TradePlayz ICO Targets Booming Mobile Gaming & Trading Market

In 2016 revenue from global gaming reach almost $100 billion.

And the most popular sector of the global gaming market?

Mobile games.

Mobile games have boomed in popular has smart phones have proliferated.

Gaming isn’t the only sector that has been positively affected by the rise of smart phones.

People are also increasingly choosing to to their investing and trading through their smartphones as well.

TradePlayz is a new decentralised mobile gaming & training app / platform which has recognised these trends and is looking to capitalise on them.

TradePlayz has created a range of engaging tournament style mobile games which pit players against one another as they try and correctly predict trading prices.

Here we will look at the different types of games which are to offered on the TradePlays platform.

Types of Games within TradePlayz

TradePlayz provides a range of different mobile games, all of which are run on an elimination basis with players set against other players. The types of games range from large tournaments with a wide range of players to private bets. All of the games will have rewards for the winner.

Subscription Tournaments

One of the main types of tournaments will be tournaments via subscription. Following the token sale monthly prize pool for this tournaments via subscription will be 72000 Zed tokens, with 100 Zed tokens allocated for each of the tournaments.

Entry Fee Tournaments

Entry fee tournaments have a fixed entry fee in Zed tokens with a set start time. The prize pool will depend on the number of participants and the amount of Zed tokens which are placed into the tournament. The fees charged by TradePlayz will range up to 10% of the entry fee.


Small Entry Fees

Alongside the larger entry fee tournaments, will be small entry fee tournaments. Once the required number of participants is met the game will start after one minute. With these type of small entry fee tournaments TradePlayz takes a commission of up to 5%.

Private Tournaments

Another type of tournamet is private tournaments. these are organised by the users of TradePlayz. With these tournaments can set a password which will be needed in order to join the tournament.

TradePlayz Token Sale

TradePlays will be running a public token sale in order to fund the development and promotion of the platform.

Start date: February 1st 2018

End date: April 15th 2018

Total number of tokens: 100 million

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