What You Need To Know About The IronBlock ICO

IronBlock is developing a global platform for the specialised machinery market. In order to fund the development of this platform they are running a token sale. Read on to find out what you need to know about the Iron Block token.

IronBlock ICO

What is the IRB token and how is is used?

The IRB (IronBlock) token is an Ethereum based token. It is used for payments for platform services. It will also be used as a medium of payment for transactions between users of IronBlock.

How will the blockchain be used in IronBlock?

The blockchain will be used to create and store certificates and other relevant information relating to the specialised machinery. TechPass register and maintenance activity will also be stored on the blockchain. Because the IronBlock platform is built on the Ethereum blockchain there will also the ability to use smart contracts to support escrow.

What will drive growth in the price of IRB?

As the number of transaction on the IronBlock platform the price of the IRB token should increase. IRB tokens will be listed on cryptocurrency exchanges where they are fully traceable.

IronBlock Website: https://ironblock.io/
IronBlock Whitepaper: https://ironblock.io/media/IronBlock_en_WP_2.0.pdf

Aworker ICO: The Next Generation In Online Job Recruitment

Few people would describe job hunting as a pleasurable experience. Even well qualified candidates with good experience and an extensive resume, still struggle to stand out in a crowded field.

At the same time employers also frequently report that finding qualified employees is one of their biggest challenges.

In short it is a situation where nobody is getting exactly what they want.

Those problems with the job recruitment process also create opportunity. It is an opportunity that decentralised job platform Aworker intends to fill.

In order to raise funds for the development and operation of their platform they are running an Initial Coin Offering (ICO). If you are looking at backing this ICO here are some of the things to know.

What is Aworker?

Aworker is a global, decentralized platform that is Blockchain-based and is designed to change the hiring industry. It can assist workers in monetizing their skills and obtain motivation for additional growth. It can be useful for getting additional rewards and making careers successful. It can be used for seeking employment and for the development of careers. Any CV can be put in the blockchain-based platform powered by Aworker to be accessed easily, whenever it is needed.

Aworker Token

What is its Token Symbol?

The token is represented by WORK, and complies with the ERC-20 standard. It is of a utility-token type.

How Many Tokens Will Be Distributed?

As many as 213,778,675 WORK tokens will be in circulation.

What is the exchange rate for Aworker?

1 Token of WORK can be exchanged for 0.00042 ETH. ETH is the accepted method for payment.

Is there a hard cap for the token sale?

The hard cap for the token is 44987 ETH.

Is there a soft cap for the token sale?

The soft cap for the token is 2079 ETH.

Is there a presale for Aworker?

Yes, there is a presale for the same.

What are the dates for presale?

The presale begins on January 26, 2018 and ends on June 26, 2018.

Are there any bonuses for the presale?

Yes, presale bonuses are offered to investors.

When is the main crowd sale?

The tokens can be sold primarily for the development and support of the platform. A smart contract will be used on the ETH blockchain to conduct the crowd sale. Users can use ETH to purchase the WORK tokens and support the platform. The entire amount of ETH is small in number, and the sale would occur during four crowdsales – 3 token sales Pre-ICO and 1 ICO token sale.

How will the funds raised in Aworker be used?

Its funds will be used in this way – 5% for Partnerships, 5% for legal, 10% for Operations, 25% for Marketing and 55% for Development. The tokens will be allocated in the following way – 1% for Bounty, 2% for Bug Bounty, 4.2% for Seed Investors, 7% for Advisory Board, 10% for Core team, 15.8% for Reserve Fund and 60% for Token sale.


Who is the team behind Aworker?

It has a robust team consisting of professionals, including advisors Vasily Kuznetsov and Denis Polulyakhov, Architect Roman Ivantsov, Chief Marketing Officer Sergey Streltsov, Frontend / UI Alex Zachinalov, Project lead Pavel Levkovich, HR Partner & Co-founder Michael Barkov, Backend developer Eugene Petukhov, CTO & Co-Founder Michael Doshevsky, PR Serafima Aleksandrova, CEO & Co-Founder Anton Cherkasov and Business Development Director Svetlana Fomenkova.

Where can you find more information about Aworker?

It is possible to get complete information about Aworker from the official site – https://aworker.io/. Users can get details about token sales, the team, what the benefits of Aworker are, how to earn tokens of WORK and more.

You can also learn more at:

Aworker white paper: https://aworker.io/docs/Aworker_Whitepaper.pdf

Aworker Twitter: https://twitter.com/aworkerio

How Community Works With Persona

In a decentralised environment a mechanism is needed in order to determine people are who they say they are.

Persona’s solution is to use the platforms community in order to check the identity of other users.

Community users who participate will need to confirm the authenticity of documents that users have provided and the identity of the people who being checked.

In return for providing these services they will be rewarded by receiving the platforms utility token called PRS.


Levels on the Persona Platform

Verification is provided by users. Users can provide up to 90% of the verification that a user will need to be fully verified. The remaining 10% of verification must come from trusted institution like a utility provider.

There are different levels which community verifiers are able to achieve. When they achieve a higher level they have more verifying power.

Someone who is Level 1 would only have 5% verifying power. If a user required verification and only level 1 users participated in the verifying process, then 18 users would be required in total for verification.

If someone has reached Level 6 then they have 30% verification power. In this scenario, if a user wanted verification and only level 5 verifiers were used then only 4 users would be required.

If someone verifies a users and their identity is later proved to be false, then that user is flagged and they lose their entire verification percentage.

Persona Token

PRS Tokens

PRS Tokens are the utility token used to incentivise users to be involved with verification. PRST tokens will be listed on cryptocurrency exchanges and have actual monetary value.

PRS Tokens are being distributed through a Token Generation Event (TGE) you can learn more about the TGE here:

Persona Website: https://persona.im/
Persona Whitepaper: https://persona.im/documents/whitepaper-v1.pdf
Persona Bitcointalk ANN: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2656017.0

ModulTrade Targets $6.7 Trillion B2B Ecommerce Market

The size of the B2B e-commerce market is estimated at more than 6.7 trillion every year.

While this number is impressively large, it could in fact be larger. Currently there is no single platform where micro.small and medium sized enterprises are able to to meet and establish trade agreements in a cost effective manner.

ModulTrade is a blockchain enabled ecosystem that wants to change that. Thanks to two key technological innovations, tokenisation and smart contracts, ModulTrade believes it can deliver a radically improved mechanism for businesses to conduct trade with each other globally.

The Challenge Faced By Small Enterprises

Small enterprises would like to be able to trade directly with one another but are limited in the ability to do so. In the current system there is significant barriers which limit the ability for these small enterprises to trade freely with one another. These barriers include a lack of trust between different enterprises and the complexity of executing trade across borders.


What ModulTrade Offers

Modultrade is both an ecosystem which gives SME (Small and Medium Sized Enterprises) the ability to trade easily with one another.

This ecosystem which provide an end-to-end range of services that are needed to facilitate the entire B2B trade cycle. The end goal is to enable micro, small and medium sized enterprises to easily and securely trade with one another.

In order to achieve this the platform will integrate with third parties that are able to deliver trade related services. This will  include insurance, logistics, tax and bookkeeping, trade financing and more.

How ModulTrade Will Do It

ModulTrade is building its ecosystem on two major technological innovations. These are smart contracts and blockchain tokens.

Smart contracts are self executing contracts where the terms of the agreement are written into the lines of code. In essence smart contracts can be created to replicate standard agreements used in global trade. Smart contracts provided certainty and transparency for both the buyer and seller because provided that the requirements of the contract are met, they will execute automatically. They also don’t require a trust third party intermediary like a bank which makes them more efficient and less expensive.

The other major technological innovation which enables ModulTrade is tokenisation. Tokenisation on the ModulTrade platform comes in the form of the Ethereum based utility token MTRc. The use of tokens for trade has significant advantages over a fiat based currencies. Tokens can be traded anywhere in the world with much lower transaction costs and faster transaction speeds. Using the MTRc token buyers and sellers can conduct trades using any device, including smartphones and tablets. Tokenisation also enables third party applications to be built into the ModulTrade. This enables the platform to scale more easily and provide greater functionality for users.

Key Details About The ModulTrade ICO

As detailed above used through-out the ModulTrade platform is the MTRc utility token. This standard ERC20 token is being distributed through an Initial Coin Offering (ICO). You can find out the key details about the ICO below:

Token exchange rate: 700 MTRc = 1 ETH

Number of tokens being distributed: 20 million MTRc

Soft cap for token sale: 5 million MTRc

Hard cap for token sale: 30 million MTRc

Read more:

ModulTrade Website: https://en.modultrade.io/

ModulTrade Whitepaper: https://en.modultrade.io/ModulTrade_White_Paper.pdf?v1


SocialX: The Decentralised Social Network

It is estimated that Facebook now has more than 2.05 billion monthly users worldwide.

It is no overstatement to say the past decade social media has transformed the way that we live. It is now completely entrenched in most people’s day to day activities.

Sharing your thoughts, insights, photos and videos through social media is now completely natural for most people.

Despite the growth of social media it is certainly not without its problems. Fraudulent accounts, profiting from users data and privacy invasions are just some of the issues that traditional social media platforms currently face.

Blockchain technology offer exciting new ways to address some of the problems. Already the runway success of the blockchain based social platform Steemit demonstrates that there is strong demand.

The newest entrant into this arena of blockchain enabled social platforms is SocialX. Unlike Steemit, SocialX has a strong focus on photo and video sharing. It also aims to create a much simpler to understand model, compared to Steemit.

To raise funds for the development of the platform SocialX is running an Initial Coin Offering (ICO). Here we’ll look at some of the key questions about SocialX and it’s upcoming ICO.

What is SocialX?

SocialX is a decentralised social media platform. Using the SocialX users can keep photos and videos either private or public. They can also choose whether they want to distribute the content they upload either for free or get paid in SOCX tokens.

What is SOCX token?

SOCX is an ERC20 compliant cryptographic token based on the Ethereum blockchain. SOCX is the native token used for paying for content and services on the SocialX platform.

How many tokens will be created?

The total supply of SOCX tokens will be 90 billion.

What will the price of SOCX be set at?

During the ICO the exchange rate for SOCX will be 1ETH is equal to 12,500 ETH.

When does the ICO start?

The ICO is set to begin on 15th of January 2018.

SocialX ICO

Will SOCX be listed on a cryptocurrency exchange?

The plan is to list SOCX on at least one of the major exchanges shortly after the finish of the ICO. After that SocialX wants to have SOCX listed on a number of different exchanges.

Where can you find more information about SOCX?

You can learn more about SOXC by visiting:

SocialX Website: https://socialx.network/

Social X Whitepaper: https://socialx.network/whitepaper/

A Guide To The ALMBank Token Sale

ALMbank is new crypto platform looking to transform the relationship between workers, startups and charities. ALMBank is currently undertaking a public token sale where they will be distributing their AALM token. Here we’ll look at some of the most important information about ALMbank so you can decide if its a token sale you would like to participate in.

What is ALMBank?

ALMBank is an Ethereum-based cryptocurrency platform that can be used for financing otherwise un-fundable projects. It is a powerful platform for any individual who wishes to hire people from within the crypto-community.

It is the first barter system-powered labor force, and a platform where people can earn and spend coins. Freelancers can showcase their skills on the platform at no cost. This in effect turns ALMbank into a type of tax haven, because startups and charities are able to hire for their projects without any funds having to exit or enter the system.

What is its Token Symbol?

For ALMBank, the token is shown by the symbol AALM. Built on the Ethereum blockchain it is ERC20 compliant.

How Many Tokens Will Be Distributed?

There is a total of 119,998,800 AALM tokens in distribution.

What is the exchange rate for AALM?

1000 AALM can be exchanged for 1 ETH.

Is there a hard cap for the token sale?

The hard cap is set at 99, 999, 000 AALM tokens for the whole distribution.


Is there a presale for AALM?

Yes, there is a presale for this token.

What are the dates for presale?

The date of presale for AALM starts on February 27, 2018 and ends on March 29, 2018.

Are there any bonuses for the presale?

Yes, AALM developers are offering presale bonuses for the token. For an investment of less than 1 ETH, you cannot avail any bonus. For investments between 1 and 3 ETH, it is possible to avail 5% bonus. For customers who invest 3 – 10 ETH, 10% bonus is available. A 15% bonus is offered to those who invest 10 ETH or higher.

How will the funds raised in ALMBank be used?

The crowdsale and pre-sale of the ALMBank token will aid in financing the platform’s development, as well as its branding and marketing. The smart contract technology of ALMBank will be used for secure use of deposited funds on the Ethereum blockchain.

Almbank Token

Who is the team behind ALMBank?

It has a strong team comprising of talented and skilled people, including Nicholas Walker as the CEO, Phillip Mccarty as CTO and Austin Muhs as Advisor. There is Michael Castleman as Digital Content Manager and Andy Fuhr in charge of Management/Cloud Security Infrastructure. The others include Senior Accounting Manager Jessica S. Healy, Marketing Consultant Rob Rukstalis and Head of Token Development Pavel Rubin.

Where can you find more information about ALMBank?

Most of the information about ALMBank can be availed at https://www.almbank.io/. It has full information about this marketplace / work platform. You can find out about what the ICO is, how it works, services that are included, features of the platform and more.

You can read more at:

ALMbank white paper: https://www.almbank.io/front/images/assets/WhitePaper_v_2.1.pdf

Nitro Wants To Create A New & Fairer Economic Model For The Gaming Industry

Video games now earn more than nine times as much as Hollywood.

And nowhere is the demand for video games hotter than in Asia which boasts a staggering 1.14 billion players.

These gamers have also demonstrated that they are more than happy to spend real money on in-game purchases.

While this is great news for the games industry as a whole, the gains are not always being distributed evenly.

Two of the most important groups within the gaming ecosystem – gamers & up and coming games publishers – don’t see the full rewards of the billions of dollars being made in the industry.

Instead the vast majority of the value is captured by large game publishers.

Nitro has a plan to use the decentralised and democratising power of the blockchain in order to help change that situation.

It has developed a completely new economic model which would see gamers become far more participatory in the games which are chosen to be published. Gamers would also be able to enjoy a share in the financial rewards from teh games that they support.

Smaller games publishers that need capital can use the Nitro platform in order to get funding where it might be difficult to do so otherwise.

Why small games publishers struggle with funding – and what Nitro can do to help

Small games publishers often struggle to attract funding from traditional sources such as banks, VCs, and angel investors because the team lacks a strong track record of success.

It is difficult for VCs or angel investors to assess the quality of the games that these publishers are creating because they are not gamers themselves.

This creates a situation where games that undoubtly have a real appeal are not funded.

Nitro takes a different approach. Accepting that upcoming games publishers by there very nature are not necessarily going to have an extensive track record, they instead look at the quality of the games to decide who to invest in.

This selection process is performed in two stages.

First an industry group of experts selects the PGP (Promising Game Publishers) then they believe should be presented to the Nitro community.

Selected games from these PGPs are then put to holders of NOX tokens to vote on whether they should be funded or not.

Nitro ICO

The games that are voted for receive funding.

The benefit of this system is that it is being curated and voted for by people who understand what makes a great game. It also creates that all important initial audience for the game. The NOX holders who vote for a game to be made are almost certainly likely to play the game as well.

In return for this funding the games publisher pays a percentage of the revenue back to the Nitro platform.

Using NOX & NOD Tokens

Used for in-game purchases will be Nitro Dollars (NOD). These are a stable currency which is linked to the the USD. One NOD Is always the equivalent of one USD.

NOX and NOD can be freely exchanged back and forth amongst one another. On the Nitro Marketplace will be an online store where NOX and NOD can be interchanged.

NOX Crowd Sale

NOX is being distributed in a crowdsale from 1st December to 26th December 2017. You can learn more here:

Website: https://www.nitro.live

Whitepaper: https://www.nitro.live/files/en/Nitro%20Whitepaper%20v4.0.5.pdf

Arcona ICO Targets 1 Billion User AR Market

By 2020 its predicted that there will be 1 billion users of Augmented Reality (AR).

Augmented Reality, a technology which places digital elements into the real world, could have a transformational impact on the way that we live.

While augmented reality holds great promise it is not without its challenges.

Currently there is no one single tools which enables users to easily interact with augmented reality. Indoor AR projects are relatively easy to constructor, but outdoors one hold much greater challenges. And there are multiple different AR platforms which currently only support one AR enabled device.

Arcona is an innovative AR ecosystem built on the blockchain that believes it has a solution to those problems. Here’s who Arcona believes that it can help AR reach its full potential.


Cross-Platform Solution

Arcona is a cross platform solution meaning that it will support any device. Users of Arcona will be able to interact with digital elements in real world locations using any type of AR enabled device.

Working In Outdoor Environments

Arcona allows you to remotely place AR objects with a high degree of accuracy in a changing physical world environment. This is possible because Arcona doesn’t use GPS but rather real world objects as markers.

Single Tool For Access

Arcona will be a free public information space that is accessible to all users.

In order to fund the development of this augmented world Arcona is currently holding a token sale. Distributing during this token sale will be the Arcona token. This token will be used in order to buy, rent, sell and lease land within Arcona.

The Arcona Token

Used throughout the Arcona ecosystem will be the Arcana token. This is being offered as part of a public crowd sale. You can learn more about the Arcona crowd sale here:

Arcona Website: https://www.arcona.io/

Arcona Whitepaper: https://www.arcona.io/ARCONA-WP.pdf

What You Need To Know About The LOCIcoin Token Sale

LOCIcoin is utility coin which will be used through-out Loci an IP discovery platform.

In order to fund the development and marketing of the platform Loci is offering LOCIcoins in a token sale.

Here we’ll look at some of the key details about this token sale.


LOCIcoin has two primary usages. LOCIcoin is used for staking inventions onto the blockchain. Secondly LOCIcoin is used for buying and selling IP on the platform.



Loci have set the maximum amount of funds that they want to raise from the token sale at $19 million.


There will be four rounds for the LOCICoin sale. Pricing will vary depending on which round LOCIcoin is bought in:

Round 1 (Dec 6 -8)- $0.33
Round 2 (Dec 8 – 15) – $0.44
Round 3 (Dec 15 – 22)- $0.57
Round 4 (Dec 22 – 31)- $0.75


The LOCIcoin token sale is open to residents of the United States. Payments need to be made in Ethereum. You will need to use ERC20 compatible wallet like MetaMask or MyEtherWallet.

Further Reading

You can learn more about LOCIcoin and the token sale by visiting:

Loci Website: https://locipro.com/

Loci Whitepaper: https://locipro.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/12/loci-full-whitepaper.pdf

A Guide To VIN Tokens

VinChains goal is to provide a decentralised registry of vehicles history. By placing all of the data about a vehicle on the a blockchain it aims to provide a complete picture of that car.

VIN tokens are a cryptographic token which will be used with the registry. When someone wants to check the history of a vehicle using VinChain they need to pay using VIN tokens. It is costs 25 VIN tokens in order to check the history of that vehicle. At the ICO price per token that equates to a car history report costing $1.25.

In comparison the minimum a car history report can be obtained at in the current market is $9USD. This should give VinChain a clear competitive advantage over other car history report providers.

The payment made in VIN tokens will be distributed to the participants in the system that provide information about the vehicle. These participants include business and organisations that have relevant information about the vehicle. They include car dealers, insurance companies, banks amongst others.

VIN token is therefore in essence a utility token. VinChain intends the VIN token to be a stable cryptocurrency which value is derived from providing car history reports, rather than speculation.

VIN tokens are to be made available for purchase through an ICO. This will have a presale and mainsale phase. During the presale the VIN tokens is priced at $0.03 and during the main sale $0.06. As a consequence there is a steep discount available for anyone who participants in the presale phase.

Read more about VIN tokens:

Vinchain Website: https://vinchain.io/

Vinchain Whitepaper: https://vinchain.io/files/VinChainWhitePaper011217.pdf