CryptoTask Token Sale: Everything You Need To Know About Decentralised Freelancing Platform CryptoTask

In a study titled “Freelancing in America:2016” it was revealed that 35% of the total US workforce designated themselves as freelancers. As freelancing becomes ever more prevalent it is important that system that those freelancers work in is fair. Centralised freelancing websites have had a tendency to favor the employer when disputes occur. That could change thanks to a new blockchain enabled platform called CryptoTask.

What is Cryptotask?

It is a platform that is based on the Blockchain technology. The developers have brought in a decentralized task market that disrupts the present freelancing systems. It has a voting system that comprises of 2 stages, including a hidden “commit” stage.

This is a transparent technology avoiding problems of any type of manipulation. The use of the Blockchain technology ensures that there is very high efficiency, and lower fees for users. In addition, there is no type of censorship or any limits.  This platform includes clients, reviewers and freelancers and is aimed at supporting a large community.


What is its Token Symbol?

The token is displayed by the symbol CTF.

How Many Tokens Will Be Distributed?

A total number of 11,000,000 tokens will be distributed among investors. These are ERC-20 compliant tokens and are a utility token.

What is the exchange rate for Cryptotask?

1 CTF can be exchanged for 0.001 ETH. Or, 1000 CTF tokens can be purchased for 1 ETH.

Is there a hard cap for the token sale?

The hard cap for the token has been determined to be 10,000 ETH.

Is there a presale for Cryptotask?

Yes, Cryptotask is offered on a presale.

What are the dates for presale?

The presale starts on February 3, 2018 and ends on February 23, 2018.

Are there any bonuses for the presale?

Yes, bonuses are offered for the presale.

How will the funds raised in Cryptotask be used?

50% would be allocated for Development, 30% for Marketing, 10% for Advisors, 5% for Legal and 5% for Reserve. The funds are released in 3 stages, with a 6-month interval between each fund release. A voting system is used to assist investors and getting a refund if the development team does not offer it.

CryptoTask Token

Who is the team behind Cryptotask?

Its team includes Klemo Vladimir, PHD, Ivan Nanut, MBA and Vedran Kajic, PHD. Its advisory team comprises of Crypto Enthusiast, ICO investor and Trader Aco Momcilovic and Researcher and Blockchain / Cryptocurrency advisor Tali Rezun.

Where can you find more information about Cryptotask?

Complete information about the ICO is available at Here you can find out about the process, features, team, advisors, ICO plan and more.

You can also find out latest information about the ICO on their social media channels including Facebook, ANN Thread, Twitter, Bounty, Telegram and GitHub.




Ann Thread:



Fairgrounds ICO Provides Profit Sharing In Crypto Raffle

Ever dreamed of having a stake in a winning lottery?

Well thanks to a new Ethereum based platform for games of chance called Fairgrounds, that could soon be a real possibility.

Here’s how it works…

Profit Sharing With Fairgrounds Token

Each of the Fairgrounds game has a small but consistent advantage to the house. The funds that are gained from this house advantage will be transferred to a profit sharing contract.

The smart ground then allocates the funds that are collected in the contract to owners of the Fairgrounds Token.

Fairgrounds Token holders will be able to withdraw their profit share any time during the month. If they do not withdraw the funds, then they are rolled over to the next months distribution. All of this can be done through the Fairgrounds website.

Organic Growth Through Referrals

The Fairground platform has a referral system which rewards not only the people who make the referral, but those who are referred as well.

How it works is that users each have their own unique referral link. They can then pass this referral link onto to friends and family. If that person they refers then plays a Fairgrounds game that person receives a 10% bonus.

What’s more the user that made the original referral also receives a 10% bonus. As a consequence there is a strong incentive to refer other players to the network.

Fairgrounds Token Sale

Fairground Tokens are being offered in a token sale from February 7th 2018 to April 11th 2018.

The initial price of the Fairgrounds Token (FGD) will be set at 1 ETH is equal to 10,000 FGD.

Each week the exchange rate falls, so in week two the exchange rate is 1 ETH equals 9,000 FGD. In week three 1 ETH equals 8,000 FGD.

As a consequence there is a strong incentive to contribute to the token sale earlier on. In total 50 million FGD tokens will be made available for sale.

You can participate in the FGD token sale by visiting:

Fairgrounds Website:
Fairgrounds Whitepaper:
Fairgrounds Profit Sharing:;u=1138788

Rentberry ICO Targets Growing Global Rental Market

Its estimated that 41% of Americans currently rent the property that they live in.

And this is by no means unique to the United States. In a country like Switzerland rental rates are even higher at 55.5%.

Despite renting being an extremely common means of providing housing the industry has not evolved with the latest technological developments.

Rentberry is a long term rental platform which is currently using proprietary technology to provide an improved user experience for both landlords and renters.

The next stage in their evolution is to make their platform fully decentralised and introduce tokenisation.

Rentberry Token

Overview of Rentberry

Rentberry is an existing platform in the long term rental space founded in 2015. They currently have over 120,000 users with more than 224,000 properties listed on their platform. In addition, they have successfully raised $4 million from a range of institutional and angel investors. These factors separate them from more many of their competitors in the blockchain space. Not only do they have a proven product with a large number of users, they are already receiving good levels of interest and support from highly respected industry insiders.

What Are The Next Steps For Rentberry

As noted above Rentberry already have a successful long term rental platform in place. The next steps for the company is to turn that business into a decentralised ecosystem. Introducing tokenisation and smart contracts should reduce the costs and time that are involved with long term rentals for all of the participants.

Rentberry ICO

What Rentberry Will Offer

Rentberry will provide a long term rental ecosystem using blockchain technology. This ecosystem will provide verified information on both tenants and landlords which will be available in a transparent way. This ecosystem will be designed to address common issues for each of the participants including unnecessary delays and scams. In essence Rentberry is designed to provide a better way to rent.

Rentberry Token Sale

Has Rentberry evolves to a decentralised model they will be introducing the Rentberry token. BERRY is an ERC20 compliant cryptographic token which will be used on the Rentberry platform for payments.

The BERRY token sale will begin on December 5th 2017 and last to February 2018.

You can learn more about the BERRY token sale by visiting:


Guide To Krios ICO: The Decentralised Affiliate Marketing Platform

In the United States advertisers spend $35 billion on digital advertising. Digital advertising has transformed the way in which businesses reach consumers. Rich sources of data and multiple channels enable advertisers to be extremely targeted in their advertising.

Digital advertising platforms have improved in recent years becoming more user friendly for businesses. However, there is still plenty of room for improvement.

Currently there is no single place where advertisers can find the services needed to create a digital marketing campaign and the outlets for distributing those advertisements. Fraud is also a big issue for businesses. It is difficult for businesses to assess whether there advertising is being spent on fraudulent views and clicks.

Which brings us to Krios.

Krios is one of the next generation digital advertising platforms. Decentralised and built on the blockchain it provides a complete 360 solution from creating an advertisement through to reaching the target audience.

Overview of Krios

There are numbers of problems that the digital advertising industry facing currently and Krios is a viable solution on that. The platform is built on the blockchain ecosystem by using the Ethereum technology of smart contract. This is the reason that the platform offers transparent and secure marketing activities to their customers.

Krios provides all of the services that advertisers need, like creating content for the advertisement, buying the right place for advertising on any web page.

All of this works with the smart contract standard of Ethereum ERC-20 to offer a transparent, fair, faster and cheap transaction process to all the parties who are involved in the advertising campaign.

Krios ICO

How does it work?

Imagine an shoe retailers called “Marco Shoes”. Marco starts searching through the Krios for advertise manager, graphic designers and influencers that suit best for the job industry. After that Marco sends the brief to their selected individuals for approval and for the projects she deposits the Krios tokens.

Krios now sets up automatically a smart token system and contract that should be distributed as once the job is marked as being finished by Marco.

Marco monitors direct and works within a selected team of the project section and control the advertisement by linking through the Krios interface.

After completion of the work, Marco puts the positive feedback, reviews, and comments for the relevant team members of him.

The Team behind Krios

Paul Holland is the chief marketing officer of Krios. He has the experience of work on various advised companies such as Shell, Westpac, and Aon.

Christopher Quinlan is another chief executive officer. He has 8 years of experience in advising government and has worked as in the senior management teams.

Operational growth specialist Jasmina Livadaru is the chief operation officer here.Brett McCallum is the chief technical officer, who has ten years of experience as full stack developer.

ICO Key Details

Token name- KRI
PreICO Price
1KRI = 0.07 USD
1KRI = 0.10 USD
ETH, BTC; Fiat
Minimum investment – 0.04 ETH
Start date of ICO- 8.1.2018
End date-16.2.2018

Further Reading:

Krios Website:

Krios Whitepaper:



Bitrace Token Sale: Key Facts To Consider

When hosting a F1 race developed countries enjoy an influx of high spending visitors to the area. This can be a major boon to businesses and government coffers.

Bitrace Investments Ltd is a UK investment company which is looking to develop the concept of a Tunisia Racing F1 City project.

This will include a full sports compound including an F1 racing track and surrounding hotel and recreational unites.

Bitrace investments is also the team behind the Bitrace token sale.

The Bitrace token sale will see the distribution of up to 1 billion BRF tokens. The goal of this token sale is to raise as much as $57,626,400.

BRF tokens purchased during the token sale can be used for a range of different purposes.

In July 2018 the plan is to enable Bitrace token holders to be able to use BRF tokens to rent vehicles. Also made available will be the ability to buy flight tokens using the token from specific tour operators and to buy holiday packages.

In October 2018 Bitrace plans to allow holders of the token to be able to buy timeshare.

Eventually if Bitrace is able to realise their goal of the development of the Tunisia Racing F1 City, products and services from the development can be purchased using BRF tokens.

You can learn more about the Bitrace token sale by visiting:

Bitrace website:
Bitrace white paper:
Bitrace token sale:;u=1138788

ODEM ICO Targets Fast Growing Alternative Global Education Market

In 2017 it was estimated that 23 million new students signed up for a new online distance learning course.

The internet has revolutionised the way that people consume educational content and become qualified for their work.

Through the internet students can access high quality course material that used to be available to only the select few.

But, what could be truly revolutionary is when the ability to reach an audience via the internet meets the decentralising power of the blockchain. And imagine if the reach of the internet was combined with type of quality education offered by being taught in-person.

That is the promise of ODEM a new educational marketplace built on the blockchain and enabled through a smart contract payment system.


What Makes ODEM Unique

At first glance ODEM might just seem like another online educational portal. But this is not the case. ODEM classes are on demand, meaning that they are based on the needs on the requirements of students. However classes are actually taught in person. Students are able to select what of training they want, then they are matched with an appropriate local educator.

Integrated Bot Technology

The ODEM platform will include integrated BOT technology. The bot will aggregate & verify the students and educators records. This will include organising assessment tests and providing a rating system. All of the data provided by the bot will be freely accessible through an immutable record on the blockchain.

Overview of the ODEMT Token Sale

ODEMT token will be used on the platform as a means of exchange. Ownership of ODEMT tokens will also give the holder special privileges and discounts.

ODEMT token is being distributed in a token sale between February 17th and March 19th 2018. The ODEMT token will be offered at a price of €0.05 to one ODEMT.

You can learn more about the ODEMT token sale by visiting:

ODEM Website:
ODEM Whitepaper:;u=1138788

ARBIDEX Delivers Up To 4% On Each Trade With Automated Arbitrage

Imagine making up to 4% profits without taking any risks.

It sounds too good to be true but a new crypto trading platform called ARBIDEX actually completely automates this profit taking profits for its users.

ARBIDEX is a trading platform which accumulates the combined liquidity from a range of the most popular cryptocurrency trading platforms.

Not only does this provide the ability to take advantage of all the liquidity available on those exchanges from a single trading terminal, it is also what enables automated arbitrage trades.

Using the automated arbitrage tools users can enjoy profits of up to 4% by taking advantage of the different prices of crypto assets on the various exchanges.

Here we’ll look at the ARBIDEX platform in more detail and explain how you can gain premium access by contributing to the ABX token sale.

The Current State Of ARBIDEX

ARBIDEX already has a Minimum Viable Product in place.  You can already trade on Bittrex, Bitfinex, Polionex, WEX and Kraken. In order to trade on these platforms you do not need to have an account with any of these trading platforms. Through the main trading window you’ll be able to see the connected exchanges, a common trading history and the bids and asks for selected cryptocurrency pairs. You will also be able to see all of the cryptocurrency trading pairs that are available.

Benefits Of ABX Token

ABX Token is a native, utility token for the ARBIDEX platform. There are a number of benefits that are enjoyed by holders of the ABX token. Firstly, holders of the ABX token are able to have premium access which enables lower fees on transactions and arbitrage trades. Having ABX token also means that you can increase the arbitrage deposit. ABX token holders are able to vote on new tokens to be listed and the listing fees on ABX are cheaper than with with other payment fees.

Purchasing ABX Tokens

ABX tokens are being made available in a public token sale. In total there will be 17.2 million tokens put on sale at an exchange rate of 1 ABX token is equal to $1 USD.

The ABX token sale will be divided into a presale and main token sale phases. During the presale which will last from December 11th to December 25th 2017, ABX tokens will be offered with a 20% bonus.

The main crowd sale be between January 23rd and February 28th. You can find more information about the ABX token sale by visiting the following websites or searching on social media using these hashtags:

ARBIDEX Website:

ARBIDEX Whitepaper:

ARBIDEX Hashtags:  #arbidex #arbibounty;u=1138788

How TradeBit Is Providing The “Tools” For The Crypto Gold Rush

There is a saying that in the gold rush, those that got rich weren’t the gold miners.

Instead it was the people who sold the “tools” that made the fortunes.

In the 21st century it is difficult to argue that the gold rush is in cryptocurrencies.

But, history looks like it may repeat with the people who are becoming truly wealthy, being those who provide the “tools”.

In this case this is the infrascture like trading platforms.

If you want to be on the side of the “tool sellers” and not the “gold miners” then you might want to take a look at the upcoming ICO for crypto trading platform TradeBit.

TradeBit In A Nutshell

TradeBit is a platform which wants to make it easier to buy, sell and manager cryptocurrencies.

If successfully implemented it would provide a simplified “one stop shop” where you could buy cryptocurrencies, monitor your portfolio, trade between tokens and then move funds back into fiat.

One of the unique features of TradeBit is that it will be mobile first. The TradeBit mobile app is being designed to work with both iOS and Android. The idea is that the app will be just as easy and powerful to use as the desktop application.


Key Benefits Of TradeBit

200 of the top cryptocurrencies – TradeBit will have an exchange which features the top 200 cryptocurrencies in one place. This is something that is not currently available on other exchanges.

Mobile technical analysis – Technical analysis tools definitely exist for crypto-trading when you are using a desktop computer. But, there aren’t the same kind of convenient options when you are trading on a mobile device. This is something that TradeBit would aim to solve with the same high level analytical and trading tools available on the mobile app.

Universal wallet – TradeBit will provide a universal wallet which will enable you to store a wide range of tokens including TradeBit’s own token called TBT, as well as other popular ERC20 tokens and other tokens such as BTC and EOS.

TradeBit Token Sale

TradeBit will have its own native cryptographic token called TBT. This will be used to purchase services on the platform and to trade between users.

TradeBit Website:
TradeBit Bitcointalk ANN:
TradeBit Telegram:
TradeBit Facebook:
TradeBit Twitter:
TradeBit LinkedIn:

World WiFi ICO Plans To Connect 20 Million Private Routers In Just 3 Years

Over the next three years World WiFi wants to grow the number of WiFi routers connected to their system to 20 million.

If they are able to achieve their goal then they predict that they will be producing an annual turnover by 2021 of over $1 billion.

An ambitious target? Certainly. But there are very good reason to believe that they very well may reach those targets.

What is World WiFi?

World WiFi is a network which connect owners of private routers with guest users who want to connect to open Wi-Fi access points.

In exchange for the use of the free Wi-Fi those guest users agree to view advertising. The income earned from that advertising is sent to the router owner in exchange for providing the service.

The Benefits of World WiFi

The World WiFi model is beneficial for everyone who is involved with the network.

The cost of owning a router is usually reasonably expensive. On average a residential internet connection will cost about $30 a month. Owners of these routers can profit from this connection by providing access to the internet.

The network that the Guest Users login to will be completely separate from the home network that the owner of the router uses. This will mean that their home network will be completely secure at all times.

For the advertisers the network is a way to reach targeted viewers. By using the network the guest users will supply a broad range of data which can be used to target advertisements. This data will cover their location, gender, social profiles and more.

Finally, for the guest users it’s a way to get access to free and fast Wi-Fi wherever they are located.

Why World Wi-Fi Could Deliver On It’s Big Goals

World Wifi is by no means newcomers to the Wi-Fi industry. The co-founders of World WiFi also founded the two successful Wi-Fi businesses “Radius Wi-Fi” and “Ardent”. These businesses are currently supply Wi-Fi is more than eighty cities and employees more than a hundred people.

The two businesses are already using the advertising on public Wi-Fi as their business model. As a consequence they have significant experience and technology in place in order to deliver this for the new decentralised network.

World WiFi

In 2017 these two businesses were able to grow the number of Wi-Fi access points by 784%.

World WiFi has already been trailed at a number of local hot spot locations and has seen to be successful.

The Value Of WeToken

The missing ingredient in creating a truly globalised and decentralised WiFi network is WeToken. This ERC20 token makes it possible to facilitate microtransactions at very minimal cost and extremely quickly.

WeToken will be used for all of the transactions on the World WiFi network. The WeToken will be distributed in a token sale to last between March and April of 2018. The fund used from this token sale will be used to develop and promote the World WiFi network.

You can learn more about the WeToken sale here:

World WiFi Website:

World WiFi Whitepaper:

World WiFi Twitter:

World WiFi Facebook:

KEYRPTO Aims At $4.5 Trillion Future Of e-Commerce

By 2021 it is predicted the global sales from retail e-commerce will hit $4.5 trillion. That’s up from $1.3 trillion in 2014.

This not only shows how huge the global retail e-commerce is but also how rapidly it is expanding.

Many of those future e-commerce purchases will be conducted in fiat currency, but perhaps even more interesting is the possibility of cryptocurrency driven e-commerce.

Cryptocurrency is in most ways more well suited to the needs of globalised, ecommerce environment. You can use the same cryptocurrency to purchase goods and services in India, the United States, Japan or Germany or anywhere else in the globe.

What’s more conducting e-Commerce transactions in cryptocurrency removes the need for intermediaries. Intermediaries including the bank and credit card processor are involved with every credit card e-Commerce purchase that occurs. Each of these intermediaries charges fees for their services, inflating the costs for the merchant and the consumer.

So, if cryptocurrency is such an ideal solution for e-Commerce then why hasn’t taken off?

There are a number of reasons for this. Firstly, cryptocurrencies are an extremely new industry. While they have captured the public’s attention in 2017, the number of people who own and use cryptocurrency is still relatively small. This number is rapidly growing however.

Perhaps even more problematic are the technical challenges for merchants in accepting cryptocurrency and the fear of fraud or chargebacks.

This means that merchants have for the most part stayed away from offering cryptocurrencies as a payment method.

KEYRPTO is a new e-Commerce, platform which believes it has a solution to these challenges. It is offering 100% buyer protection. It is also offering an easy-to-use shop builder which will enable anyway to setup their own online shop and start accepting cryptocurrency.

KEYRPTO is also helping to solve the concerns of the consumers. KEYRPTO is using escrow and smart contracts to make sure that the merchant only receives payment when the goods or services are safely delivered to the customer.

Keyrpto ICO


KEYRPTO will have its own native token called KYT. KYT is used by merchants in order to register an online store. If they don’t own KYT tokens then they will not be able to sell on the KEYRPTO platform. Setting up this store will cost 50,000 KYT. Merchants will also be able to upgrade the position of their store through the platforms SEO services. Again this will be conducted in KYT tokens

KYT Token can also be used to buy and sell goods and services on the KEYRPTO platform. KEYRPTO will accept a range of popular cryptocurrencies but if KYT is used there will be a 50% reduction off the transaction fees. Consequently there will be a natural incentive to use KYT token, compared to other cryptocurrencies.

Perhaps most interesting for people looking to participate in the KYT token sale is that a percentage of KYT tokens are burned every time that a transaction occurs. The amount of tokens which are burned decreases, as the overall supply falls. This means that there will be a decreasing amount of KYT tokens available as the platform becomes more popular. This should help to cause KYT tokens to rise in value.

The KYT token sale is set for January 2018. Approximately 510 million KYT tokens will be offered, with unsold tokens burned at the end of the token sale. You can find out more by visiting:

Keyrpto Website:

Keyrpto Whitepaper: