How Worldopoly Mobile Strategy Game Uses AR, Geo-Positioning & Blockchain Tech

What happens when you combine a strategy game with geo-positioning, augmented reality and blockchain technology?

The answer is Worldopoly.

Using Worldopoly players will be able to buy virtual streets which are positioned on real world locations. On these streets the players will be able to build homes. Once complete the player will be able to earn revenues and unlock new opportunities.

Perhaps the most attractive aspect is that the revenues that are earned will have real world value. The tokens earned through playing Worldopoly will be exchangeable into other cryptocurrencies on crypto exchanges.

This means that simply by playing the game, users will be able to build up their cryptocurrency asset portfolio.

How Worldopoly Works

One of the biggest problems with getting involved with crypto-assets is that it can be relatively difficult to get started. This is not the case with Worldopoly which has been designed to make adoption as easy as possible.

Players who want to use the game just need to download and register. Each player get a base number of coins which they can use to buy one street and one building that they choose.

Geo-positioning is then combined with augmented reality in order to allow the player to see the progress that they are making.

When a building generates tokens which need to be collected within a certain time frame. If the tokens aren’t collect then they are made available to the community, which can collect them using the AR extension. When a player walks down a street which is owned by another player this earns the owner additional income.

Buildings can be improved upon by paying with coins. Players can choose to co-ordinate forming alliances, so that they can create larger building structures.

Worldopoly ICO

Token standard: ERC-20 Ethereum
Price per token: $0.12 WPT
Total available for sale: 150,000,000
Total number of tokens minted: 200,000,000

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