PeruCoin Wants To Bring Crypto To Everyone In Peru

In a study conducted by PWC it was found that 83% of Peruvians are only slight familiar or not familiar at all with cryptocurrencies.

The trust factor for cryptocurrencies in Peru are also extremely low. There are many different reasons for this including misinformation distributed by the mainstream media or simply a lack of real life exposure to cryptocurrencies.

PeruCoin is a new crypto startup which wants to start opening Peruvians minds to the possible advantages that cryptocurrencies hold.

In order to enlighten Peruvians on these benefits PeruCoin wants to launch one of the largest cryptocurrency mining operations in Peru, and then turn it into an educational centre.

Here we will look at the different approaches PeruCoin plans to take in order to educate Peruvians about crypto and the details of their token sale.

Promoting Crypto To A Wider Audience

PeruCoin has identified three main strategies in order to increase interest in cryptocurrency. The first of these is as detailed above. PeruCoin aims to build a large crypto mining operation that can be opened to the public. The guided tours that would be made available, will include demonstrations of the crypto mining equipment. Visitors would also be provided with brochures which will help to increase their knowledge base.

Another potential avenue is to give lectures about cryptocurrencies. To this end PeruCoin will organise lectures at universities which will be welcome to everyone include business people, crypto enthusiasts and even complete new comers to the space. During these talks the PeruCoin team plans to demonstrate some of the mining equipment that is used at the mining operation and explain the potential use cases.

Lastly the PeruCoin team plans to hand out flyers and put up posters. These would be used to provide information about crypto at a very grass roots level. This distribution method is something that is available to everyone.

PeruCoin Token Sale

In order to fund the development of the mining operation PeruCoin will be holding a token sale. PeruCoin plans to raise enough capital that they are able to purchase a factory and install between one and two thousand mining machines.

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