HashHive Wants To Deliver Cost Effective Cloud Mining For Everyone

Cryptocurrency mining is no longer the domain of at home miners. Crypto mining is dominated by industrial mining operations where energy is inexpensive.

There are very good reasons for this. Setting up a profitable cryptocurrency mining operation requires significant upfront investment.

The energy demands from cryptocurrency mining typically exceed the wiring of most domestic reasons. And the noise produced from miners can be ruinous for people’s home lives.

One good alternative for people who want to invest in cryptocurrency mining is cloud mining.


Put simply cloud mining involves the establishment of a remote data centre where the actual crypto mining takes place.

Users can then purchase mining power from this remote setup. They earnings from the mining are split between the cloud mining provider and the user.

HashHive believes it is well positioned to provide very favourable cryptocurrency mining for its users. One reason is the cooling system it plans to use.

HashHive uses an immersion cooling system. This innovative cooling technology delivers power efficinency of 1,03 – 1,05. An immersion system uses less power than an equivalent air cooled system.

A submerged cooling system also provides a lower cost for building the data centre. Using an immersion system means that you can deployed the miners in a bare environment like a warehouse. And it doesn’t require expensive air conditioning equipment.

Funding the purchase and installation of the HashHive mining system will be a token sale. During this token sale CELL tokens will be distributed. Owners of the CELL tokens will be eligible for 40% of monthly profits from HashHive.

Read more:

HashHive Website: https://hashhive.io/

HashHive Whitepaper: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0Bw4285TjNrehUVJhRVJDVm5KMTQ/view

Traders Can Earn 18% Of Their Followers Profits With COVESTING

Successful cryptocurrency traders will soon be able to massively leverage their returns without exposing themselves to any more risk.

How is the possible?

Thanks to model trading through the COVESTING platform.

With COVESTING traders will earn 18% of the profits from any traders that choose to replicate their winning trades.

Traders who are able to show a record of successful, winning trades should be able to attract a large following and in turn receive profits from everyone who is following them.

COVESTING isn’t just good news for uber cryptocurrency traders as well. The platform is designed to enable new cryptocurrency traders to play with the whales and not lose their skin.

By using model trading they will be able to enjoy an automated way to trade alongside the best in the business.

The entire process is actually very straight forward. Successful traders who want to attract a following simply need to add their existing trading accounts to the COVESTING platform using an API.

Once they have done this they are all setup. They can decide whether to keep their trading private while they are building up their success record or make it public straight away.

All of that traders trades are recorded in a model. Because the information comes directly from the exchange that the trader is using it isn’t possible to fake or inflate the data.

Getting started for traders who want to emulate other successful traders isn’t any harder either. In order to model another traders trades they simply need to follow that trader and choose how many of their funds should be used.

Once they have done this COVESTING will automatically execute trades which mirror those of the trader which is being modelled. Traders following another trade will pay fees of 18% to the successful trader on every profitable trade and a 10% commission to COVESTING.


Powering the platform will be the COVESTING token called COV. This COV token is a utility token. When a modelled trade is successful the investor will receive the profits from the trade in COV. The more successful trades which are executed the more the person COV balance will increase.

The value of COV tokens should rise in relation to usage of the COVESTING platform. As there are more successful trades their will be more purchases executed for COV.

COV tokens will be distributed as a token sale. Token sale will be divided in a pre-sale and main sale. During the pre-sale there will 1,500,000 COV tokens distributed. During the mainsale 2,500,000 tokens will be distributed. The remainder of the tokens available will be shared among the founders of the COVESTING platform. These will be locked in a smart contract for a period of three months.

Website: https://covesting.io

Whitepaper: https://covesting.io/Covesting_White_Paper.pdf

5 Reasons Why Crypterium Could Dominate Crypto Payments

The world of banking is being transform by the blockchain. Cryptocurrencies provide a revolutionary new medium of exchange allowing for instant, secure and inexpensive payments anywhere in the world.

Crypterium wants to be the crypto bank for this blockchain banking revolution. Here are five reasons why they might just succeed.

#1 Transaction Fees Are Significantly Lower

When you make a payment using your American Express, Visa or Mastercard credit cart the merchant has to pay a fee. This varies as an amount of the transaction but can be as high as 5 – 6%. When paying with Crypterium the amount would be between 0.5% – !% of the transaction cost. Merchants will naturally prefer payments using Crypterium.

#2 Makes Paying With Cryptocurrencies Easy

Crypterium is going to integrate with an existing network of 42 million payment terminals. Paying at these terminals with cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum would be as easy as making payments with fiat currencies. This will enable users to make everyday payments using their cryptocurrency holdings.

#3 Low Fees For Users

In order to make any payment using the Crypterium mobile app it will be necessary to hold Crypterium (CRPT) tokens. Transactions will be charged at 0.5% of the current market price of CRPT. When a transaction occurs CRPT tokens are burned as fuel for the transaction.

#4 Attractive Loyalty Program

In order to attract users for the app Crypterium have built in a loyalty program. From the fee charged to the merchant for the transaction 0.15% will go toward loyalty program rewards. The more the person spends the greater the rewards that they receive. The reward levels will depend on how many CRPT tokens the user holds. This will give users an incentive to hold more CRPT tokens.

#5 Move Towards Cashless Banking

There is a strong move towards cashless payments and more specifically mobile banking. Crypterium is strongly positioned to benefit from this trend. Combine this with the growing popularity of cryptocurrencies and you have clear support for this technology.

Find out more:

Crypterium Website: https://crypterium.io/

Bitcointalk ANN: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2214098.0

Whitepaper: https://crypterium.io/wp/index.html?v=1.28

Cashaa ICO Provides Cryptocurrency Alternative To Traditional Banking

Its estimated that more than a third of the world’s population make little or no used of the formal banking sector. If these “unbanked” adults could be brought into the banking sector it’s estimated it could generate $380 billion in revenue.

Most of those who are unbanked are found in developing countries. However even in more developed countries there large numbers of people who don’t use traditional banking services to meet their financial needs.

Cashaa is an all-in-one financial network that would provide an alternative to the traditional banking sector. It would provide all of the tools that people who are currently unbanked or underbanked need. These services would be provided in a way which is more cost effective and efficient than the existing legacy banking system. This is all possible thanks to the rise of blockchain technologies.

Cashaa ICO

What Unbanked And Underbanked Require

In a recent report by Accenture it was found that under banked and unbanked had certain requirements in order to gain access to banking services. The first of these way ease of access. Banking infrastucture using the legacy system is expensive to develop. As a consequence there has been an under investment in infrastructure which service low income communities. Creating greater access is required to bring these people into the financial sector.

Products need to be developed which are appropriate to these low and mid income communities. They need to be affordable for people in these communities and be suited to their needs.

And finally, they need to be appropriate for people in these communities to use. They need to be user friendly and suitable to the technology that they already have available.

Why Cashaa Meets All These Needs

Cashaa meets all of the needs that these potential banking customes have but without relying on the legacy banking industry.

Sitting at the centre of the Cashaa network is the Cashaa Wallet. Using this wallet users can deposit, send or receive fiat currency and cryptocurrencies. This has inbuilt KYC features to meet the regulatory requirements for the areas in which Cashaa is offered.

Another major requirement for underbanked and unbanked customers is access to loans. According to the world bank only one in ten people in low and mid income countries have a documented credit history. Built into Cashaa wallet will be a micro loan feature. Cashaa microloans will be small peer to peer loan issued by individuals on the network. Loans can issued by either a single person or by a group of individuals each contributing a portion of the loan.

Each Cashaa wallet will come automatically with a plastic card. This will be a prepaid card that will be accepted at 39 million merchants thanks to partnership agreement with this payment network. This will immediately give Cashaa users an alternative to using cash only as a form of payment.


The challenges faced by the unbanked and underbanked are huge. Without access to financial tools that most people in developed countries have readily available, conducting financial transactions can be very difficult. Bringing these people into the global economy could generate a huge amount of wealth and transform these people’s lives. Cashaa has developed a complete solution which if successful could have an outsized effect.

Website Links

Website: https://cashaa.com

Whitepaper: https://cashaa.com/pdf/Cashaa_WP.pdf



Worldcore ICO Targets $429 Billion Remittance Market

According to the World Bank remittance flows to developed countries were $429 billion in 2016. This was higher than the amount that was sent to these countries in official development assistance.

The World Bank has also calculated that the average cost of remittance is 7.21%. Based on the figure of $429 billion, that means that almost $31 billion was spent on fees in 2016.

The people who are sending money to developing countries are often least able to afford paying such high fees. Blockchain technology offers one of the best potential solutions to this problem. Blockchain transactions can occur almost instantly with no distinction for where in the world the funds are sent. Making these payments only costs a fraction of what it would cost using traditional money transfer methods.

To say the least the blockchain could be a game changer for people who are sending money back to their home countries.

Worldcore is a next generation money transfer network which is taking the ability of the blockchain to transform remittances to the next level.

Worldcore’s technology not only enables anyone to send funds instantly anywhere in the world, it doesn’t even require that the person is connected to the internet or has a cryptocurrency wallet. Even better the process is completely anonymous and depersonalised. This could be a huge boon for senders who want to avoid government regimes which restrict or tax these remittances.

How Worldcore Works

To send payments using Worldcore the user simply needs to visit a Worldcore money transfer office. There they make a deposit in cash. When they do this a smart contract initiates the creation of a digital asset to the value of the funds that have been created. At the same time a hash code is created. This hash code will then serve as proof of ownership to that asset. Anyone who has the hash code will be able to “unlock” the digital asset and access the funds.

To send the fund the user simply needs to send the hash code to the recipient in the other country. Once they have the hash code they can visit their local Worldcore money transfer office, present the code, and immediately be provided with the funds.

This process happens nearly immediately which means that the receiver doesn’t have to wait days or weeks to receive their funds. Another nice feature of this process is that it doesn’t require any documentation to either send or receive the funds. This removes another inconvenient impediment to moving funds abroad.

Funds can even be sent to more than one person at a time. This can be done by creating multiple hash codes. When the funds are to be collected all of the receivers need to present their individual hash codes. This prevents one of the receivers from unfairly gaining access to the funds by themselves.

Worldcore Token Sale

Worldcore can be used to store digital assets as well. The funds will stay in place until they are unlocked with the hash code. This means it provides a convenient and secure way to store funds or move them across borders. This hash code can be written down or put on a USB. When the person has crossed the border they will be able to reclaim their digital assets.

Worldcore WRC tokens are being distributed to the public as part of a token sale. One billion tokens are being distributed as part of this token sale. You can learn more about the token sale below:

Website: https://worldcore.com/?stage=1

Whitepaper: https://worldcore.com/template/files/En.WRC_Whitepaper.pdf


Peerguess Token Sale In A Nutshell

Peerguess is a free app which can be used to track cryptocurrencies across exchanges and as for the basis to choose which cryptocurrencies to invest in. Peerguess uses the principles of gamefication in order to encourage users of the app to predict what will be the value of a particular cryptoccurency in the next 24 hours. Based on the “bets” made by users on the future direction of a cryptocurrency, evaluations can be made about the likely direction of a cryptocurrency.

How Users Will Play Using Peerguess

The peerguess prediction game is designed to be simple. Users will be able to select a cryptocurrency on which they want to make a prediction about. The current price of that cryptocurrency will be shown. The user then selects how many gems that that they want to use as part of their guess. They then click on either a “up” or “down” arrow depending on whether they think that this cryptocurrency will be either higher or lower than the current price in the next twenty four hours. If an accurate prediction has been made then at the end of twenty four hours the number of gems in the account will double. If an incorrect prediction is made then the number of gems will be lost.


Keeping Players Involved In the Game

Gems will have an actual monetary value once exchanged for GUESS tokens. This will provide a compelling reason for user to keep playing the game and trying to win GEMS. Of course as players lose GEMS they will not be able to play any longer. Peerguess has addressed this issue by giving any player whose balance reaches zero an additional 10 gems as a gift. Users will also be able to use an in-app purchase in order to buy more GEMS. Keeping users involved in the game is important because the data based on these guesses forms the analytics tool which gives peerguess it’s utility for traders.

How Peerguess Overcame The Problem Of Tokens In The AppStore

One of the challenges that apps like peerguess face is the it is not possible to introduce tokens as a payment method within the App Store. at the same time it is important that Gems used to make predictions have value. To overcome this problem peerguess has added a standard ERC20 token called GUESS which is built on the Ethereuem platform. Gems which are used within the peerguess app can be converted into GUESS tokens. These GUESS tokens will be listed on cryptocurrency exchanges and so will have a monetary value.

Analytics Are Based On Game Data

This simple prediction game will form the basis on which the data is based. The peerguess platform will analyse the data and then create reports along with identifying opportunities for potential profits. There will be different modules offered by peer guess. The Cumulative Guess ANalystics (CGA) module shows the general opinion of the community. As an example you could see that 60% have “guessed” that LTC / USD will fall in the next twenty four hours. Auto-Trade is a module which will use historical success rates along with other parameters to automatically execute trades on behalf of the user.

Web site: https://peerguess.com/

White paper: https://peerguess.com/files/White%20Paper.pdf

Bitcointalk bounty thread: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2184814.0


Could Crypto Video Network Flixxo Solve Adblocking?

In 2016 Adblock usage grew by 30%. In total more than 615 million users use ad blocking tools.

Adblocking is particularly prevalent on video sharing platforms.

Afterall people want to watch the video content that want to see, not a thirty second advertisement.

The especially don’t want to view that ad when they are not being provided with any incentive for doing so.

This is all symptomatic of a video industry which has a number of structural problems.

Flixxo is a blockchain startup which offers an alternative vision of how video can be shared. A vision which is fairer and more efficient for everyone involved.

What Makes Flixxo Different

Flixxo works on the same principle as a P2P network like BitTorrent.

Content is distributed by “seeders” who host the content.

However, unlike traditional torrent website content creators are able to monetise their content through the networks native cryptocurrency token called Flixx.

One of the big benefits of this system is that there is no need for a centralised platform.

The users of the network provide the storage and bandwidth for the network. They are in turn rewarded for doing so with the Flixx tokens.

Rewards For Social Interaction

Flixx also incentivises users to contribute socially to the network.

Users can use Flixx to like content. But because Flixx have real value as a cryptocurrency token, they are only going to do so for content they actually think is good.

For performing these social actions they are further rewarded with Flixx tokens.

Rewarding Users For Viewing Advertising

Flixxo also has a solution for the problem of ad blocker which was raised in the introduction to this article.

Users of the network who choose to consume advertising content are rewarded for doing so with Flixx tokens.

Flixxo recognises that it’s users attention has value and rewards them for providing it.

Token Sale

If you want to participate in this vision of a video sharing environment where everyone involved is more fairly rewarded then you can do so by participating in the Flixx token sale. See the details below:

Flixx Token Sale: https://flixxo.com/
Fixxo Whitepaper: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B8SWSX-W63bQS0RjT3RUUEVfN1k/view

Esports Revenue To Reach $1.5 Billion By 2020 – And What This Means For eSports.com ICO

By 2020 it is predicted that the revenues from eSports will reach $1.5 billion.

That huge revenue figure is thanks to the breakneck growth rate of the eSports industry. It’s estimated that eSports revenue is growing year on year by 41.3%.

In large part thats thanks to the big interest in brands who want to reach the eSports audience. In 2017 they are expected to spend more than half a billion dollars.

Ticket and merchandise is another big revenue stream for this industry making up $64 million in 2017.

Those massive revenue numbers create equally big opportunity for startups. After all one of the secrets to a successful startup is to enter into a rapidly expanding market.

Esports.com is a decentralised platform dedicated to the eSports community which plans on doing precisely that.

Esports is developing powerful social incentive features using their own ERT token to rapidly build the biggest community of eSports fans. They have an equally powerful strategy to monetise all of those rabid fans.

Cleverly located in gambling friendly Malta, eSports.com has obtained a betting license. This means that they will be able to offer all of the eSports fans on their platform the ability to wager on the outcome of eSports events.

And there is a very good chance those fans will be more than happy to lay down their money. It is estimated that eSports fans tends to have a higher average household income. They are also twice as likely to wager online.

Playing a central role in building the community will be the ERT token. When someone creates good content, ERT token holders can reward that creator by gifting them ERT. This will give people a good incentive to create consistent, high quality content. Content creators will be able to reward their audience by giving them ERT if they interact socially with that content, whether thats viewing it or liking it. Creating constant social interaction through ERT rewards should help to entice other people into the community.

Escorts is also being careful not to leave any money on the table. As noted in the introduction a big revenue stream for eSports is in team merchandise. Fans will be able to buy merchandise through the eSports.com store. They can make these purchases using ERT.

They will also be able to purchase a range of material and coaching in order to improve their own eSports performance. Mentoring and learning videos will be available to all eSports users.

Esports.com has a management team which has the pedigree to pull all of this offer. Senior management have experience running online bookmaking operations and are rapid eSports fans. The combination of these two factors should stand them in good stead as they aim to build the biggest eSports community in the world.

To fund the development of the eSports community they are distributing the ERT token to the public as part of a token sale. You can participate in the toke sale by visiting:

eSports.com website: https://esports.com/

or read the eSports.com white paper: https://esports.com/whitepaper-old


Blockchain Booking Site LockChain Introduce Zero Fees

Fees at booking and short term rental sites range from between 15 – 25%.

Payment processing fees typically add another 3% to the customers costs.

Customers who don’t want to pay these high fees have little choice, unless they are able to deal directly with the hotel or property owner.

That is until now.

LockChain (https://lockchain.co/) is a radical new way of booking properties. The best part?

There are zero fees for the customer making the booking.

Even better there aren’t even any payment processing fees.

Lockchain is able to do this because of the introduction of blockchain technology.

Blockchain technology is transforming many industries. Payments through the blockchain can be done incredibly inexpensively and quickly.

They don’t require any middlemen and all of the transactions are completely transparent.

Here’s how it works…

From the users perspective using Lockchain is incredibly simple.

Property owners who have a property that they want to list can do so for free. They simple need to create and then edit the listing for their property in much the same way as they would if they were listing their property on AirBnB.

There is even a one click option which enables them to quickly move their listing from existing platforms onto Lockchain.

For customers the experience will be equally familiar to anyone who has used a booking website in the past.

There is both a web and mobile app available for using Lockchain. With a user friendly interface the customer can search for properties and make a booking.

All of the payments for their booking can be made in their local currency using standard payment methods like credit card.

It is only in the backend that these payments are exchange into the native token for Lockchain known as LOC.


But How Does Lockchain Make Money?

You might wonder if they are charging zero fees how can Lockchain make money from their booking platform.

Essentially they are taking the premium model that currently operates for the booking industry and turning it into a freemium model.

This means that everyone will be able to use the decentralised platform for free whether they are making a booking or listing a property.

Lockchain makes its money by charging added payments for extras and comfort features.

At the moment Lockchain is looking at two different models.

The first of these is a pure Freemium model. In their model everyone would be able to use use the property for free but would pay for extras. Property owners can list their property on the platform without paying for the listing but if they want to increase the visibility of their listing then they would need to pay a small amount of LOC token in order to do so. This would push their listing up into a higher position in the search results. Another example would be charing a fee for adding additional photographs to this listing.

The other business model being considered is subscriptions. In the subscription model the subscribers would be the property owners. In this model they would be charged a single fixed subscription feed of between $19 to $99 a month depending on the property that is being listed. This would give them that property full access to use LockChain to promote their property.


High fees are a cost that both customers and property owners have not been able to avoid until now. If LockChain is able to deliver a user experience which is on par with existing platforms in the accommodation space but without the fees, it will be obvious choice for booking holiday accommodation.

Read More

LockChain Website: https://lockchain.co/

LockChain Whitepaper: https://lockchain.co/whitepaper_v1.2_s.pdf


Why Playkey ICO Has 2.2 Billion Potential Customers

There are 2.2 billion active gamers in the world. Thats according to a 2017 study by Newzoo’s Global Games Market Report. Of these about one billion spend money while playing games.

The gaming market is expanding as more people play games and those that do play tend to play for longer. The reason for this is that games are no longer cater to a very narrow demographic. There are games for a wide variety of interest. There are also games for both hardcore and casual gamers.

One of the biggest challenges facing this rapidly growing market is hardware. Simply put growing hardware requirements have excluded a large number of people from playing the latest games.

The answer to this is cloud gaming. Cloud gaming enables people to access their favourite games no matter what hardware they are using and with any device that can connect to the internet.

As more gamers shift to cloud gaming a second challenge presents itself. How to provide the GPUs required for cloud gaming at scale and at a price point which is affordable for gamers.

Playkey solution is a decentralised platform using blockchain technology. This would connect players with miners who provide the GPUs needed for this platform to function.

How The PKT Token Fits In

Integral to this system would be a cryptographic token called PKT. The PKT would be used by gamers to pay the miners for their services. A portion of this payment would be sent to the Playkey Foundation. The foundation would invest these funds in the development of the network.

Playstation will provided predesigned smart contracts for players to buy computing power from the miners. Players will be able to choose from a set amount of game time and quality.

Benefits For Miners

Miners will enjoy a number of benefits from participating in the Playkey network. Playkey estimate that providing computing power for the network will be two to three times more efficient than participating in cryptocurrency mining. Playkey also suggest that it will provide a more stable and reliable source of revenue compared to cryptocurrency mining. The returns from supplying computing for the Playkey network should be more predictable than cryptocurrency mining. This because the miners are providing an intrinsically valuable service. Playkey sees a real opportunity for miners who have invested in GPUs but can no longer use them effectively due to increased competition within the cryptocurrency mining industry.

Benefits For Gamers

Gamers will be able to play AAA titles even when using old or obsolete hardware. The minimum requirements for hardware would by a CPU >= 1.5 GHz. The would be able to play these games anywhere and on any device. Through the Playkey network gamers could use a tablet, smartTV or laptop to play their favourite games. These would all be instantly available and have a very high level of picture quality with low latency. Using Playkey would be up to four times less expensive than purchasing an equivalent gaming PC using a pay monthly scheme.

Read More

Website: https://playkey.io/en/?tokenSales=true

Whitepaper: https://cdn.playkey.net/img/playkeynet/ico/Whitepaper.pdf

Team: https://playkey.io/en/#team