Crypto Betting Platform Betrium Offers Punters 20% More Profits

Gamblers may soon be able to keep 20% or more of their successful bets thanks to Betrium a new a decentralised, betting platform.

Until now gamblers have had to accept high fees and commission from bookmakers. Even worse gamblers have been unable to wager using cryptocurrencies and have limited options for making withdrawals.

Betrium’s solution would radically slash those costs for bettors and enable to them wager where and how they prefer.

To finance their vision Betrium is currently running an Initial Coin Offering (ICO) where Betrium Token (BTRM) are being offered.

Overview Of The Betrium ICO

The Betrium ICO will first have a presale that will last from October 23rd through to November 14th 2017. During the presale 10% of the total supply of BTRM tokens will be offered. During pre sale the price of Betrium tokens will be 1 ETH = 6000 BTRM.

Following the pre sale, starting on December 7th 2017 will be the main ICO. This will last until January 7th 2018. During the main sale 45% of the total tokens will be distributed. The price of BTRM during the main sale will depend on demand during the presale.


What Makes Betrium Different To Other Crypto Gambling Websites

Betrium is certainly not the first gambling website to target the gambling industry. It does offer some unique features however which distinguish it from its competitors. The most important of these is that Betrium bets occur off-chain. They are only added to the blockchain once the event has happened and the outcome is certain. At the same time the bet is broadcasted instantly across the network so that the odds for that event can be quickly recalculated. The end result is that the gambler gets an extremely fast service while still be offered the best odds at any given point in time.

Further Reading

If you want to learn more about the Betrium ICO or wish to purchase BTRM tokens, then visit the links below:

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Crypto Payments Platform STK Wants Piece Of $22 Trillion Consumer Spending

It’s estimated that globally $22 trillion changes hands between consumers and merchants each day.

It’s a huge number, but despite the growing popularity of cryptocurrencies they make up an insignificant percentage of those transactions.

The reason for this is not because there isn’t a large group of consumer with cryptocurrencies, or that they don’t have a desire to spend those funds on day to day purchases.

The real reason is that are very few merchants that accept cryptocurrencies as payments and that the existing solutions for making payments with cryptocurrencies tend to be either too slow or too inconvenient.

STK Global Payments believes that it has a solution to both these problems.

If implemented it would enable almost near instants payments using any cryptocurrency.

Even better it would be immediately accepted by nearly forty million merchants.

Those people who want to invest in STK Global Payments vision for fast and widely accepted cryptocurrency payments can do so through their current token sale.

Why STK Works Where Other Solutions Have Failed

One of the biggest problems in the past with providing point of sale payments in cryptocurrency has been speed.

Bitcoin payments can take more than ten minutes to be processed. Even faster cryptocurrencies like Ethereum are still not fast enough for making payments at point of sale.

STK is different thanks to State Channels.

State Channels allow two or more participants to exchange information, but to do so as if they were on the blockchain.

This is a much faster process than on-chain transactions, giving STK the speed it needs to be used for point of sale.

STK Mobile

How STK Works

STK works by following a fairly simple set of steps:

Step #1: The process starts by the user loading their STK tokens into a STACK mobile wallet. This in turn creates a state channel between the wallet and the STK platform.

Step #2: When the user buys something they will receive a promotional in their STACK wallet which shows the value of that transaction. The user can then authorise a matching amount of cryptocurrency to be sent to the STK platform.

Step #3 At almost the same time the STK receives the sign transaction it is countersigned and stored as a copy in a new state off chain.

Step #4: STK then authorises its local currency account to pay the amount that has been requested to the merchant. This is done through its global network on behalf of the consumer. All of this occurs off chain so there is very minimal amount of delay.


STK Official Website:
STK Whitepaper:


Why Multibot Has The Right Ingredients For A Successful ICO

Some of the most successful ICOs have been for concepts which serve the cryptocurrency community. In particular ICOs which are aimed at cryptocurrency traders.

A good example of this is 0X Which provides decentralised cryptocurrency exchanges.

The reason for this is clear.

Cryptocurrency traders are constantly looking for solutions which can help to enhance their trading.

Even a slight edge in trading is desirable because of its ability to enhance your profits.Multibot

In fact the difference between a successful trader and one which is unsuccessful is often only a matter of a few percentage points.

At the same time cryptocurrency traders that are already familiar with the idea of ICOs and tokens in general.

And as a consequence these same traders are willing to support those projects which are delivering tools that they would use.

That’s why the new Multibot token sale is one worth paying close attention to.

What Problem Multibot Solves

Multibot provides a solution to one of the big problems facing cryptocurrency traders. The problem of trading seamlessly between multiple different cryptocurrency exchanges.

As anyone who trades cryptocurrency the different cryptocurrency exchanges can be both a blessing and a curse.

The different interfaces and offerings of the cryptocurrency exchanges mean that trading between them can be and often frustrating experience. At the same time it can create opportunities for profit such as in the case of arbitrage,

Multibot Is a decentralised platform built on blockchain and it is delivered over the web. It provides a range of different trading tools which helps to integrate the trading experience between different cryptocurrency exchanges.

These tools help Traders to achieve a range of different things.

For example, using Multibot traders will be able to see at a glance through Analytics the different prices and volume for cryptocurrencies across exchanges.

Or using the arbitrage tool they will be able to easily see the price differential between different cryptocurrency exchanges. Something that is being challenging to achieve in the past.

Automated trade will make it easy to execute trades based on two criteria. This will allow traders to set stop loss orders the different cryptocurrencies and on different exchanges.

Orders can be set up through Multibot to move funds in and out of an account once it reaches a certain limit.

In essence Multibot Would provide a more cohesive and comprehensive experience for trading cryptocurrencies.

The utility of such tools should be pretty clear to anyone who it’s currently trading cryptocurrencies. As a consequence people who are looking to back an ICO which is likely to be successful may want to consider what makes Multibot unique.

Multibot Token Sale Details

Token Symbol: MBT
Price for MBT: 1 MBT is set at $USD1
Percentage of tokens distributed during token sale: 93%
Payouts: 50% of profits from Multibot are paid out to MBT holders on a quarterly basis
Website for MBT:
Bitcointalk ANN:
Whitepaper for Multibot:

A Guide To WISH Tokens

MyWish is a new smart contracts library and marketplace. Feeling this ecosystem is the native WISH token. WISH tokens are being distributed as part of a public crowd sale. Here we’ll look at the details of the WISH token in a little more detail.

What Is MyWish?

MyWish provides simple to use smart contracts which work across a range of cryptocurrencies. MyWish smart contracts can be setup using an app or website. These contracts can correspond to life events for example automatically initiating the transfer of Bitcoins from wallet to another in the case of death of the owner.

What Gives WISH Tokens Value

WISH Tokens are completely integrated into the MyWish platform. In order for a contract to be created or executed it is necessary to use WISH tokens. Once payments have been received in WISH tokens a portion of the tokens are used for any subsequent payments reared within the Joule System. Another portion is also set aside for third party developers contracts. The other part of the WISH token payment is automatically exchanged into ETH. This ETH is used to pay for the gas required for the creation of the smart contracts.

The value of the WISH token should increase as funds are accumulated for the contracts deferred payments. This should in turn cause the number of WISH tokens available to decrease. All else being equal we should see a rise in the value of the WISH tokens. This should be particularly true if MyWIsh is able to onboard a large number of users onto their network.
MyWish Funds

How WISH Tokens Are Used For Contracts

WISH Tokens are integral to the architecture of MyWish. In order to initiate a smart contract the user needs to buy the required number of WISH tokens. Without these WISH token the contract cannot be created. Provided that users are using MyWish to create contracts then they will be a demand for the WISH tokens. The exact demand for WISH tokens will be specific to the contract and depend on the terms of the contract, the frequency of verification, number of recipients, contract terms and commissions.
MyWish Tokens

WISH Token Details

In total 22 million WISH tokens are being created. These are standard ERC20 tokens on the Ethereal blockchain. The date of emission for the tokens will be on the 22nd of October. Each WISH token will be sold for approximately $0.20 USD. The effective hardcap for the sale is $2.5 million.

MyWish Token Sale:

MyWish Website:

MyWish Whitepaper:

Why Cryder ICO May Change Ridesharing Forever

Cryder is a radical new concept in ride sharing. Often a completely decentralised, open-source platform that any passenger or driver can plug into. Perhaps most astonishing if it it lives up to its hype it will be completely unregulatable. Once live it could change the way we think about ride sharing forever.

Challenges Of The Current Market

The current on-demand marketplace is plagued with challenges. Existing players in the market with plenty of political sway like Taxi drivers can ensure that on-demand services are either banned or heavily limited. This in turn that passengers typically have to resort to either public transport or taxi services. Even the leader in the on-demand transportation industry, Uber, is only available in less than half of the countries in the world.

For passengers this has meant that transportation is very expensive on a cost per kilometer, service can be highly variable and wait times unpredictable.

There are a number of reasons why existing transportation solutions within the taxi and service car industry are not currently meeting consumers needs. Chief among these a limited number of licences available for taxi drivers and the high cost of acquiring these licences. The process of acquiring a licence can be time consuming and the requirements of maintaining that licence are intensive. This meets that there has been an undersupply of taxis relative to demand in most markets.

Challenges Faced By Existing Rideshare Companies

The growth of rideshare companies like Uber and Lyft has certainly been impressive. But, this growth has been with an almost equally large backlash from entrenched taxi services and regulators.

On-demand ride share companies are facing multiple lawsuits and regulatory challenges. In many key markets they have been outright banned. The uncertain regulatory environment for on-demand ride share companies means that it is impossible for shareholders to predict the future prospects for the companies.

Drivers have been reluctant to invest with a particular ride share company because it is unclear whether any specific platform will exist long term.

The problem of existing taxi companies and regulations isn’t the only issue facing these on-demand companies. There is also many concerns around privacy. These companies are highly centralised but also retain a large amount of financial and geo location data about their users. This makes this data both susceptible to spying from governments and criminals.

Cryder Token Sale

Why Cryder Is Different

Cryder isn’t aiming just to compete with existing ridesharing and taxi companies. Instead it is looking to create an entirely new self regulated industry where anyone is able to become an on-demand driver. This will be a completely decentralised marketplace where drivers can join without paying any fees. There will in fact be no third parties involved in the process at all. Cryder is simply the mechanism which will connect drivers with passengers.

No More Discrimination

In this new marketplace the only determining factor will be what you are willing to pay for a ride, and what a driver will charge you for it.

Passengers will not be able to see any other information about the person who will drive them. Likewise drivers won’t have any personal information about their passengers.

The only determining factor will be price. While this may mean less information for both parties, it also will mean complete privacy and the end of discriminatory practices.

Cryder Drivers Will Receive Up 80% Of Fees

Drivers who choose to drive with Cryder will be able to earn up to 80% of their driver fees. Compare this with Uber where drivers typically only receive 50% of the fees that they earn from driving. This will make it considerably more economical to drive with Cryder compared to any existing centralised on demand ride service.

Cryder Is Open Source

One of the primary concerns people have about working for ride sharing services is the possibility of them being shut down. With Cryder this will not be possible because it will be completely open source.

If the Cryder app was to be removed from the app store, then a developer could produce a completely new app for consumers to use.

Other software can be built on top of Cryder allowing the platform to expand and adapt according to developers and users needs.

Cryder Token Sale

Cryder will be issuing Cryder Tokens ($CDT). In total there will be 450 million $CDT issued. 50 million $CDT will be issued during the pre sale and the remainder during the main sale. 8% of all tokens will be locked up for a period of one year.

In order to ensure that there is broad public recognition of Cryder as a ridesharing solution 45% of the funds collected during the token sale will be used as a part of a marketing campaign. A further 35% will be used for the development of the Cryder platform.

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Hydrominer ICO To Provide Green Alternative For Mining – And It’s Cheap!

For most crypto-enthusiasts being involved with mining is no longer practical. However a new crypto mining operation is currently running their token sale giving everyone the opportunity to get a piece of the mining pie. What’s more this mining operation will be powered by clean, green hydropower.

Hydrominer At A Glance

  • Hydrominer is a crypto mining operation based in the Austrian Alps powered by hydroelectricity.
  • Hydroelectricity benefits from being extremely cost effective and having a minimal environmental impact.
  • Hydrominer is running a token sale from October 18th to November 15th during which time backers can buy into the H20 Token.
  • The H2O token can be exchanged for mining time.

Background To Hydrominer

Hydrominer has its roots in 2012 when two sisters Nicole and Nadine Damblon starting experimenting with mining at home in their apartment. Seeing the profit potential from mining the sisters started to examine how they could run their mining operation most cost effectively. The identified that in order to obtain electricity at the minimal price it was necessary to go to the source. In Austria this is the hydropower in the alps. The sisters set up Hydrominer in 2016 with two rented hydro mining operations. They are now looking to expand the operation through the token sale.

How Exchanging H2O Tokens For Mining Time Works

Any H20 holder will be able to exchange their tokens for mining time on the Hydrominer platform. In order to do this the owner of the token simply needs to register on the platform and then exchange the token for mining time. Any proceeds earned from that mining time will be paid out on a daily basis. This gives H2O two significant advantages. Firstly the total supply of the tokens available will decrease over time. All else being equal this should cause the price to rise. Secondly token owners can earn additional income by taking advantage over mining time.

Which Coins Hydrominer Will Mine

Hydrominer is planning on focusing on the following coins:

  • ETH
  • BTC
  • ZEC

They will also focus on a profitable mix of coins based on a particular algorithm. Token holders will be able to choose which coins they choose to mine when they exchange their tokens for mining time credits.

Read more:

Hydrominer Token Sale:

Hydrominer White paper:

How Fidcom Is Creating The 1st Crypto Investment Company Using Decentralised Governance

Cryptocurrencies have opened a whole new world of investment opportunities.

From new ways of funding startups, to new trading opportunities to innovative ways to buy and sell financial assets, the world of investing is being turned on its head.

A brash new startup called Fidcom is tackling these opportunities head on with their new ICO.

Fidcom is entering a range of hot areas in the cryptocurrency sphere.

To fund these projects they are currently opening up a token sale to the public.

Fidcom ICO In BriefFidcom ICO

ICO symbol: FIDC
ICO start date: 19th October 2017
ICO finish date: 19th November 2017
Raise target: $18 million
Technology: Standard ERC20
Blockchain: Ethereum
Buyback: 50% of new profits allocated to buybacks on a quarterly basis.

Activities Planned For Fidcom

Fidcom has a number of interesting activities planned off the back of their token sale. The funds raised during the token sale will be allocated to these different activities based on their profit potential and cost to develop.

In order to bring more fiat funds into the cryptocurrency space Fidcom will be launching their own cryptocurrency exchange. The goal for this exchange is to hit daily trade volumes of $6 million. Fidcom have determined that in the beginning they are likely to be the market maker for their exchange. Over time however they hope to bring in other market makers.

By the 1st of December 2017 Fidcom plans to launch an investment portfolio with up to $9 million in funds. This fund will focus on some of the most popular cryptocurrencies. Fidcom will also invest in promising startups within the cryptocurrency space.

In April of 2018 Fidcom plans to release a new payment service. This will allow people to pay for everyday purchases using cryptocurrency with a plastic card.


Fidcom have identified some very interesting areas for potential investment.

If they are able to execute on their vision then token holders could do very well.

As a large part of their investments will be into either very large cryptocurrencies or promising crypto startups, the overall success of Fidcom should closely match that of the cryptocurrency market as a whole.

Crypto bulls could therefore see Fidcom as an interesting particularly if they are looking for more actively managed approach.

FLIP Crypto-token Aims At Fast Growing Digital Gaming Goods Market

It’s difficult to overstate the size of the digital gaming products market. Estimates vary but most put the size of the digital goods market at over an incredible 100 billion dollars annually. And that market will only increase in size. According to accountancy firm Price Waterhouse Cooper the gaming industry is predicted to increase by 5% per year until 2020.

One crypto company looking to capitalise on fast growing trend is Gameflip. Established in 2014 Gameflip has grown to become one of the leaders in the gaming good industry. It’s looking to build on the success and introduced the premier crypto token for the digital gaming goods market – FLIP.

In order to fund the development and promotion of the FLIP token Gameflip is currently running ICO.

Gameflip Gaming ICO

Details of the Gameflip ICO

Token Pre-sale

The presale for FLIP will last from the 13th of October through to the 27th of October 2017. The minimum purchase for FLIP during the presale is one ethereum with a goal to raise 3000 Ethereum. There will be a hard cap for the presale of 7000 Ethereum. Bonuses during the presale or range from 30% up to 70% depending on the amount of FLIP tokens which are purchased.

Token Main Sale

The main token sale for FLIP will last from the 28th of November through to the 30th of December. During the main saie the minimum purchase is 0.1 ethereum. The goal of the main sale is to raise 3000 Ethereum. They will be bonuses during the main token cell depending on how early people buy into the token sale.

About The Gameflip Marketplace

Gameflip is already one of the most successful digital goods marketplaces online today. Gameflip has over 2 million users who each month collectively trade millions of dollars worth of digital games goods. The Gameflip website receives over 10 million visits each month.

This is one of the clear difference between Gameflip and many other of the of the other current ICOs. Gameflip already has an extremely successful product. It also has a team which has been shown to be able to acquire users of digital goods.

Transitioning these users over to a crypto token should be significantly easier than trying to acquire these users without an existing market place. This gives Gameflip a serious advantage over other competitors that maybe trying to enter the digital goods market.

Growing FLIP Into The Premier Token

Gameflip has identified a number of reasons why they believe they can grow FLIP into being the premier token for the gaming digital goods market.

Gamers face serious problems when trying to trade digital goods. One of the main problems is there is ensuring ownership of the digital goods and then trading them securely with other gamers.

The blockchain can solve these problems. Blockchain tokens like FLIP are built on ethereum which allows the creation of smart contracts. Using the ethereum blockchain ownership details of digital goods can be stored. This means that users have ownership of their digital goods independent of the specific gaming platform.

Smart contracts also allow gamers to trade digital goods safely. Because a smart contract can be set up so that the transfer of digital goods is only made when payment and token is made digital goods can be exchanged without worry about fraud.

Gameflip also has a strategy for ensuring that game developers and publishers are incentivised to promote FLIP tokens to their users. 40 million FLIP tokens will be retained to be distributed to game developers and publishers. These can be in be used as an ongoing revenue stream by game developers and publishers. This should enable FLIP tokens to be widely distributed amongst gamers.


Gameflip has to be one of the best ICOs for 2017. I’s got a team which is already proving it knows how to build a digital gaming good marketplace. It has a very compelling argument as to why the gaming market needs a solution like the FLIP token.

FLIP tokens will not only be a less expensive way of making payment for digital goods, they will also be significantly more secure thanks to smart contracts.

Finally Gameflip has a very well developed strategy about how to get game publishers and developers on board with the FLIP token.

Further reading

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How Aeron Plans To Make Flying Safer For Everyone

Each day more than two million people fly somewhere. And of course for most of those people the experience will be incredibly safe – if not always comfortable.

But there are far more aviation accidents each year than most people are aware of. In fact there are an estimated 3302 aviation accidents each year.

It’s a serious problem because when something goes wrong in the air lives are at risk.

Aeron is a blockchain startup which wants to make flying safer for everyone. They have a unique solution to helping solve the problem of increasing aviation safety.

By introducing the new Aeron crypto token they want to make it much easier to track the key components which might flying safe (or unsafe) and along the way build a thriving business.

Why Humans Are The No 1 Aviation Danger

When people think about the danger of flying they might think about parts failing or perhaps even the possibility of a terrorist hijacking.

What people rarely think about is the dangers that are caused by the person sitting in the cockpit.

In fact it is estimated that 57% of aviation accidents are caused by human error.

That’s a really big problem but it’s one that is actually relatively easy to solve when the correct technology is applied.

There are some key reasons why human error is common in many aviation accidents. Pilots unfortunately do have incentives to be deceptive about their flight history, as do flight schools.

Pilots can relatively easily claim to have experience which they may not have and they can forge the records to back these claims up.

Some flight schools in the past being complicit in allowing pilot to fake their experience. Lastly Aircraft operators in may under report the amount of flight hours that a plane has done in order to reduce requirements for expense of maintenance.

Of course all of this can be solved by having improved tracking and data retention which is difficult – if not impossible – to change.

That’s where the blockchain comes in.

The blockchain isn’t just for creating cryptocurrency. it also allows you to store data on it. Because the data is decentralized it is virtually impossible to change records. once information is recorded it is there permanently. it is also roughly easy for people to check the data which is on the blockchain.

How Aeron Works

Each pilot that uses the Aeron platform would have access to a pilot application. Using this application they can easily log flight data.

This data is then added to a decentralised transparent global aviation registry system.

Passengers are able to access the data using the portal.

The third part of the system is the company application. The corporate application will cross check data from flight schools, aircraft suppliers and maintenance organisation amongst others to verify its accuracy.

Details of the Aeron Token Sale

ICO Rated -= 4.2
1 ARN = 0.5 USD
100 million tokens issued
Ethereum ERC20

Further links:

Participate in the Aeron ICO:
Read the whitepaper:

Soma ICO Wants To Transform The Way We Buy And Sell

Crypto startup Soma is creating the first decentralized socialized selling platform. Using a unique rewarding system users that contribute to the Soma platform will be rewarded with the native SCT tokens. These SCT tokens are being made available to the public in a token sale. read more to find out if investing in the Soma ICO is right for you.

What Problem Does Soma Solve?

Anyone has purchased something online realises that there are two major problems. Knowing whether the person that you are purchasing from is a reliable seller and that the product you’re buying is authentic and fits the description isn’t always easy.

Sellers also faced with the problem of how to reach the desired audience.They might have a great product to sell and are genuinely good people, but they just don’t have the social reach to get that product in front of the people there would love to buy it.

Using social selling Soma is seeking to solve both of these problems.

How Soma Wants To Revolutionise Online Selling

Soma is designed to be a decentralised platform which rewards people who contribute socially to the marketplace. Sellers can use SCT tokens to incentivise sharing and liking content.This allows users to leverage people who have large social followings in order to promote the products that they’re selling.

For sellers it is an opportunity to be be financially rewarded for their social activity.Currently on Facebook, Twitter and other social platforms actives social users aren’t rewarded for these activities. In fact it is quite the contrary. Social platforms in these case monetize their users social sharing activities.

Soma wants to change that by making sure that those people who contribute into the platform are the ones that are actually rewarded.

Soma Social People

What You Need To Know About The Soma ICO

  • Ratio: 1 ETH = 450SCT
  • Max cap: 120 000 ETH
  • Supply for Token sale: 54 000 000 SCT

Preserving Product Data On The Blockchain

Soma is not only creating a platform which improves the social experience of selling. It is also designing an environment with every product is tracked and recorded.

When an item is listed on the Soma platform it is given a Interactive Item Card. You can think of an Interactive Item Card as being the unique DNA for that particular product. Every interactive item card has all records of the key information about the product.

Using the interactive item card potential buyers can see how much the item has sold for in the past, how the quality of the product is rated and whether it is actually the genuine article.

Alternative Payment Methods On Soma

Off course when Soma is first introduced not everyone is going to want to use the SCT token. Adoption is going to take time and the Soma team have recognised this fact. Consequently they have made it possible to make and received payment in a variety of popular cryptocurrencies and Fiat currencies.

they believe though that as the Soma community grows and more people acquire SCT tokens users will switch over to the native token. Because they will be being rewarded in SCT tokens active users will have a supply of these tokens available for purchases. SCT tokens will also be considerably less expensive as a payment option leading to lower transaction costs.