Rentberry ICO Targets Growing Global Rental Market


Its estimated that 41% of Americans currently rent the property that they live in.

And this is by no means unique to the United States. In a country like Switzerland rental rates are even higher at 55.5%.

Despite renting being an extremely common means of providing housing the industry has not evolved with the latest technological developments.

Rentberry is a long term rental platform which is currently using proprietary technology to provide an improved user experience for both landlords and renters.

The next stage in their evolution is to make their platform fully decentralised and introduce tokenisation.

Rentberry Token

Overview of Rentberry

Rentberry is an existing platform in the long term rental space founded in 2015. They currently have over 120,000 users with more than 224,000 properties listed on their platform. In addition, they have successfully raised $4 million from a range of institutional and angel investors. These factors separate them from more many of their competitors in the blockchain space. Not only do they have a proven product with a large number of users, they are already receiving good levels of interest and support from highly respected industry insiders.

What Are The Next Steps For Rentberry

As noted above Rentberry already have a successful long term rental platform in place. The next steps for the company is to turn that business into a decentralised ecosystem. Introducing tokenisation and smart contracts should reduce the costs and time that are involved with long term rentals for all of the participants.

Rentberry ICO

What Rentberry Will Offer

Rentberry will provide a long term rental ecosystem using blockchain technology. This ecosystem will provide verified information on both tenants and landlords which will be available in a transparent way. This ecosystem will be designed to address common issues for each of the participants including unnecessary delays and scams. In essence Rentberry is designed to provide a better way to rent.

Rentberry Token Sale

Has Rentberry evolves to a decentralised model they will be introducing the Rentberry token. BERRY is an ERC20 compliant cryptographic token which will be used on the Rentberry platform for payments.

The BERRY token sale will begin on December 5th 2017 and last to February 2018.

You can learn more about the BERRY token sale by visiting:


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