Car VDB Plans End-to-End Automobile Platform Built On The Blockchain

Revenue from US motor vehicles and part hit just under $100 billion in 2017.

Car VDB is one blockchain startup that wants a piece of that multi billion dollar automotive pie.

Car VDB is launching an ell in one vehicle platform. Using blockchain technology and smart contracts it provides a wide range of services for the automotive industry.

Included among the services that Car VDB will offer include:

* Car ownership search
* Vehicle auctions
* Marketplace for buying and selling vehicles
* Booking car mantainance
* Purchasing spare parts for cars

The platform will use the CAR token for buying and selling vehicles and services.

CAR tokens are being offered in a token sale. The funds raised will be used for the purposes of developing, marketing and operating the platform.

Read on to find more about the Car VDB platform and the upcoming CAR token sale.

Problems that Car VDB solves for sellers and buyers

Car VDB aims to address some of the biggest problems that car buyers and seller face. For sellers the costs of advertising a vehicle tends to be high and there is no guarantee that advertising will result in a sale. There is also many different websites which can be used to advertise. Working out the best options is often challenging. Sellers also face the issue of time wasters who lack the funds to purchase the car.

For buyers there are also many issues. The multitude of websites in the car industry can make it difficult to know where the best place is to buy a car. There is also a significant amount of time required in order to identify the ideal car. There is also a lack of buyer protection and the issue of scammers.

Car VDB can address many of the issues surrounding security and ease of transaction by using smart contracts. Programmable smart contract can be adjusted as per the need of the specific needs of the sale. These contracts can be put together in only a few minutes and provides an immutable and transparent record on the blockchain.

Overview of CAR Token Sale

* Token type: ERC-20 on the Ethereum blockchain
* Price: 1 ETH = 1580 CAR tokens
* Number of tokens for sale: 49,978,560


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