How Smart Containers Is Building A Fully Autonomous, Decentralised Logistics Ecosystem

The logistics system which shifts goods across the globe is often overly complex.

It is estimated that to shop a single parcel between two countries can sometimes involve as many as two hundred separate documents and manual emails.

This means that the costs of actually running a logistics system and are more expensive than the actual transportation costs.

It is a system which is ripe for technological disruption.

That is certainly the opinion of Swiss based container business Smart Containers.

This five year old business wants to create an autonomous logistics system which could lead to massive efficiency and cost savings.

To fund that vision they are conducting an Initial Coin Offering (ICO). People who want to back the vision for an autonomous blockchain will be able to do through the ICO.

How Smart Containers Works

Smart Containers will be creating a fully integrated logistics ecosystem which is open to all of the participants in the industry. This ecosystem will be called LOGI CHAIN. The idea is to completely remove all of the paperwork and emails from the system. Billing will be conducted using cryptocurrencies and smart contracts.

Each unit which is being shipped will be mirrored by a virtual product which will sit on the blockchain. A unit could be a container, a product or a parcel. All of the documents for that unit will be linked to the virtual product. These can then be made available to the relevant parties during the shipping process.

Smart Containers ICO

Smart Containers are offering two different tokens in two separate ICOs. One of the ICOs is for the SMARC token. Ownership of SMARC token gives the holder a proportional share of 20% of the dividends that are earned by the system. These profits will be distributed in the middle of March each year.

In total there will 120 million SMARC tokens offered, out of a total supply of 150 million SMART tokens. SMARC tokens are being offered at a price of 1 SMARC is equal to $0.423.

The other ICO is for the LOGI token. The LOGI token will be the method of payment within the system. There will be a total supply of 100 million LOGI tokens, with 20 million LOGI tokens being offered in the ICO.

You can read more about both of the Smart Containers ICOs by visiting:

Smart Containers Website:

Smart Containers Whitepaper:

Smart Containers Telegram:

Smart Containers Twitter:

Smart Containers Bitcointalk ANN:

Smart Containers Facebook:;u=1138788

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