ArchiCoin Is Targeting Massive Growth In Data With An Innovative Decentralised Storage Solution

By 2020 there will be approximately 1.7 MB of new data being created second for every human on the planet.

This tidal wave of data neccesitates innovative storage solutions.

ArchiCoin is a new entrant into the space providing a decentralised network that anyone can connect to and provide storage.

Users who upload files will have their data separated and encrypted then stored through-out the network. Using a private key only they will have access to their data.

Read on to find more about how ArchiCoin works and there upcoming ICO.

How Mining Works With ArchiCoin

Users are rewarded for providing their computing power to maintain the system. This is done automatically through a random, lottery like process which distributes ArchiCoin. The ratio at which ArchiCoin is paid out will depend on the amount of computing power that has been provided.

The Benefits Of Using A Mining System

Using a mining system for decentralised storage has a number of benefits. These include relatively low power consumption, ease of adjusting and scaling the system and low heat generation.

Security For The ArchiCoin Network

ArchiCoin will have a number of features which are designed to protect the network. One of the most important of these is that the network is entirely decentralised. Unlike a centtralied storage solution there is not one single point of failure. This can help to prevent the majority of attacks that may be aimed at a storage solution like ArchiCoin. Secondly, all users are provided with a private key which mean that only they have access to the encrypted data which is stored on the network. The cryptography used in the network should also be sufficient to avoid any brute force type attacks.

ArchiCoin ICO

The main ArchiCoin ICO will see 12.5 billion ARCHI tokens made available for sale. The token will be priced at $0.002 and there will be hard cap of $30 million for the sale. During the first two days of the ICO there will be a 25% discount on ArchiCoin tokens.

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