A Guide to the Coinseed ICO: Investing In Crypto Using Spare Change


When surveyed Americans said that their number one financial regret was not saving enough.

At the same time only 15% of Americans have at least $10,000 saved.

There is a massive disconnect between what people want to do regarding saving and what they actually do.

So how can this problem be solved?

Coinseed is an innovative cryptocurrency investment platform which believes the answer is to make the process of investing super simple and automatic.

Coinseed doesn’t rely on people being disciplined in their spending habits that they budget enough for saving.

Instead Coinseed automatically takes the change from everyday spending and adds to a cryptocurrency portfolio.

It does this be linking the users credit card to their Coinseed account.

For example, someone buys their morning coffee and bagel. They pay the $4.60 bill using their credit card. Because they are a Coinseed user the $0.40 in change is sent to their cryptocurrency portfolio.

Selecting a crypto portfolio

Users of coinseed can choose their own cryptocurrency portfolio from a range of the most popular cryptocurrencies New cryptocurrencies will be constantly added to the platform so that over time users will have more choices.

When a user wants to change the cryptocurrencies which make up their portfolio they are charged a small fee for doing so. This is how Coinseed generates revenue.


The CSD Token

Coinseed has its own native cryptocurrency called CSD token. Ownership of CSD token entitle the holder to a share of the revenue that is generated through the Coinseed platform.

Half of the revenues that are generated by portfolio transaction fees are split proportionally between holders of the CSD token. These are paid out on a monthly basis.

Buying CSD tokens

The public will be able to buy CSD tokens through their token sale. The token sale is set to run from March 20th through to April 20th. During the token sale 15% of the total issued supply of CSD tokens will be made available

Further Reading:

Coinseed website: https://www.ico.coinseed.co/

Coinseed white paper: https://s3-us-west-2.amazonaws.com/coinseed/ico/Coinseed-Whitepaper.pdf

Coinseed Twitter: https://twitter.com/coinseedapp

Coined Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/coinseed/


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