1APayment Wants To Unite All Payment Systems With Crypto


Between January and December of 2017 Bitcoins market cap rose beyond $230 billion. This made it the 19th in the M1 Money Supply, just behind major nations such as Australia, Sweden and Hong Kong and ahead of the financial powerhouse of Luxembourg.

Despite its growth against these traditional, national based fiat currencies, Bitcoin is still relatively poorly integral with the traditional global economy.

1APayment has a vision of developing a system where everyone is able to use cryptocurrencies to make transactions and to pay their everyday bills.

The concept is a platform which serves a point of connection between the traditional fiat currency system and the cryptocurrency markets.

Here we’ll look at how 1APayment plans to provide payments systems and some of the key details of the upcoming 1AP ICO.

Paying Invoices With 1APayment

The beta phase of the billing services is already available. Using this service you can rent a car or pay your phone bills using Bitcoin.

For invoices up to €1500 you can pay the invoice without having to provide verification. Beyond €1500 you will need to provide verification.

How The Billing Service Works

Step #1 Fill in a form with the required payment details.

Step #2 Upload the invoice that is to be paid.

Step #3 Send the Bitcoins for payment to the wallet address which is provided.

1APayment then executes the transfer of funds to pay the bill once three confirmations have occurred.


Background to 1APayment

The head office for the team behind 1APayment is located in Switzerland. Secondary offices are located in New Zealand and Germany. Headquarters for their bank will be located in New Zealand. Because of the international locations in which they operate 1APayment should be able to facilitate 24 hour a day support.

Key Points of the 1AP Coin ICO

* 46,000,000 1AP Coins are being offered during the ICO
* Start date for ICO is 20th March 2018
* Length of ICO is 4 weeks
* ICO is divided into four week phases
* Discounts will be available from 2.5% to 15% depending on which week the 1AP coin is purchased.

More information is available here:

1APayment Website: https://www.1apcoin.com

1APayment Whitepaper: https://www.1apayment.com/my/wp-content/uploads/2018/03/1APayment-Whitepaper-EN_Beta3-8.pdf

1APayment Twitter: https://twitter.com/1apayment

1APayment Facebook:https://www.facebook.com/1APayment/

1APayment Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/1apayment/


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