BitEspirit ICO: Next Generation Crypto Trading

In December of 2017 the price of Bitcoin hit a high of $13,860. That was up from $968 for a Bitcoin just twelve months earlier.

As the price of Bitcoin has risen it has attracted many new entrants to the market. It has also helped to support the rise of thousands of other alt-coins.

Many of these entrants have been attracted to the fast profits that can be achieved by trading the crypto-currency markets. Unfortunately lack of information and experience has meant that they have failed to trade successfully.

For the developers of these new alt coins the experience of using cryptocurrency exchanges hasn’t been much better. Because of the competition to list on exchanges, fees for listing have become too high for many good quality projects.

BitEspirit is an innovative new crypto-exchange which believes it has solutions for both of these groups. Crypto-trading will empower even complete alt coin trading newbies to be more successful in their trading. And the BitEspirit exchange will provide zero listing fees for high quality alt coin projects.

Zero Listing Fees For Altcoins

Altcoin projects that want to list their alt coin on BitEspirit will be carefully vetted. If after vetting they are deemed to be high quality projects, then they will be able to list on BitEspirit. The zero fee structure should provide a strong incentive for alt coins to approach BitEspirit about being listed.

Copy Trading Basics

Copy Trading enables trader to replicate the trades of other traders on the platform automatically. The traders who are copying other traders are called “copiers”. Copiers can choose to copy one or more traders on the platform. They can also designate what percentage of their trading portfolio they want to devote to copying each trader. Traders can also choose to not directly copy a trader, but to rather follow their trades. When they select this option they receive alarms when the trader they are following makes a trade. Traders can choose whether they want their trades available for copying or keep them private.

How Copy Trading On BitEspirit Works

Copy trades are placed automatically on behalf of the copier. The amount traded will be based on a preset percentage of that traders capital. For example, a trader being might have $30000 in capital. That trader is copied by a copier with $3000 allocated to copying this trader. The trader being copied makes a trade using $6000 (20% of their capital). The system will then automatically trade using 20% of the capital that the copier has devoted to copying this trader. In this case it would be 20% of $3000 or $600.

Copied traders can choose how much they want to be paid in commission by the copier who is following them. When one of their trades is copied by a copier they receive their commission. The BitEspirit platform will take 10% of the amount of the commission. Copy subscriptions are based on a month by month basis.

Increasing The Value Of BitEspirit Token

In order to help increase the value of BitEspirit (BEC) tokens for long term holders, the platform has put in place a buyback program. Each month 10% of the profits which are earned by the platform will be used to buy back BEC tokens. These tokens will then be burned. BEC tokens have a limited supply. As a consequence all else being equal, the decrease in supply should help to create upward pressure on the price.

BEC Token Sale

BEC tokens are being offered in a token which will begin on July 1st 2018. In total there will be 100 million BEC tokens created, with 70% of the total supply being allocated for the token sale. During the main token sale the BEC tokens will be priced at 1 BEC is equal to $0.425.

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