Guide To Krios ICO: The Decentralised Affiliate Marketing Platform


In the United States advertisers spend $35 billion on digital advertising. Digital advertising has transformed the way in which businesses reach consumers. Rich sources of data and multiple channels enable advertisers to be extremely targeted in their advertising.

Digital advertising platforms have improved in recent years becoming more user friendly for businesses. However, there is still plenty of room for improvement.

Currently there is no single place where advertisers can find the services needed to create a digital marketing campaign and the outlets for distributing those advertisements. Fraud is also a big issue for businesses. It is difficult for businesses to assess whether there advertising is being spent on fraudulent views and clicks.

Which brings us to Krios.

Krios is one of the next generation digital advertising platforms. Decentralised and built on the blockchain it provides a complete 360 solution from creating an advertisement through to reaching the target audience.

Overview of Krios

There are numbers of problems that the digital advertising industry facing currently and Krios is a viable solution on that. The platform is built on the blockchain ecosystem by using the Ethereum technology of smart contract. This is the reason that the platform offers transparent and secure marketing activities to their customers.

Krios provides all of the services that advertisers need, like creating content for the advertisement, buying the right place for advertising on any web page.

All of this works with the smart contract standard of Ethereum ERC-20 to offer a transparent, fair, faster and cheap transaction process to all the parties who are involved in the advertising campaign.

Krios ICO

How does it work?

Imagine an shoe retailers called “Marco Shoes”. Marco starts searching through the Krios for advertise manager, graphic designers and influencers that suit best for the job industry. After that Marco sends the brief to their selected individuals for approval and for the projects she deposits the Krios tokens.

Krios now sets up automatically a smart token system and contract that should be distributed as once the job is marked as being finished by Marco.

Marco monitors direct and works within a selected team of the project section and control the advertisement by linking through the Krios interface.

After completion of the work, Marco puts the positive feedback, reviews, and comments for the relevant team members of him.

The Team behind Krios

Paul Holland is the chief marketing officer of Krios. He has the experience of work on various advised companies such as Shell, Westpac, and Aon.

Christopher Quinlan is another chief executive officer. He has 8 years of experience in advising government and has worked as in the senior management teams.

Operational growth specialist Jasmina Livadaru is the chief operation officer here.Brett McCallum is the chief technical officer, who has ten years of experience as full stack developer.

ICO Key Details

Token name- KRI
PreICO Price
1KRI = 0.07 USD
1KRI = 0.10 USD
ETH, BTC; Fiat
Minimum investment – 0.04 ETH
Start date of ICO- 8.1.2018
End date-16.2.2018

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