A Guide To The Kakushin ICO: Transforming How Ideas Become Real World Products

Steve Jobs once noted “Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower”.

That is certainly one of the key tenets of the upcoming Kakushin token sale.

Kakushin have set themselves creating a world where anyone is able to take an idea and see it transformed into a reality.

They are creating the Kakushin ecosystem which will be designed in order to foster and fund the development of ideas which can solve real world problems.

To raise funds for the development, operations and marketing of the platform, Kakushin is conducting a token sale. Here we will look at the Kakushin ecosystem and their upcoming token sale.

Benefits of Kakushin Ecosystem

The Kakushin ecosystem is designed to benefits everyone who participates in it. For innovators the ecosystem will provide a platform for exposing their ideas to a new audience, get help from expert advisors and to raise funding to help realise their vision.

For the backers of innovative ideas they will be able to receive equity in exchange of their support. The Kakushin platform should provide access to a wide range of differs project which they can invest in.

For advisors Kakushin is a place where they can be rewarded for providing their expertise to projects.

Overview of Kakushin

Kakushin is made up of three main components:

Kakushin Marketplace (KMP): KMP is in essence an online store for selling, buying and selling IP and products. All of the purchases are conducted using the native KKN token. The focus will be on developing eco friendly and innovative IP.

Kakushin Incubation and Nursing Centre: This is a platform where users will have access to resources relating to ICOs. On this platform they will be able to learn about and invest in ICOs. They can also use the platform in order to launch their own ICOs.

Kakushin Exchange (KE): KE is a platform which will make it was to convert between KKN and fiat currency. This will provide liquidity for the entire ecosystem.

Kakushin Token Sale

From the 1st of June to 30th June Kakushin will distribute the platforms KKN token. There will be a total supply of 2.4 billion KKN tokens. Kakushin has set a hard cap of $30 million for th token sale and a soft cap of $4 million. KKN tokens are being priced at $0.06 per each KKN.

There will also be a pre-sale from the 1st of May to 31st May. During this period KKN tokens are being offered at a price of $0.03 per each KKN.

You can read more about the KKN token sale by visiting:

Kakushin Website: https://kakushin.io/

Kakushin Whitepaper: https://kakushin.io/assets/images/users/V_1_7_Kakushin_Ecosystem_Whitepaper.pdf

Kakushin Telegram: https://twitter.com/kakushinEco

Kakushin Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/KakushinEcosystem

Kakushin Bitcointalk ANN: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2620476.msg26664213

Kakushin Twitter: https://twitter.com/kakushinEco


Car VDB Plans End-to-End Automobile Platform Built On The Blockchain

Revenue from US motor vehicles and part hit just under $100 billion in 2017.

Car VDB is one blockchain startup that wants a piece of that multi billion dollar automotive pie.

Car VDB is launching an ell in one vehicle platform. Using blockchain technology and smart contracts it provides a wide range of services for the automotive industry.

Included among the services that Car VDB will offer include:

* Car ownership search
* Vehicle auctions
* Marketplace for buying and selling vehicles
* Booking car mantainance
* Purchasing spare parts for cars

The platform will use the CAR token for buying and selling vehicles and services.

CAR tokens are being offered in a token sale. The funds raised will be used for the purposes of developing, marketing and operating the platform.

Read on to find more about the Car VDB platform and the upcoming CAR token sale.

Problems that Car VDB solves for sellers and buyers

Car VDB aims to address some of the biggest problems that car buyers and seller face. For sellers the costs of advertising a vehicle tends to be high and there is no guarantee that advertising will result in a sale. There is also many different websites which can be used to advertise. Working out the best options is often challenging. Sellers also face the issue of time wasters who lack the funds to purchase the car.

For buyers there are also many issues. The multitude of websites in the car industry can make it difficult to know where the best place is to buy a car. There is also a significant amount of time required in order to identify the ideal car. There is also a lack of buyer protection and the issue of scammers.

Car VDB can address many of the issues surrounding security and ease of transaction by using smart contracts. Programmable smart contract can be adjusted as per the need of the specific needs of the sale. These contracts can be put together in only a few minutes and provides an immutable and transparent record on the blockchain.

Overview of CAR Token Sale

* Token type: ERC-20 on the Ethereum blockchain
* Price: 1 ETH = 1580 CAR tokens
* Number of tokens for sale: 49,978,560


Car VDB Website: https://www.carvdb.com/

Car VDB Whitepaper: https://www.carvdb.com/carvdb-whitepaper.pdf

Car VDB Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/CarVehicleDB/

Car VDBTwitter: https://twitter.com/CarVDB

Car VDB Telegram: https://t.me/carvdb

Car VDB Medium: https://medium.com/@CarVDB


How Smart Containers Is Building A Fully Autonomous, Decentralised Logistics Ecosystem

The logistics system which shifts goods across the globe is often overly complex.

It is estimated that to shop a single parcel between two countries can sometimes involve as many as two hundred separate documents and manual emails.

This means that the costs of actually running a logistics system and are more expensive than the actual transportation costs.

It is a system which is ripe for technological disruption.

That is certainly the opinion of Swiss based container business Smart Containers.

This five year old business wants to create an autonomous logistics system which could lead to massive efficiency and cost savings.

To fund that vision they are conducting an Initial Coin Offering (ICO). People who want to back the vision for an autonomous blockchain will be able to do through the ICO.

How Smart Containers Works

Smart Containers will be creating a fully integrated logistics ecosystem which is open to all of the participants in the industry. This ecosystem will be called LOGI CHAIN. The idea is to completely remove all of the paperwork and emails from the system. Billing will be conducted using cryptocurrencies and smart contracts.

Each unit which is being shipped will be mirrored by a virtual product which will sit on the blockchain. A unit could be a container, a product or a parcel. All of the documents for that unit will be linked to the virtual product. These can then be made available to the relevant parties during the shipping process.

Smart Containers ICO

Smart Containers are offering two different tokens in two separate ICOs. One of the ICOs is for the SMARC token. Ownership of SMARC token gives the holder a proportional share of 20% of the dividends that are earned by the system. These profits will be distributed in the middle of March each year.

In total there will 120 million SMARC tokens offered, out of a total supply of 150 million SMART tokens. SMARC tokens are being offered at a price of 1 SMARC is equal to $0.423.

The other ICO is for the LOGI token. The LOGI token will be the method of payment within the system. There will be a total supply of 100 million LOGI tokens, with 20 million LOGI tokens being offered in the ICO.

You can read more about both of the Smart Containers ICOs by visiting:

Smart Containers Website: https://smartcontainers.ch/en/

Smart Containers Whitepaper: https://smartcontainers.ch/en/assets/executivesummary_smartcontainers_230418.pdf

Smart Containers Telegram: https://smartcontainers.ch/en/assets/executivesummary_smartcontainers_230418.pdf

Smart Containers Twitter: https://twitter.com/SMARC_ICO

Smart Containers Bitcointalk ANN: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=3058528.0

Smart Containers Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Smart-Containers-157874458234951/


ZenithCard Plans To Provide A Global Cryptocurrency Debit Cards

33% of millennials stated that the feel that they won’t need a bank within five years.

If the crypto FinTech startup ZenithCard fulfils their vision they just might be right.

ZenithCard aims to deliver a debit card which make it as easy to make payment and withdrawals using crypto-assets as it is with traditional fiat currencies.

To fund the development, operations and promotion of the platform, ZenithCard is undertaking an Initial Coin Offering (ICO) for the native ZENT token.

In this guide we will look at the ZENT token, so you can asses whether it is a project you feel is worth backing.

Payment Partnerships

ZenithCard has plans to partner with MasterCard in order to gain access to their payment terminal network. This will also enable ZenithCard holders to make withdrawals using their ZenithCard at ATMS using MasterCard. In addition ZenithCard is exploring the possibility of a partnership with the Visa Payment Network.

As part of their relationship with the payment partner ZenithCard will need to charge fees. These fees are then split between the payment partner and ZenithCard. These will be one of the main sources of revenue for the platform.

Accepted Tokens With ZenithCard

ZenithCard will work with a variety of different digital tokens. These include ZENT, ETH and BTC. ZenithCard will also integrate with up to fifty tokens. These exact tokens will be decided in a community vote following the ICO.

Benefits of ZenithCard

Convienence: ZenithCard makes it possible for holders of tokens to easily make everyday purchases and to make fiat withdrawals from ATMs using their token balances. This doesn’t require any complex exchange processes in order to take place.

Elimination of Third Party Risk: Users of ZenithCard will be able to store and transfer tokens without the need for any third party intermediaries. As a consequence they will never be exposed to third party risks or costs.

Added Value: The ability to store and use tokens with ZenithCard will add value for other tokens. This includes stable coins, asset backed tokens and other token assets.

Target Market For ZenithCard

ZenithCard will start with targeting the Ethereum community who are looking for a way to be able to easily make purchases using their Ethereum, Bitcoin or other ERC-20 token balances. These are users who already understand cryptocurrencies and have crypto assets but currently don’t have a convenient payment method. As the project matures ZenithCard plans to reach out to the wider public. These are users which may not have experience with crypto assets or lack knowledge of the technical information around cryptocurrencies, but are interested in an easy way to spend using these tokens. Because ZenithCard uses a debit card that everyday people are familiar with, they feel this could be a good bridge for these users.

ZenithCard ICO

1 Billion ZENT tokens are being minted, with 600 million of these ZENT tokens made available for sale during the ICO. At the end of the ICO all unsold ZENT tokens will be burned. The goal for the ZENT ICO is to raise approximately $USD 28 million. ZENT tokens are being priced at 1 ETH equals 10,000 ZENT with a minimum purchase price of 0.2 ETH.

Further Reading:

ZenithCard Website: https://zenithcard.io/

ZenithCard Whitepaper: https://zenithcard.io/zenithwp.pdf

ZenithCard Telegram: https://t.me/ZenithCard

ZenithCard Twitter: https://twitter.com/ZenithCard_io

ZenithCard Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ZenithCard-Token-162250047811216/

ZenithCard Medium: https://medium.com/@ZenithCardToken


How Seal Plans To Use Blockchain & Chip Technology To Combat $1.7 Trillion Counterfeit Market

In 2015 it was estimated that the global counterfeit market was valued at $1.7 trillion.

It’s a huge problem, but one that might soon be solved by a simple tap or scan with any smart phone.

Seal is introducing a exciting new solution to the problem of counterfeit products. By adding a NFC chip to a product and then linking that chip to a decentralised database on the blockchain, Seal is able to provide a transparent and reliable record of the authenticity of the individual product.

Customers can access that information by simply using their seal app to scan the product that they are considering buying. Instantly that customer can determine whether or not the product is genuine or not.

Background to Seal

Seal is the creation of Bart and Joris Verschoor. Bart and Joris previously developed a social mobile game startup. In 2013 they began to put the hardware from game startup towards Bitcoin mining. They then discovered that this blockchain technology could be combine with NFC technology in order to prevent counterfeiting. The idea was borne then but didn’t come until full fruition in 2017 when they started to put their plan into action.

Overview of Seal

Seal creates a tokenised version of each product. This is done by embedding the seal chip into the product and then connecting that chip to a unique entry on the blockchain. This allows consumers and brands to immediately verify if a product is authenticate or not. But, also enables a range of product services such as the ability to transfer ownership of a product with a complete record being stored on the blockchain. It can also be used for brand activation campaigns and product analysis.

Key Details of Seal Token Sale

492 million seal tokens will be distributed in a token sale. This is out of a total supply of 1.2 billion seal tokens. Seal tokens are being offered at a price of 7000 seal tokens to 1 ETH. You can find out more information about seal and the token sale by visiting:

Seal website: https://seal.network/

Seal white paper: https://seal.network/seal-whitepaper.pdf

Seal Telegram: https://t.me/sealnetwork

Seal Bitcointalk ANN: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2929809.0

Seal Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/SEALnetworks

Seal Twitter: https://twitter.com/seal_network

Seal Medium: https://medium.com/sealnetwork


How Worldopoly Mobile Strategy Game Uses AR, Geo-Positioning & Blockchain Tech

What happens when you combine a strategy game with geo-positioning, augmented reality and blockchain technology?

The answer is Worldopoly.

Using Worldopoly players will be able to buy virtual streets which are positioned on real world locations. On these streets the players will be able to build homes. Once complete the player will be able to earn revenues and unlock new opportunities.

Perhaps the most attractive aspect is that the revenues that are earned will have real world value. The tokens earned through playing Worldopoly will be exchangeable into other cryptocurrencies on crypto exchanges.

This means that simply by playing the game, users will be able to build up their cryptocurrency asset portfolio.

How Worldopoly Works

One of the biggest problems with getting involved with crypto-assets is that it can be relatively difficult to get started. This is not the case with Worldopoly which has been designed to make adoption as easy as possible.

Players who want to use the game just need to download and register. Each player get a base number of coins which they can use to buy one street and one building that they choose.

Geo-positioning is then combined with augmented reality in order to allow the player to see the progress that they are making.

When a building generates tokens which need to be collected within a certain time frame. If the tokens aren’t collect then they are made available to the community, which can collect them using the AR extension. When a player walks down a street which is owned by another player this earns the owner additional income.

Buildings can be improved upon by paying with coins. Players can choose to co-ordinate forming alliances, so that they can create larger building structures.

Worldopoly ICO

Token standard: ERC-20 Ethereum
Price per token: $0.12 WPT
Total available for sale: 150,000,000
Total number of tokens minted: 200,000,000

Read more:

Worldopoly Website: https://worldopoly.io/

Worldopoly Whitepaper: https://worldopoly.io/resource/pdf/Worldopoly-Whitepaper-ICO.pdf

Worldopoly Bitcointalk ANN: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=3032899

Worldopoly Telegram: https://t.me/worldopoly

Worldopoly Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/worldopoly

Worldopoly Twitter: https://twitter.com/worldopoly


How XYO Networks Plans To Enable Smart Contracts Enable With The Real World

The future of our consumer based society is online. By 2040 it is predicted that 95% of all purchases will be facilitated by eCommerce.

This shift towards an almost completely eCommerce environment will transform the world we live in. It will almost certainly necessitate the development of new logistical solutions to enable this new shopping environment.

One of the biggest challenges is providing accurate and real time tracking. Centralised methods are of course possible, but decentralisation offers the greatest opportunity to scale tracking without inflating costs.

Actually achieving such as a decentralised system of product tracking has until now not been possible. That might be about to change though thanks to XYO Network.

XYO Network wants to facilitate a completely decentralised way of providing real time location data. This is thanks to a blockchain which interacts with the real world through location verifying beacons. There are already over one million of these location verifying beacons that have already been built, and there is the potential for hundreds of thousands more to be rapidly deployed.

What this means is that consumers will be able to confirm the location of a product that they have ordered at each stage of its journey. This will be through a verified network of location beacons. All of the location data will be stored on the blockchain providing an immutable record.

How XYO Network Works

Users will be able to use the XYO Network Web App in order to submit a query to track an object. They will do this be entering the public address of the object that they are looking to locate. This could be something that they bought online, but any object with a public address can be tracked such as vehicles, luggage and more.

Users will be able to connect to their location beacons to the XYO Network. In return for providing verification data they will be rewarded with XYO tokens.

XYO Token Sale Overview

The XYO token sale began on March 20th 2018 at an initial price of 1 ETH to 100,000 XYO. As more XYO tokens are purchased the price of the XYO token increase. This means that early investors are rewarded for their participation. Once the price reaches 1 ETH is equal to 33333 XYO the price will free until the end of the token sale. At the end of the token sale all of the unsold XYO tokens will be burned. In total the project supply of XYO tokens is 24,158,373,684.

You can find out more about the XYO token sale by visiting:

XYO Network Website: https://xyo.network/

XYO Network Twitter: https://twitter.com/XYOracleNetwork

XYO Network Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/xyonetwork

XYO Network Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/xyoraclenetwork/

XYO Whitepaper: https://xyo.network/whitepaper/


BitEspirit ICO: Next Generation Crypto Trading

In December of 2017 the price of Bitcoin hit a high of $13,860. That was up from $968 for a Bitcoin just twelve months earlier.

As the price of Bitcoin has risen it has attracted many new entrants to the market. It has also helped to support the rise of thousands of other alt-coins.

Many of these entrants have been attracted to the fast profits that can be achieved by trading the crypto-currency markets. Unfortunately lack of information and experience has meant that they have failed to trade successfully.

For the developers of these new alt coins the experience of using cryptocurrency exchanges hasn’t been much better. Because of the competition to list on exchanges, fees for listing have become too high for many good quality projects.

BitEspirit is an innovative new crypto-exchange which believes it has solutions for both of these groups. Crypto-trading will empower even complete alt coin trading newbies to be more successful in their trading. And the BitEspirit exchange will provide zero listing fees for high quality alt coin projects.

Zero Listing Fees For Altcoins

Altcoin projects that want to list their alt coin on BitEspirit will be carefully vetted. If after vetting they are deemed to be high quality projects, then they will be able to list on BitEspirit. The zero fee structure should provide a strong incentive for alt coins to approach BitEspirit about being listed.

Copy Trading Basics

Copy Trading enables trader to replicate the trades of other traders on the platform automatically. The traders who are copying other traders are called “copiers”. Copiers can choose to copy one or more traders on the platform. They can also designate what percentage of their trading portfolio they want to devote to copying each trader. Traders can also choose to not directly copy a trader, but to rather follow their trades. When they select this option they receive alarms when the trader they are following makes a trade. Traders can choose whether they want their trades available for copying or keep them private.

How Copy Trading On BitEspirit Works

Copy trades are placed automatically on behalf of the copier. The amount traded will be based on a preset percentage of that traders capital. For example, a trader being might have $30000 in capital. That trader is copied by a copier with $3000 allocated to copying this trader. The trader being copied makes a trade using $6000 (20% of their capital). The system will then automatically trade using 20% of the capital that the copier has devoted to copying this trader. In this case it would be 20% of $3000 or $600.

Copied traders can choose how much they want to be paid in commission by the copier who is following them. When one of their trades is copied by a copier they receive their commission. The BitEspirit platform will take 10% of the amount of the commission. Copy subscriptions are based on a month by month basis.

Increasing The Value Of BitEspirit Token

In order to help increase the value of BitEspirit (BEC) tokens for long term holders, the platform has put in place a buyback program. Each month 10% of the profits which are earned by the platform will be used to buy back BEC tokens. These tokens will then be burned. BEC tokens have a limited supply. As a consequence all else being equal, the decrease in supply should help to create upward pressure on the price.

BEC Token Sale

BEC tokens are being offered in a token which will begin on July 1st 2018. In total there will be 100 million BEC tokens created, with 70% of the total supply being allocated for the token sale. During the main token sale the BEC tokens will be priced at 1 BEC is equal to $0.425.

Read More:

BitEspirit Website: https://bitesprit.com/

BitEspirit Whitepaper: https://cdn.bitesprit.com/documents/whitepaper.pdf

BitEspirit Telegram: https://t.me/bitesprit

BitEspirit Twitter: https://twitter.com/bitesprit

BitEspirit Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/bitesprit/

BitEspirit Medium: https://medium.com/bitesprit

BitEspirit Bitcointalk Ann: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=3213051


How Spindle Plans To Transform Asset Management Using Smart Contracts & Crypto

Spindle plans to transform the billion industry of digital currency asset management through its innovative new platform.

Spindle are funding the platform through a public crowdsale. Read on to find our Q & A on what you need to know before participating.

What is the Spindle platform?

Spindle a platform which enables investors to invest directly with digital currency managers. In the future it will be possible to use the Spindle platform to invest in startups as well.

What problems is Spindle aiming to solve?

In terms of financial investing Spindle wants to remove the lack of transparency in the investing process and the ease with which asset managers can falsify their historical performance. In terms of crypto investing it wants to eliminate inhibitions on trading due to excessive regulation and consumer protections.

How does Spindle create greater transparency?

Spindle delivers greater transparency by recording the historical performance of the digital currency asset managers on the blockchain. This enables any investor to inspect a record of performance which can’t be falsified. Investments made through the platform are enabled with smart contracts creating immediacy and a verifiable record.

What is the token name being offered?

The token being offered in the SPD token.

What type of token is SPD?

SPD is an Ethereum ERC-20 token.

When does the crowdsale begin and end?

The crowdsale begins on the 9th of May and ends on the 15th of May.


Is there a minimum investment amount?

No, there is no minimum for investing.

What is the soft cap for the project?

The soft cap for the project is 60,000 ETH

What is the total amount of SPD tokens?

There will be 10 billion SPD tokens minted.

Is there a presale?

Yes, there will be a presale for SPD tokens.

How many tokens are being offered in the presale?

There will be 2.5 billion SPD tokens offered in the presale.

How many tokens are being offered for sale in the main crowdsale?

There will be 4 billion SPD tokens offered in the main crowdsale.

Where can you find more information about the Spindle crowdsale?

You can find more information about the Spindle crowdsale by visiting:

Spindle website: https://spindle.zone

Spindle white paper: https://spindle.zone/spindlewp_2.0_en.pdf?2

Spindle Twitter: https://twitter.com/spindlezone

Spindle Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/spindlespd/


How EMMARES Plans To Transform Email Marketing Using Crypto

In 2015 the number of emails being sent each day was estimated at 205 billion.

Just two years later that number has grown to 269 billion.

The reason for the growth of sending email?

Sending an email is easy, inexpensive and fast.

The problem is that the ease of sending email has lead to the proliferation of highly untargeted, low quality emails.

Its an industry that is ripe for change. Enter Emmares.

EMMARES in a nutshell

Emmares is to connect marketers of high quality email content with recipients who want to receive it. They are using blockchain technogloy to encourage marketers to produce better quality email.

The benefit for email marketers is that they are able to get their marketing messages in front of targeted customers who will actually be interested in the content that is being sent. This can help them to expand the reach of their email marketing and achieve higher return on their marketing spend.

To do this email marketers invest into a reward pool. This pool will be used to provide rewards to the email recipients who will be evaluating their emails.

On the side is the email recipients. They will evaluate the quality of the emails that marketers send. In return for doing this they receive rewards in the form of tokens from the reward pool.

The Role of EMA Tokens

EMA tokens are a native, cryptographic token for the Emmares ecosystem. Recipients who evaluate content will be rewarded with EMA tokens.

These EMA tokens can be exchange both back and forth to ETH on the DEX exchange.

In total 500 million EMA tokens will be created.

Emmares ICO

EMA Crowdsale

EMA tokens are being distributed in a crowdsale. 51% of the total supply of EMA tokens will be distributed during this crowd sale.

The crowd sale is planned for Q2 of 2018. You can learn more about the EMA crowd sale by visiting:

EMMARES Website: https://emmares.io/

EMMARES Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/emmares.io/

EMMARES Twitter: https://twitter.com/emmares_io

EMMARES LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/emmaresio/

EMMARES Whitepaper: https://emmares.io/whitepaper.pdf