BitNautic Is Building A Blockchain Enabled Platform For Global Shipping


BitNautic is a next generation trading platform for the global shipping industry.

In order to fund the development of that platform they are conducing a token sale.

Read on to find more about the BitNautic token sale.

What is BitNautic in a nutshell?

BitNautic is building a decentralised shipping platform for the shipping industry. The goal is to simplify and reduce the costs for global shipping while providing greater transparency.

What is the token symbol for BitNautic?

The token symbol for BitNautic is BTNT.

What is the total supply of BTNT?

The total supply is 50 million BTNT.

How many tokens are being distributed in the token sale?

There will be 25 million BTNT tokens made available in the token sale.

What is the price of BTNT?

BTNT will be priced at 500 BTNT = 1 ETH

Are there any bonuses?

Yes there will be a 20% bonus for week 1. A 15% bonus in week 2. In week 3 there will be a 10% bonus. In week 4 there will be a 5% bonus.

Where can you find more information?

To learn more visit:

BitNautic Website:

BitNautic Whitepaper:

BitNautic Telegram:

BitNautic Facebook:

BitNautic Bitcointalk:;u=1138788

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