How XYO Networks Plans To Enable Smart Contracts Enable With The Real World


The future of our consumer based society is online. By 2040 it is predicted that 95% of all purchases will be facilitated by eCommerce.

This shift towards an almost completely eCommerce environment will transform the world we live in. It will almost certainly necessitate the development of new logistical solutions to enable this new shopping environment.

One of the biggest challenges is providing accurate and real time tracking. Centralised methods are of course possible, but decentralisation offers the greatest opportunity to scale tracking without inflating costs.

Actually achieving such as a decentralised system of product tracking has until now not been possible. That might be about to change though thanks to XYO Network.

XYO Network wants to facilitate a completely decentralised way of providing real time location data. This is thanks to a blockchain which interacts with the real world through location verifying beacons. There are already over one million of these location verifying beacons that have already been built, and there is the potential for hundreds of thousands more to be rapidly deployed.

What this means is that consumers will be able to confirm the location of a product that they have ordered at each stage of its journey. This will be through a verified network of location beacons. All of the location data will be stored on the blockchain providing an immutable record.

How XYO Network Works

Users will be able to use the XYO Network Web App in order to submit a query to track an object. They will do this be entering the public address of the object that they are looking to locate. This could be something that they bought online, but any object with a public address can be tracked such as vehicles, luggage and more.

Users will be able to connect to their location beacons to the XYO Network. In return for providing verification data they will be rewarded with XYO tokens.

XYO Token Sale Overview

The XYO token sale began on March 20th 2018 at an initial price of 1 ETH to 100,000 XYO. As more XYO tokens are purchased the price of the XYO token increase. This means that early investors are rewarded for their participation. Once the price reaches 1 ETH is equal to 33333 XYO the price will free until the end of the token sale. At the end of the token sale all of the unsold XYO tokens will be burned. In total the project supply of XYO tokens is 24,158,373,684.

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