platform is that the tokens are not mined by cryptographic hashing but rather by solving questions. These question the form the basis of the users knowledge score. They can also be minded by using the apps and websites which are associated with the platform.

Overview of the KNW Token Sale

KNW tokens are an ERC-20 compliant token created on the Ethereum blockchain. They will be distributed in a token sale. The key details of the token sale are as follows:

KNW token rate: $1.00 USD in USD, BTC or ETH
Presale dates: January 15th to February 12th 2018
Main sale dates: February 12th to April 8th 2018
Minimum purchase: 200 KNW

Knowledge.io Tokensale: https://tokens.knowledge.io/
Knowledge.io Website: https://knowledge.io
Knowledge.io Whitepaper: https://knowledge.io/whitepaper-download/
Knowledge.io Twitter: https://twitter.com/KNWtoken
Knowledge.io Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/KNWToken/


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