How VectorZilla Plans To Dominate Fast Growing Stock Image Market


It’s estimated that globally the stock image market is growing at 7.37% per year.

VectorZilla (VZ) plans to launch their platform with one million stock graphic files. VZ estimates the value of these files at $25 million.

Here we’ll look at how VectorZilla plans to positively disrupt the stock image market.

VectorZilla Marketplace

VectorZilla plans to begin by offering one million stock graphic files. However, in 2018 they attend to roll out a stock image marketplace. On this marketplace anyone, from anywhere in the world, can offer stock images for sale.


Graphic Editing Tools

One of the main obstacles to using stock image graphics is the ability to customise them for your own needs. There are a number of very good image editing tools already available but these tend to be expensive and have a steep learning curve. VectorZilla wants to help overcome these problems by providing a free graphics editing suite on the platform. These tools will enable users to perform all standard image editing tasks like cropping, changing text & colours and applying filters. There will also be publishing tools, to publish stock images to online platforms.

VectorZilla Team

The VectorZilla is a team of forty individuals with a diverse range of experience from software development to UX to graphic design. The VectorZilla team is primarily composed of employees & founders of Allies Interactive Services Private Ltd.

Overview of VectorZilla ICO

For the ICO VectorZilla will offer the VectorZilla Token (VZT) for sale. VZT acts a medium of exchange on the VectorZilla platform. The main ICO is set to last from the 1st of October to 30th of November.

VectorZilla will issue 100 million VZT. There will be a presale round where 5 million VZT tokens are being offered. The target raise for this round is 5000 ETH.

An additional 70 million VZT will be offered during the main sale. During the main sale VZT will be offered at a price of 1000 VZT is equal to 1 ETH.

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