KEYRPTO Aims At $4.5 Trillion Future Of e-Commerce

By 2021 it is predicted the global sales from retail e-commerce will hit $4.5 trillion. That’s up from $1.3 trillion in 2014.

This not only shows how huge the global retail e-commerce is but also how rapidly it is expanding.

Many of those future e-commerce purchases will be conducted in fiat currency, but perhaps even more interesting is the possibility of cryptocurrency driven e-commerce.

Cryptocurrency is in most ways more well suited to the needs of globalised, ecommerce environment. You can use the same cryptocurrency to purchase goods and services in India, the United States, Japan or Germany or anywhere else in the globe.

What’s more conducting e-Commerce transactions in cryptocurrency removes the need for intermediaries. Intermediaries including the bank and credit card processor are involved with every credit card e-Commerce purchase that occurs. Each of these intermediaries charges fees for their services, inflating the costs for the merchant and the consumer.

So, if cryptocurrency is such an ideal solution for e-Commerce then why hasn’t taken off?

There are a number of reasons for this. Firstly, cryptocurrencies are an extremely new industry. While they have captured the public’s attention in 2017, the number of people who own and use cryptocurrency is still relatively small. This number is rapidly growing however.

Perhaps even more problematic are the technical challenges for merchants in accepting cryptocurrency and the fear of fraud or chargebacks.

This means that merchants have for the most part stayed away from offering cryptocurrencies as a payment method.

KEYRPTO is a new e-Commerce, platform which believes it has a solution to these challenges. It is offering 100% buyer protection. It is also offering an easy-to-use shop builder which will enable anyway to setup their own online shop and start accepting cryptocurrency.

KEYRPTO is also helping to solve the concerns of the consumers. KEYRPTO is using escrow and smart contracts to make sure that the merchant only receives payment when the goods or services are safely delivered to the customer.

Keyrpto ICO


KEYRPTO will have its own native token called KYT. KYT is used by merchants in order to register an online store. If they don’t own KYT tokens then they will not be able to sell on the KEYRPTO platform. Setting up this store will cost 50,000 KYT. Merchants will also be able to upgrade the position of their store through the platforms SEO services. Again this will be conducted in KYT tokens

KYT Token can also be used to buy and sell goods and services on the KEYRPTO platform. KEYRPTO will accept a range of popular cryptocurrencies but if KYT is used there will be a 50% reduction off the transaction fees. Consequently there will be a natural incentive to use KYT token, compared to other cryptocurrencies.

Perhaps most interesting for people looking to participate in the KYT token sale is that a percentage of KYT tokens are burned every time that a transaction occurs. The amount of tokens which are burned decreases, as the overall supply falls. This means that there will be a decreasing amount of KYT tokens available as the platform becomes more popular. This should help to cause KYT tokens to rise in value.

The KYT token sale is set for January 2018. Approximately 510 million KYT tokens will be offered, with unsold tokens burned at the end of the token sale. You can find out more by visiting:

Keyrpto Website:

Keyrpto Whitepaper:

Crypto Startup TrakInvest Plans To Use AI To Enhance Traders Success

TrakInvest wants to empower a new generation of milleninial investors by providing them with the tools that they need in order to compete with large investors.

One of the more interesting features of TrakInvest is it’s use of AI technology in the form of a recommendation engine on the platform. Here we’ll look at how this AI recommendation engine works in more detail.

What is TrakInvest AI?

In 2018 TrakInvest is planning to introduce its next generation crowdsourced tools and models, which will use trading and behavioral data which has been collected over the past three years.

TrakInvest AI recommendation engine will be composed of three key initiatives. These include TI Score, Sentiment Analysis and Network Analysis.

TI Score

Each user on the platform has a TI Score. This TI Score is a combination of that users trading track score and how they have contributed socially to the platform.

Network Analysis

The recommendation engine will analyse and rank traders and stocks based on their performance on the TI platform. This will provide a TI STOCK and TI TRADER SCORE.


Sentiment Analysis

Sentiment Analysis will examine the sentiment of the crowds. This will be made up of a both a push and pull mode. For the push mode announcement and news will be pushed to user based on their internet. The pull action will provide users with the ability to to use engine to check on the stats of a stock. The information used in this sentiment analysis will be gained from websites that feature specific news, corporate disclosures, twitter feeds and other sources of data. Thus is possible thanks to Natural Language Processing (NLP).

TrakInvest ICO

In order to raise funds for research and development of the AI technology and other costs associated with developing and operating the TrakInvest platform, they are running an Initial Coin Offering (ICO). During this ICO the TRAK Token used on the TrakInvest platform will be distributed to investors.

You can learn more about the TrakInvest ICO here:

TrakInvest Website:

TrakInvest Whitepaper:

How Savedroid Is Simplifying Crypto Saving

In 2018 the market capitalisation of Bitcoin was more than $171 billion. Popular cryptocurrencies like Ethereum ($106B) and Ripple ($43B), boast equally large numbers.

The massive growth in cryptocurrencies was one of the most talked about business stories in 2017.

Despite this there are many people who would like to save and invest in cryptocurrencies but currently don’t.

Common challenges include the difficulty in moving money into fiat or not knowing how to get started.

Savedroid is a German AI saving and investing platform that wants to help solve these challenges and open up crypto investing to everyone.

Alongside this they are incorporating innovative AI technology which will make this process even easier.

Here’s a look at how savedroid works.

How savedroid works

So we know that savedroid uses an AI algorithm to drive saving and investing recommendations, but let’s break that down into a little more detail, to show how it works.

First the user needs to define their savings goals. These are called “Wishes”.

“Wishes” can be anything but a good example might be to buy a new laptop or to pay for a trip abroad.

Savedroid ico

“Wishes” are things that the user wants but can’t afford immediately.

Next the user chooses an event which will trigger a saving transaction to occur.

For example, a user might want to tie their gym attendance with their saving goal for a holiday. Every time that they go to the gym and workout for 30 minutes, a saving transaction of €3 could be triggered.

Savedroid app can be linked to fitness trackers and so it will be able to trigger this saving event automatically every time that it occurs.

This set of rules and outcomes is called a “smoove”

A “smoove” always operates on an “if then, then that” basis.

In this case the “if then” is going to the gym and working out for 30 minutes.

The “then that” is to save €3.

What’s really smart though, is that the AI learns about the users goals and habits over times.

It then can offer personalised smooves which will help them to use saving and spending habits which will let them reach their wishes faster.

The goal is to make saving not only easier but also more fun.

Savedroid Initial Token Sale (ITS)

Savedroid will be using the SVD token to enable users to buy services on savedroid. The SVD token is being distributed in an Initial Token Sale (ITS). You can learn more about this below:

savedroid website:

savedroid white paper:

3 Big Benefits Of Crypto Trading Platform Tradershub

Tradershub wants to transform the world of crypto trading. They plan to offer the next evolution in cryptocurrency trading to provide a smart, easier and more profitable way to trade. Read on to find out three of the major benefits that Tradershub plans to deliver to the cryptocurrency trading community.

#1 Unified Interface

One of the biggest challenges currently facing crypto traders is how fragmented the market is. There are many different trading platforms. Each of them has its own unique interface and application process. Having to create and manage multiple accounts is time consuming and inefficient. Tradershub will be integrated with multiple major exchanges. From the Tradershub interface traders will be able to access these other exchanges. From the users perspective the interface on Tradershub will always be uniform no matter which exchange they are actually executing the trades through. No more need for multiple trading accounts.

#2 Solves Liquidity Issues

Anyone who has traded altcoins knows that liquidity can be a major issue. Buying and selling tokens in the quantity and price that you want isn’t always possible on a single platform. That’s why Tradershub solution could be so beneficial. Tradershub allows traders to trade across multiple exchanges from the same interface. This means that the trader is able to access the liquidity of multiple different exchanges. This should make it much easier for traders to trade in the volume and price that they want.

Tradershub ICO

#3 Experts Are Incentivised To Share Knowledge

Newbie crypto traders often struggle to trade against more experienced traders. Expert traders have more experience, information and knowledge of the cryptocurrency markets. This gives them a significant advantage. There is currently little incentive for experts to share this knowledge with newcomers. Tradershub would change this paradigm by giving experts an incentive to share their knowledge and expertise. On Tradershub traders can choose to make their trading portfolio public. Other traders can then “copy trade” mirroring the trading actions of the expert trader. In return for this the experts receive a percentage of the profits from their followers. In this situation everyone can be a winner.

Tradershub Initial Coin Offering (ICO)

If you would like to participate in the success of Tradershub you can do so by joining the Tradershub ICO. To find out more about the Tradershub ICO visit:

Tradershub Website:

Tradershub Medium:

Tradershub Facebook:

Tradershub Whitepaper:

How Blockchain Recruitment Platform HireMatch Works In 5 Simple Steps

HireMatch is an innovative decentralised job marketplace which is using the power of the blockchain to disrupt the job board market.

Read on to find out exactly how HireMatch work:

#1 Company is looking for a new applicant

The HireMatch process begins with a company who is looking to hire a new employee. The HR manager at that company will decide how much they want to pay for finding that candidate but setting a bounty. For example they might choose to set the bounty at 10,000 HIRE tokens.

#2 Company acquires HIRE tokens

The company looking for a candidate will next need to acquire HIRE tokens. They can do this by either purchasing the HIRE tokens on the HIreMatch website or mobile app. Alternatively they can buy the tokens on a cryptocurrency exchange.

#3 Job listing published

The job listing with the company’s requirements is then published on HireMatch. This is done in the form of a smart contract, which will pay out when certain conditions are met.

#4 Agents receive a notification

Agents who will help to find relevant candidates will now receive a notification. These agents can be humans or applications connected to HireMatch via there API. Agents may use their own personal networks, social media sites and more to find relevant candidates to put forward.

#5 Agents are paid out via smart contract

Agents that contribute to an applicant being selected are paid out via the smart contract. This will be paid out to every agent who plays a role in the applicant being hire.


HIRE Token Sale

As noted above HIRE tokens are integral for setting the bounty. HIRE Tokens are being made available as part of a token sale. In total up to 78 million HIRE tokens are being made available as part of the token sale, with a fund raising goal of forty thousand ETH.

You can find out more about the HIRE token sale by visiting:

HireMatch Website:
HireMatch Tokensale:
HireMatch Whitepaper:
HireMatch Bitcointalk ANN:;u=1138788

3 Reasons Why Caviar ICO Could Be A Winner

Real estate and cryptocurrency are two of the hottest investment plays in todays market. So getting exposure to both through a single token sounds like a winning proposition. Caviar token (CAV) is being offered through a token generation event set to last from December 12th 2017 to January 31st 2018. Here we’ll look at why this is one token sale that could be a winner.

#1 Ongoing income

Each quarter 75% of the net quarterly profits minus management fees and operating expenses will be distributed to Caviar token holders. This distribution will be in the form of ETH. This is done by smart contract providing complete transparency.

#2 Reinvestment and buyback

20% of net quarterly profits will be reinvested back in order to drive the growth of the value of the token. A further 5% will be used to buy back Caviar tokens. These tokens will then be burned. This will help to provide liquidity for Caviar token holders looking to sell. It will also decrease the available supply over time which should help to increase price.

#3 Caviar has minimised risk from default

Real estate in the Caviar ecosystem is meant to provide stability and income. Therefore one thing that investors will want to pay close attention to is the possibility of default. Caviar has aimed to minimise the possibility of default and subsequent losses on the loaned capital. To do this borrowers will need to provide a personal guarantee and a first lien position on the real estate asset. If foreclosure eventuates then Caviar will repossess the property. Caviar then has the ability to complete the construction and underwrite the asset. This means that even in the case of default Caviar should be able to complete the project profitably.

Read more about the Caviar ICO by visiting:

Caviar website:
Caviar white paper:

5 Big Benefits To SRCOIN Business Model

Subscription based businesses are one of the most popular business models for tech companies.

But, as of yet, there haven’t been many blockchain startups which have also used this business model.

This has meant that there have been few options for crypto investors who want exposure to subscription businesses.

One interesting new Initial Coin Offering (ICO) which provides exactly that is SRCOIN.

In this article we will look at why subscription based businesses can be so attractive and what exactly the SRCOIN Initial Coin Offering (ICO) is.

Why Use A Subscription Based Model?

#1 Recurring Revenue

One of the biggest advantages of subscription based businesses is recurring revenue. Subscription businesses earn revenue from the same customer month after month.


#2 Good Profit Margins

Profit margins for subscription based businesses are often superior to those for businesses with one off sales. The reason is that the customer can be charged a relatively low price on a monthly basis, but on aggregate the profit margins are actually very high. Because the customer is only paying a small amount each month there is less pushback than there might otherwise be.

#3 Lower Customer Acquisition Costs

Costs to acquire customers can be lower overall. This is because you can potentially need fewer customers in order to make the same amount of money as a business with one off sales. For example, if a business has 10,000 customers each pay $10 a month, then at the end of the year they will have made $10 x 10000 x 12 = $1,20,0000. If a business was making one off sales of $10 then in order to earn the same level of revenue over the course of a year they would have to acquire 120,000 customers.

#4 Simplifed business planning

Because revenues are relatively predictable business planning can be easier. Determining how much to spend on marketing and which capital investments are often simpler in a subscription based business.

More About The SRCOIN ICO

SCRCOIN is an ERC20 token built on the Ethereum blockchain. SRCOIN is being priced at 1 ETH is equal to 700,000 SRCOIN with bonuses for participation in the pre ICO rounds. The main crowdsale is set to start on March 1st 2018 and end 31st March 2018.

Read more:

SRCOIN website:

SRCOIN telegram group:

SRCOIN Twitter:


Need To Solve A Problem? Blockchain Startup Epsilon Has The Answer

Did you have a problem that you couldn’t solve?

Maybe you wanted to know where to find the best mechanic in your area.
Maybe you wanted to know how to evaluate schools in the new town that you just moved into.
Maybe you wanted to know which area of the country offers the best potential upside for real estate development.
Maybe you need a new app created for your startup.

Now picture a platform designed to connected you with experts in the field of the problem you are looking to solve.

In exchange for a fee you would have your problem solved. All you need to do is pose the problem. Even better you only have to pay the fee when your problem is solved.

That’s the idea behind Epsilon, a decentralised problem solving platform powered by the blockchain.

Read on to find more about Epsilon and the EPS token sale.

How Targeted Search Works On Epsilon

The customer for targeted search can be anyone who has a problem that they want to solve. It might be a student, an employee, or a company owner. It could even be a company or charity. No matter who the customer is the process is the same. The target search function aims to find an executor for that problem as quickly as possible.

Executors see the search applications which are most relevant to their ares of expertise. This means that whenever a customer had a problem, they have immediate access to experts in the field. Because the expert is being rewarded for their expertise by the reward that the customer has provided they always have a strong motivation to provide the best possible answer.

Experts can come from many different directions in order to help solve a problem. For example, for problems relating to automobiles, the experts for that field could be mechanics, car salespeople, car insurance professionals, factory workers, car enthusiasts etc. Their diverse knowledge in that field mean that they are more likely to be able to come up with the right solution to the problem.


Using EPS Tokens

EPS Tokens are a native cryptocurrency to the Epsilon platform. In order to start an application the customer must have enough EPS Tokens in their account to make the payment. The amount of EPS tokens which are attributed to the application will vary but will be based on the complexity of the task that they want to have performed. More complex task will require more EPS tokens to be made available.

Once the application has been executed by the executor it will be evaluated by the customer. If the customer confirms that the application has been executed fully then the EPS tokens are passed onto the executor. If the customer disagrees that the application has been executed completed then it is passed on a panel of moderators to resolve.

EPS Token is an ERC-20 compliant token created on the Ethereum blockchain. In total 90 million EPS tokens will be issued. Each quarter 30% of the profits made by the Epsilon platform will be used to redeem EPS tokens in the market. This will help to remove EPS tokens and potentially support price.

EPS Token Sale

EPS Tokens are being offered in a token sale. At the end of the token sale any unsold tokens will be destroyed. EPS tokens are being offered at a price of 0.00035 ETH is equal to 1 EPS. You can find out more information about the EPS token sale by visiting:

Epsilon Website:

Epsilon Whitepaper:

Epsilon Twitter:

Epsilon Facebook:

Epsilon  Telegram:;u=1138788

Use Cases For The AIDA Blockchain Project

The AIDA Project is looking to solve some of the biggest challenges currently faced by the construction industry. Here we’ll look at what problems players in the construction industry currently face and how the AIDA project is looking to address these.

Users of the AIDA Project

One of the main groups of users for the AIDA project will be customers in the construction industry. These could be construction companies, those businesses involved with mounting and and even individuals that perform construction projects themselves.


Challenges faced by customers

These customers face a number of challenges that the AIDA Project is seeking to solve. One common issue is internal corruption in the supply department of the company.

Employees with purchasing power can be corrupted by suppliers in order to accept overpriced or inferior products. These can cause what would be an otherwise profitable project into one which loses money.

Tracking and control of the delivery of products is another issue for construction companies. This problem is compounded by the number of intermediaries which exists in the construction industry.

Finally, documentation flow also causes issues for many companies. Because of the large number of players which are involved in the construction supply chain it can be difficult to accurately maintain a complete record of relevant documents such as tax invoices, consignment notes and contracts.

How AIDA Project will help to solve these challenges

Fundamentally the AIDA project uses the blockchain to improve information flows between different participants in the system. When developed it seeks to provide a fully automated platform for the selling of construction materials. Include would be a fully update list of suppliers with pricing which would bring greater transparency to supply purchasing.There would also be a system in place for the processing of orders and production.

Because the AIDA Project blockchain is built on the Ethereum blockchain it will be able to make use of smart contracts . These are self executing contracts where the terms of the contract are built into the code. This will help to eliminate the need for intermediaries. This should reduce the opportunities for price hiking, corruption and lost documentation.

AID Initial Coin Offering (ICO)

Used in the AIDA Project will be ERC20 token called AID. This is being offered in an initial coin offering (ICO). You can learn more about this ICO by visiting:

AIDA Website:

AIDA Whitepaper:

AIDA Roadmap:

Transcodium Uses Blockchain Tech To Target Booming Market For Online Video

The amount of video that is now being consumer online is truly staggering.

To take just a few platforms. Each day users of Netflix and Facebook both consume up to 100 million hours. On Daily Motion there are 3.5 billion average monthly views.

Not only are we watching a huge amount of video content we are watching it everywhere and every kind of device.

This has created some inherent challenges. In order to present video content across so many different types of devices it is essential to transcode that video into the right type of format.

This has in turn created a massive demand for transcoding services. While large media giants like Netflix and Facebook have the resources in order to perform this type of transcoding at scale, other smaller players have struggled.

The big players in the industry are pushing up costs for transcoding moving the services beyond the reach of smaller enterprises and solopreneurs.

At the same time there is plenty of idle capacity that could be put to use profitably transcoding media content. The question is how to connect the two.

Transcodium believes that it has an answer. Using the blockchain and a decentralised network it is creating a platform which enables anyone with spare processing power to connect and earn rewards for performing transcoding services.

Overview of Transcodium

The Transcodium network has three main parties: customers, master nodes and workers.

The customers are those people who need to have their media files transcoding. They can have transcoding performed by connecting to the Transcodium platform and making a transcoding request. They are then provided with a price for performing this service. If they agree to the price then it will be send to the network for processing.

The Master Node can be thought of the manager of the network. Master Nodes need to have fast internet connections and plenty of processing power. The Master Node can also function as a worker if they choose to.

The Master Nodes will take the media file that the customer has supplied and then if necessary convert this into small chunks for the network. The file(s) are then encrypted and delegated to the workers for transcoding.

Workers perform the grunt work of actually transcoding the content. Anyone can choose to connect to the Transcodium network with whatever device they have available.

In return for providing these services the Master Node and the Worker are rewarded with tokens. They rewards split up 20% to the Master Node and 80% to the Worker.

Transcodium ICO

Transcodium Token

Used on the Transcodium Network is an ERC-20 token called TNS. This TNS token will be used for payments and providing rewards to the Master Nodes and the Workers.

TNS tokens are to be distributed in a token sale. This token sale will be divided into a pre-sale and a main sale. During the presale TNS tokens will be offered with a discount of 30% from the exchange rate of $0.276 to 1 TNS token.

Any unsold tokens will then be moved to the main token sale. In total 120 million TNS tokens will be made available for the presale and main sale.

Read more about the TNS token sale by visiting:

Transcodium Website:

Transcodium Whitepaper:

Transcodium Twitter:

Transcodium ANN:;u=1138788