ZenithCard Plans To Provide A Global Cryptocurrency Debit Cards

33% of millennials stated that the feel that they won’t need a bank within five years.

If the crypto FinTech startup ZenithCard fulfils their vision they just might be right.

ZenithCard aims to deliver a debit card which make it as easy to make payment and withdrawals using crypto-assets as it is with traditional fiat currencies.

To fund the development, operations and promotion of the platform, ZenithCard is undertaking an Initial Coin Offering (ICO) for the native ZENT token.

In this guide we will look at the ZENT token, so you can asses whether it is a project you feel is worth backing.

Payment Partnerships

ZenithCard has plans to partner with MasterCard in order to gain access to their payment terminal network. This will also enable ZenithCard holders to make withdrawals using their ZenithCard at ATMS using MasterCard. In addition ZenithCard is exploring the possibility of a partnership with the Visa Payment Network.

As part of their relationship with the payment partner ZenithCard will need to charge fees. These fees are then split between the payment partner and ZenithCard. These will be one of the main sources of revenue for the platform.

Accepted Tokens With ZenithCard

ZenithCard will work with a variety of different digital tokens. These include ZENT, ETH and BTC. ZenithCard will also integrate with up to fifty tokens. These exact tokens will be decided in a community vote following the ICO.

Benefits of ZenithCard

Convienence: ZenithCard makes it possible for holders of tokens to easily make everyday purchases and to make fiat withdrawals from ATMs using their token balances. This doesn’t require any complex exchange processes in order to take place.

Elimination of Third Party Risk: Users of ZenithCard will be able to store and transfer tokens without the need for any third party intermediaries. As a consequence they will never be exposed to third party risks or costs.

Added Value: The ability to store and use tokens with ZenithCard will add value for other tokens. This includes stable coins, asset backed tokens and other token assets.

Target Market For ZenithCard

ZenithCard will start with targeting the Ethereum community who are looking for a way to be able to easily make purchases using their Ethereum, Bitcoin or other ERC-20 token balances. These are users who already understand cryptocurrencies and have crypto assets but currently don’t have a convenient payment method. As the project matures ZenithCard plans to reach out to the wider public. These are users which may not have experience with crypto assets or lack knowledge of the technical information around cryptocurrencies, but are interested in an easy way to spend using these tokens. Because ZenithCard uses a debit card that everyday people are familiar with, they feel this could be a good bridge for these users.

ZenithCard ICO

1 Billion ZENT tokens are being minted, with 600 million of these ZENT tokens made available for sale during the ICO. At the end of the ICO all unsold ZENT tokens will be burned. The goal for the ZENT ICO is to raise approximately $USD 28 million. ZENT tokens are being priced at 1 ETH equals 10,000 ZENT with a minimum purchase price of 0.2 ETH.

Further Reading:

ZenithCard Website: https://zenithcard.io/

ZenithCard Whitepaper: https://zenithcard.io/zenithwp.pdf

ZenithCard Telegram: https://t.me/ZenithCard

ZenithCard Twitter: https://twitter.com/ZenithCard_io

ZenithCard Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ZenithCard-Token-162250047811216/

ZenithCard Medium: https://medium.com/@ZenithCardToken


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