How BANKEX PoA Protocol Could Help Startups

Three friends found a startup.

Like many startups it has both its up and its downs.

It attracts customers but also competitors. Investors attracted by the progress the startup is making, start to make overtures.

For two of the friends such offers are instantly disregarded. They are interested in the long term future of the company.

But, one of the friends is not quite so passionate about their startup. He has his own business he would like to start and he wants to do it his way.

In short he’s ready to cash in his chips and get out.

The friends are at crossroads. They can’t reach a mutual agreeable decision about how to proceed. Two of the friends are completely against the idea of selling out, the third wants it to happen right now.

Bankex ICO

This is becoming a major issue as the startup stalls because of the time being devoted to the issue of to sell or not to sell.

If they were a publicly listed company such a disagreement migh not be such an issue. The founder who wants out could sell his shares on the market.

But like 99% of all companies in the United States they are private.

BANKEX is an innovative proof-of-asset protocol which offers a solution to problems just like this one. With BANKEX the details of the shares can be recorded using a smart contract.

The founder who wants to sell out has their share become tokenised in a digital asset.

The nominal holder for that share can be any entity that is permitted in that jurisdiction.

This digital token can now be traded and the founder who wants out can realise the value of their holding.

But, at the same time the shareholding for that company is essentially reminding the same.

All parties are happy and the startup can continue on its path to growth.

This is just one example of how Proof of Asset (POA) tokenisation could have a massive impact on the way that assets are traded.

The type of scenario listed above happens every day, and this is just the field of private companies. There a vast array of assets that are currently difficult to trade and move which are ripe for tokenisation.

BANKEX is currently running a token sale for their BKX tokens. You can learn more here:

BANKEX Website:

BANKEX Whitepaper:

5 Reasons Why Crypterium Could Dominate Crypto Payments

The world of banking is being transform by the blockchain. Cryptocurrencies provide a revolutionary new medium of exchange allowing for instant, secure and inexpensive payments anywhere in the world.

Crypterium wants to be the crypto bank for this blockchain banking revolution. Here are five reasons why they might just succeed.

#1 Transaction Fees Are Significantly Lower

When you make a payment using your American Express, Visa or Mastercard credit cart the merchant has to pay a fee. This varies as an amount of the transaction but can be as high as 5 – 6%. When paying with Crypterium the amount would be between 0.5% – !% of the transaction cost. Merchants will naturally prefer payments using Crypterium.

#2 Makes Paying With Cryptocurrencies Easy

Crypterium is going to integrate with an existing network of 42 million payment terminals. Paying at these terminals with cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum would be as easy as making payments with fiat currencies. This will enable users to make everyday payments using their cryptocurrency holdings.

#3 Low Fees For Users

In order to make any payment using the Crypterium mobile app it will be necessary to hold Crypterium (CRPT) tokens. Transactions will be charged at 0.5% of the current market price of CRPT. When a transaction occurs CRPT tokens are burned as fuel for the transaction.

#4 Attractive Loyalty Program

In order to attract users for the app Crypterium have built in a loyalty program. From the fee charged to the merchant for the transaction 0.15% will go toward loyalty program rewards. The more the person spends the greater the rewards that they receive. The reward levels will depend on how many CRPT tokens the user holds. This will give users an incentive to hold more CRPT tokens.

#5 Move Towards Cashless Banking

There is a strong move towards cashless payments and more specifically mobile banking. Crypterium is strongly positioned to benefit from this trend. Combine this with the growing popularity of cryptocurrencies and you have clear support for this technology.

Find out more:

Crypterium Website:

Bitcointalk ANN:


Worldcore ICO Targets $429 Billion Remittance Market

According to the World Bank remittance flows to developed countries were $429 billion in 2016. This was higher than the amount that was sent to these countries in official development assistance.

The World Bank has also calculated that the average cost of remittance is 7.21%. Based on the figure of $429 billion, that means that almost $31 billion was spent on fees in 2016.

The people who are sending money to developing countries are often least able to afford paying such high fees. Blockchain technology offers one of the best potential solutions to this problem. Blockchain transactions can occur almost instantly with no distinction for where in the world the funds are sent. Making these payments only costs a fraction of what it would cost using traditional money transfer methods.

To say the least the blockchain could be a game changer for people who are sending money back to their home countries.

Worldcore is a next generation money transfer network which is taking the ability of the blockchain to transform remittances to the next level.

Worldcore’s technology not only enables anyone to send funds instantly anywhere in the world, it doesn’t even require that the person is connected to the internet or has a cryptocurrency wallet. Even better the process is completely anonymous and depersonalised. This could be a huge boon for senders who want to avoid government regimes which restrict or tax these remittances.

How Worldcore Works

To send payments using Worldcore the user simply needs to visit a Worldcore money transfer office. There they make a deposit in cash. When they do this a smart contract initiates the creation of a digital asset to the value of the funds that have been created. At the same time a hash code is created. This hash code will then serve as proof of ownership to that asset. Anyone who has the hash code will be able to “unlock” the digital asset and access the funds.

To send the fund the user simply needs to send the hash code to the recipient in the other country. Once they have the hash code they can visit their local Worldcore money transfer office, present the code, and immediately be provided with the funds.

This process happens nearly immediately which means that the receiver doesn’t have to wait days or weeks to receive their funds. Another nice feature of this process is that it doesn’t require any documentation to either send or receive the funds. This removes another inconvenient impediment to moving funds abroad.

Funds can even be sent to more than one person at a time. This can be done by creating multiple hash codes. When the funds are to be collected all of the receivers need to present their individual hash codes. This prevents one of the receivers from unfairly gaining access to the funds by themselves.

Worldcore Token Sale

Worldcore can be used to store digital assets as well. The funds will stay in place until they are unlocked with the hash code. This means it provides a convenient and secure way to store funds or move them across borders. This hash code can be written down or put on a USB. When the person has crossed the border they will be able to reclaim their digital assets.

Worldcore WRC tokens are being distributed to the public as part of a token sale. One billion tokens are being distributed as part of this token sale. You can learn more about the token sale below:



Crypto Payments Platform STK Wants Piece Of $22 Trillion Consumer Spending

It’s estimated that globally $22 trillion changes hands between consumers and merchants each day.

It’s a huge number, but despite the growing popularity of cryptocurrencies they make up an insignificant percentage of those transactions.

The reason for this is not because there isn’t a large group of consumer with cryptocurrencies, or that they don’t have a desire to spend those funds on day to day purchases.

The real reason is that are very few merchants that accept cryptocurrencies as payments and that the existing solutions for making payments with cryptocurrencies tend to be either too slow or too inconvenient.

STK Global Payments believes that it has a solution to both these problems.

If implemented it would enable almost near instants payments using any cryptocurrency.

Even better it would be immediately accepted by nearly forty million merchants.

Those people who want to invest in STK Global Payments vision for fast and widely accepted cryptocurrency payments can do so through their current token sale.

Why STK Works Where Other Solutions Have Failed

One of the biggest problems in the past with providing point of sale payments in cryptocurrency has been speed.

Bitcoin payments can take more than ten minutes to be processed. Even faster cryptocurrencies like Ethereum are still not fast enough for making payments at point of sale.

STK is different thanks to State Channels.

State Channels allow two or more participants to exchange information, but to do so as if they were on the blockchain.

This is a much faster process than on-chain transactions, giving STK the speed it needs to be used for point of sale.

STK Mobile

How STK Works

STK works by following a fairly simple set of steps:

Step #1: The process starts by the user loading their STK tokens into a STACK mobile wallet. This in turn creates a state channel between the wallet and the STK platform.

Step #2: When the user buys something they will receive a promotional in their STACK wallet which shows the value of that transaction. The user can then authorise a matching amount of cryptocurrency to be sent to the STK platform.

Step #3 At almost the same time the STK receives the sign transaction it is countersigned and stored as a copy in a new state off chain.

Step #4: STK then authorises its local currency account to pay the amount that has been requested to the merchant. This is done through its global network on behalf of the consumer. All of this occurs off chain so there is very minimal amount of delay.


STK Official Website:
STK Whitepaper:


Why Multibot Has The Right Ingredients For A Successful ICO

Some of the most successful ICOs have been for concepts which serve the cryptocurrency community. In particular ICOs which are aimed at cryptocurrency traders.

A good example of this is 0X Which provides decentralised cryptocurrency exchanges.

The reason for this is clear.

Cryptocurrency traders are constantly looking for solutions which can help to enhance their trading.

Even a slight edge in trading is desirable because of its ability to enhance your profits.Multibot

In fact the difference between a successful trader and one which is unsuccessful is often only a matter of a few percentage points.

At the same time cryptocurrency traders that are already familiar with the idea of ICOs and tokens in general.

And as a consequence these same traders are willing to support those projects which are delivering tools that they would use.

That’s why the new Multibot token sale is one worth paying close attention to.

What Problem Multibot Solves

Multibot provides a solution to one of the big problems facing cryptocurrency traders. The problem of trading seamlessly between multiple different cryptocurrency exchanges.

As anyone who trades cryptocurrency the different cryptocurrency exchanges can be both a blessing and a curse.

The different interfaces and offerings of the cryptocurrency exchanges mean that trading between them can be and often frustrating experience. At the same time it can create opportunities for profit such as in the case of arbitrage,

Multibot Is a decentralised platform built on blockchain and it is delivered over the web. It provides a range of different trading tools which helps to integrate the trading experience between different cryptocurrency exchanges.

These tools help Traders to achieve a range of different things.

For example, using Multibot traders will be able to see at a glance through Analytics the different prices and volume for cryptocurrencies across exchanges.

Or using the arbitrage tool they will be able to easily see the price differential between different cryptocurrency exchanges. Something that is being challenging to achieve in the past.

Automated trade will make it easy to execute trades based on two criteria. This will allow traders to set stop loss orders the different cryptocurrencies and on different exchanges.

Orders can be set up through Multibot to move funds in and out of an account once it reaches a certain limit.

In essence Multibot Would provide a more cohesive and comprehensive experience for trading cryptocurrencies.

The utility of such tools should be pretty clear to anyone who it’s currently trading cryptocurrencies. As a consequence people who are looking to back an ICO which is likely to be successful may want to consider what makes Multibot unique.

Multibot Token Sale Details

Token Symbol: MBT
Price for MBT: 1 MBT is set at $USD1
Percentage of tokens distributed during token sale: 93%
Payouts: 50% of profits from Multibot are paid out to MBT holders on a quarterly basis
Website for MBT:
Bitcointalk ANN:
Whitepaper for Multibot:

How Fidcom Is Creating The 1st Crypto Investment Company Using Decentralised Governance

Cryptocurrencies have opened a whole new world of investment opportunities.

From new ways of funding startups, to new trading opportunities to innovative ways to buy and sell financial assets, the world of investing is being turned on its head.

A brash new startup called Fidcom is tackling these opportunities head on with their new ICO.

Fidcom is entering a range of hot areas in the cryptocurrency sphere.

To fund these projects they are currently opening up a token sale to the public.

Fidcom ICO In BriefFidcom ICO

ICO symbol: FIDC
ICO start date: 19th October 2017
ICO finish date: 19th November 2017
Raise target: $18 million
Technology: Standard ERC20
Blockchain: Ethereum
Buyback: 50% of new profits allocated to buybacks on a quarterly basis.

Activities Planned For Fidcom

Fidcom has a number of interesting activities planned off the back of their token sale. The funds raised during the token sale will be allocated to these different activities based on their profit potential and cost to develop.

In order to bring more fiat funds into the cryptocurrency space Fidcom will be launching their own cryptocurrency exchange. The goal for this exchange is to hit daily trade volumes of $6 million. Fidcom have determined that in the beginning they are likely to be the market maker for their exchange. Over time however they hope to bring in other market makers.

By the 1st of December 2017 Fidcom plans to launch an investment portfolio with up to $9 million in funds. This fund will focus on some of the most popular cryptocurrencies. Fidcom will also invest in promising startups within the cryptocurrency space.

In April of 2018 Fidcom plans to release a new payment service. This will allow people to pay for everyday purchases using cryptocurrency with a plastic card.


Fidcom have identified some very interesting areas for potential investment.

If they are able to execute on their vision then token holders could do very well.

As a large part of their investments will be into either very large cryptocurrencies or promising crypto startups, the overall success of Fidcom should closely match that of the cryptocurrency market as a whole.

Crypto bulls could therefore see Fidcom as an interesting particularly if they are looking for more actively managed approach.

How MicroMoney Can Provide Loans In 15 Seconds For Billions Of People With Zero Credit History

Imagine for a moment that you had never used a bank account.

That all of your expenses – bit and small – had to be paid only with cash.

When emergency strikes or you need to make a large purchase like buying a car, house or business, you would need to save up all of the money.

After all no bank account means that you have absolutely no credit history.

To many people in developed countries it may sound like a highly unlikely scenario.

But in fact it’s exactly how 2.5 billion people live today.

Being “Unbanked” is incredibly common. In Africa it is estimated that up to 80% of people have never have had a bank account.

Not only is this problem of people being unbanked extremely trying for those it effects, it is also detrimental to the overall economy.

Having to save capital to make large purchases is highly inefficient. Imagine a local neighbourhood where people need basic businesses like a grocery, hardware store, auto mechanic or a clinic.

People in that community are unable to setup those businesses because they don’t have the capital to get started.

The problem is typically not one of sheer poverty. Most of those effected are either blue or white collar workers. They have employment earning between $200 – $500 per year.

The issue is a lack of credit history.

MicroMoney is a new blockchain startup which has a solution to these problems.

The technology is already being used every single day with over 95,000 people already registered on the platform.

Applying for credit is super simple. Using a smartphone app applicants can apply for a loan in a few simple steps. The process only takes about fifteen seconds to be approved.

Most importantly applicants don’t need to have any credit history.

MicroMoney instead uses an extremely rich source of data – the applicants smartphone.

Even in countries where people don’t have bank accounts, most have smartphones.

Leveraging this fact MicroMoney uses ten thousand different parameters and then an AI Neural Network to quickly evaluate the credit worthiness of the applicant.

MicroMoney from micromoney on Vimeo.

MicroMoney ICO

Token symbol: AMM
Total token supply: 60,000,000
Planned raise: $15,000,000
Hardcap for ICO: $30,000,000
Token type: ERC20
Initial price: 1AMM = 1USD
Token sale link:

How The AMM Token Works With MicroMoney

The AMM Token is an essential part of the MicroMoney network. Firstly, people who want to borrow money can place their AMM tokens as collateral. This will help to reduce the interest rates that they need to pay. If they default on the loan then the AMM tokens are returned to the network. This helps to reduce the risk of defaults on loans.

People who repay their loans on time will be rewarded with AMM tokens. What’s more people in the network can choose to vouch for other borrowers. If that person they vouched for repays the loan, then both the voucher and the borrower are rewarded with AMM tokens.

This creates a positive cycle because people who repay their loans on time will earn more AMM tokens. In turn they will be able to use these AMM tokens as collateral and reduce the interest rate they pay. Over time good borrowers are rewarded for paying on time.

Going Forward

MicroMoney has set themselves some pretty big goals for the platform.

By 2020 they want to have raised the entire capitalisation of the company to $1 billion.

That is certainly ambitious. But, when you consider the number of people who are currently unbanked it doesn’t see unreasonable.

Crypto investor who want to do good and do well at the same time may want to join them for the journey.