RedCab Wants To Deliver A Cheaper Ride Hailing Service That’s More Profitable For Drivers

Imagine a ride hailing service that was cheaper for customers but enabled drivers to earn more.

Thats the promise of new entrant to the ride hailing industry called Red Cab.

The plan to deliver on that promise using a combination of smart contracts, blockchain technology and innovative monetisation.

Here we’ll take a look at Red Cab in more detail and how they plan to make money.

100% Payments To Drivers

Drivers using RedCab will earn 100% of the price that is paid by the customer for that journey. This is possible because Red Cab is completely decentralised. This enables Red Cab to offer a lower priced service to customer and for the driver to earn more money per journey.

Monetising Through Geo Advertising

The primary way that RedCab plans to monetise is through personalised, geo advertising. This is where businesses like restaurants, clubs, cafes and hotels will push their offers and promote products on a mobile app map. The business and product presented will be based on historical data for that rider. by only presenting relevant advertising this will help to maximise the fulfilment rate while lower advertising costs for business owners.

Multiple Customer Offerings

RedCab is aiming to service the full ride hailing marketing. This will cover businesses, individuals and groups. More specifically

RedCab will provide economy cabs which will be the most affordable option. These are for use within cities only and are intended for quick and everyday transport.

Luxury cabs will be targeted towards the higher end of the market. These will provide a more luxurious travel option but will also be more expensive.

Family cabs are designed for travellers with kids and seniors. These will be suitable for longer journeys and large groups.

Finally, there will be branded Red Cabs. Red Cabs will be a sophisticated transport option which customers will pay more for. Drivers who drive Red Cabs will be able to earn the most amount of tokens.

REDC Token Sale

The native RedCab token is called is REDC it will be distributed in a token sale. The main details of which are as follows:

Start date: June 1st 2018
End date: August 15th 2018
Token type: ERC20
Price: 2333 REDC = 1 ETH
Hard cap: 24529 ETH
Minimum purchase: 0.1 ETH

More details:

RedCab Website:

RedCab Whitepaper:

RedCab Twitter:

RedCab Facebook:

RedCab Telegram:

RedCab Bitcointalk ANN:;u=1138788

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