HACK Fund Is Creating A Liquid Decentralised VC Fund

The global tech organisation Hackers / Founders is launching an innovative new startup tech fund called HACK Fund. What makes HACK Fund unique is that it will use it’s own digital token. This will enable investors to enter and exit the fund at any point in time providing instant liquidity.


HACK Fund’s goal is to invest in a diverse range of startups with sectors like AI, blockchain, cloud and Fintech. HACK Fund will provide funding to startups that want to run their own token sale or are working towards a liquidity event like an IPO or being acquired. For every HACK Fund is able to raise they will make about 30 investments in startups.

Liquidity with HACK Fund

HACK fund is addressing liquidity by using the HACK digital token. This will allow investors to either buy or sell their holdings in HACK funds at any point in time.

How Startups Are Selected

Hackers / Founders is able to leverage their network in order to identify promising investments. Hackers / Founders events have now been held in 133 cities across the globe. Hackers / Founders has a blind application process for their startup program in order to eliminate bias. Companies to be backed are selected by review boards of experts derived from their international network.

HACK Token Sale Key Details

Symbol: HACK
Type of token: Created on Ethereum blockchain
Pre-sale bonus: 40%
Hard cap: $2 million
Exchange rate during main token sale: $1 USD = 1 HACK
Currencies accepted: BTC, ETH

Further Reading:

HACK Fund Website: https://hack.hf.cx

HACK Fund Whitepaper: https://hackfund.docsend.com/view/x6nmm5y

HACK Fund Twiiter: https://twitter.com/thehackfund

HACK Fund Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/thehackfund

HACK Fund Medium: https://medium.com/hackfund

HACK Fund Telegram: https://t.me/hackfund


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