Cultural Places Provides The Culture Industry With Cutting Edge Crypto Tools

It estimated that ticketing companies charge on average 12 – 15% of the total ticket price, with some charging up to 30%.

For cultural institutions and event organisers those are vital funds that they missed out on. This is particularly true of many second tier cultural institutions which are often working with very tight budgets.

Cultural Places wants to change this by provided a more cost effective way for cultural institutes and events to offer tickets to their customers.

Using a decentralised platform built on the blockchain Cultural places would provide a ticketing platform which lets these institutions and event organisers keep more of the sales from tickets. At the same time they will be able to offer tickets at less expensive prices by saving on the ticketing company cut.

This is in fact only one of the unique offerings from Cultural Places. Cultural Places is providing a complete ecosystem for the cultural industry.

Along with ticketing, Cultural institutions and organisers will be able to use the platform in order to crowdfund from patrons and other supporters.

Through the Cultural Places apps, they will be able to deliver rich multimedia content to enhance their visitors experience.

Read on to find out more about Cultural Places and their upcoming Initial Coin Offering (ICO).

Cultural Places App

Cultural Places already have an app available through for both iOS and Android. This app provides digital content for their partner cultural organisations. Some of the content includes multimedia guides and audio tours. Other functions include smart mapping and the ability for users to add their favourite sites and receive smart recommendations.

Micro Crowdfunding

What makes the Cultural Places crowdfunding platform unique is that it will enable users to donate while they are walking through an tour. On this tour they can encounter specific projects that need more funding, and then will be offered the opportunity to contribute if they wish to do so.

Team Behind Cultural Places

The team behind the Cultural Places project is the Austrian company OROUNDO Mobile GmBH. OROUNDA works in the field of providing interactive environments for monuments, sights and institutes of cultural importance and delivering multimedia content via mobile devices.

The company was founded in Vienna in 2014 by Patrick Tomelitsch and Klaus Windisch. Over the past three years the company has been working on various projects for art institutions, cultural events and museums. Over the past two years OROUNDA has developed 50 projects in a range of European countries.

Royalty Program

In order to incentivise the cultural community, Cultural Places has a royalty program which will see them receive 1% of all spending. Each of the partner institutions will receive Cultural Coins, the percentage of which will depend on the size of their turnover. The goal of this is to help motive these cultural institutions to actively promote Cultural Places.

Cultural Places

Cultural Coin ICO Key Facts

Type of Token: ERC20 compliant token created on Ethereum blockchain
Total Supply: 1.5 billion Cultural Coins
Number of Tokens Offered in ICO: 60% of total supply
Soft Cap: €2 million
Hard Cap: €19.7 million
Price of Token: Ranges from €0.015 – 0.024 per Cultural Coin

Further Reading:

Cultural Places Website:

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Fairgrounds ICO Provides Profit Sharing In Crypto Raffle

Ever dreamed of having a stake in a winning lottery?

Well thanks to a new Ethereum based platform for games of chance called Fairgrounds, that could soon be a real possibility.

Here’s how it works…

Profit Sharing With Fairgrounds Token

Each of the Fairgrounds game has a small but consistent advantage to the house. The funds that are gained from this house advantage will be transferred to a profit sharing contract.

The smart ground then allocates the funds that are collected in the contract to owners of the Fairgrounds Token.

Fairgrounds Token holders will be able to withdraw their profit share any time during the month. If they do not withdraw the funds, then they are rolled over to the next months distribution. All of this can be done through the Fairgrounds website.

Organic Growth Through Referrals

The Fairground platform has a referral system which rewards not only the people who make the referral, but those who are referred as well.

How it works is that users each have their own unique referral link. They can then pass this referral link onto to friends and family. If that person they refers then plays a Fairgrounds game that person receives a 10% bonus.

What’s more the user that made the original referral also receives a 10% bonus. As a consequence there is a strong incentive to refer other players to the network.

Fairgrounds Token Sale

Fairground Tokens are being offered in a token sale from February 7th 2018 to April 11th 2018.

The initial price of the Fairgrounds Token (FGD) will be set at 1 ETH is equal to 10,000 FGD.

Each week the exchange rate falls, so in week two the exchange rate is 1 ETH equals 9,000 FGD. In week three 1 ETH equals 8,000 FGD.

As a consequence there is a strong incentive to contribute to the token sale earlier on. In total 50 million FGD tokens will be made available for sale.

You can participate in the FGD token sale by visiting:

Fairgrounds Website:
Fairgrounds Whitepaper:
Fairgrounds Profit Sharing:;u=1138788

A Guide to the Coinseed ICO: Investing In Crypto Using Spare Change

When surveyed Americans said that their number one financial regret was not saving enough.

At the same time only 15% of Americans have at least $10,000 saved.

There is a massive disconnect between what people want to do regarding saving and what they actually do.

So how can this problem be solved?

Coinseed is an innovative cryptocurrency investment platform which believes the answer is to make the process of investing super simple and automatic.

Coinseed doesn’t rely on people being disciplined in their spending habits that they budget enough for saving.

Instead Coinseed automatically takes the change from everyday spending and adds to a cryptocurrency portfolio.

It does this be linking the users credit card to their Coinseed account.

For example, someone buys their morning coffee and bagel. They pay the $4.60 bill using their credit card. Because they are a Coinseed user the $0.40 in change is sent to their cryptocurrency portfolio.

Selecting a crypto portfolio

Users of coinseed can choose their own cryptocurrency portfolio from a range of the most popular cryptocurrencies New cryptocurrencies will be constantly added to the platform so that over time users will have more choices.

When a user wants to change the cryptocurrencies which make up their portfolio they are charged a small fee for doing so. This is how Coinseed generates revenue.


The CSD Token

Coinseed has its own native cryptocurrency called CSD token. Ownership of CSD token entitle the holder to a share of the revenue that is generated through the Coinseed platform.

Half of the revenues that are generated by portfolio transaction fees are split proportionally between holders of the CSD token. These are paid out on a monthly basis.

Buying CSD tokens

The public will be able to buy CSD tokens through their token sale. The token sale is set to run from March 20th through to April 20th. During the token sale 15% of the total issued supply of CSD tokens will be made available

Further Reading:

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Coined Facebook:;u=1138788

iShook ICO Q&A: Crypto Meets Content Publishing

iShook is an innovative new publishing and content discovery platform. Using the power of the blockchain iShook wants to postively disrupt the self publishing industry.

iShook is currently undergoing a token generation event (TGE). Here we’ll look at some of the key things you need to know if you want to participate in the iShook TGE.4

What is the iShook platform?

iShook is a platform where authors can self publish their works and connect with audiences. For readers it is a place to interact with authors and other readers and to read and share notes about the works.

How does iShook plan to grow the platform?

iShook already has a partnership in place with the UK book company Gartners with over 12,000 publishers and 60,000 titles. They are also putting in place a referral program which will enable anyone to refer friends and family to earn iShook tokens. Authors will be able to earn bonus tokens for registering on the platform, publishing content and creating audience engagement.

What are private Q & A sessions?

Authors will be able to charge an access fee in iShook tokens which will enable their readers to engage in private Q & A sessions directly on the iShook platform.

How do authors notes and annotations work?

Authors will be able to release their notes and annotations as being available for a premium price paid in iShook tokens. Readers will likewise be able to offer their own notes for a fee paid in iShook tokens.

How many tokens are being minted?

In total there will be 1,000,000,000 iShook Tokens minted.

How many tokens are being offered during the TGE?

There will be 570,000,000 iShook Tokens offered during the TGE.

What type of token is iShook?

iShook is created on the Ethereum blockchain and is ERC-20 compliant.

Where can you can find more information about the iShook TGE?

You can find more information about the iShook TGE by visiting:

iShook Website:

iShook Whitepaper:

iShook Facebook:

iShook Twitter:

iShook Telegram:;u=1138788

Pecunio Plans To Make Crypto Investing Safer & Easier

Stories of overnight Bitcoin millionaires have perked the interest of many wannabe crypto investors.

But the reality of actually investing in crypto frequently ends their ambitions before they even get started.

Once an investor starts to examine the practicalities of moving funds into and out of crypto they realise it can be harder than they thought.

Whats more they soon notice that there have been numerous examples of “bad operators” in the crypto field, which can make them hesitant to commit their capital.

Pecunio is a new crypto ecosystem that wants to address these problems. Pecunio is working on delivering a safer and easier way to enter the world of crypto assets.

Pecunio is running a public token sale where they will distribute their native PC0 tokens. Here’s what you need to know if you are considering investing in Pecunio.

How will Pecunio make money?

Pecunio will offer a range of crypto services and products. These include managing tokenised funds, running a crypto exchange and issuing the gold token. They will also be offering user a physical universal crypto card.

What is the Universal Crypto Card?

The Universal Crypto Card is a crypto debit card which enables holders to easily spend their crypto funds in multiple locations across the world.

What is the gold token?

The Pecunio Gold Token (PGC) is a crypto token which is asset backed by gold. Each token will be backed by one gram of 999,99 fine gold from an LBMA approved refinery.

What type of token is PC0?

PC0 is an ERC-20 compliant token created on the Ethereum blockchain.

What is the exchange rate for the PC0 token sale?

PC0 will be priced at 1 PC0 is equal to $USD1.50.

How many PC0 tokens are being issued?

There will 30,000,000 PC0 tokens issued.

What is the soft cap for the token sale?

A soft cap of $USD30 million is being set for the token sale.


What is the hard cap for the token sale?

The hard cap for the token sale is $45 million.

What currencies will be accepted for the token sale?

More than 44 cryptocurrencies are accepted including Bitcoin and Ethereum. Fiat currency will also be accepted.

Where can you find more information?

You can find more information about the PC0 token sale by visiting:

Pecunio Website:

Pecunio Whitepaper:

Pecunio Twitter:

Pecunio Facebook:

Pecunio Bitcointalk ANN:;u=1138788

TradePlayz ICO Targets Booming Mobile Gaming & Trading Market

In 2016 revenue from global gaming reach almost $100 billion.

And the most popular sector of the global gaming market?

Mobile games.

Mobile games have boomed in popular has smart phones have proliferated.

Gaming isn’t the only sector that has been positively affected by the rise of smart phones.

People are also increasingly choosing to to their investing and trading through their smartphones as well.

TradePlayz is a new decentralised mobile gaming & training app / platform which has recognised these trends and is looking to capitalise on them.

TradePlayz has created a range of engaging tournament style mobile games which pit players against one another as they try and correctly predict trading prices.

Here we will look at the different types of games which are to offered on the TradePlays platform.

Types of Games within TradePlayz

TradePlayz provides a range of different mobile games, all of which are run on an elimination basis with players set against other players. The types of games range from large tournaments with a wide range of players to private bets. All of the games will have rewards for the winner.

Subscription Tournaments

One of the main types of tournaments will be tournaments via subscription. Following the token sale monthly prize pool for this tournaments via subscription will be 72000 Zed tokens, with 100 Zed tokens allocated for each of the tournaments.

Entry Fee Tournaments

Entry fee tournaments have a fixed entry fee in Zed tokens with a set start time. The prize pool will depend on the number of participants and the amount of Zed tokens which are placed into the tournament. The fees charged by TradePlayz will range up to 10% of the entry fee.


Small Entry Fees

Alongside the larger entry fee tournaments, will be small entry fee tournaments. Once the required number of participants is met the game will start after one minute. With these type of small entry fee tournaments TradePlayz takes a commission of up to 5%.

Private Tournaments

Another type of tournamet is private tournaments. these are organised by the users of TradePlayz. With these tournaments can set a password which will be needed in order to join the tournament.

TradePlayz Token Sale

TradePlays will be running a public token sale in order to fund the development and promotion of the platform.

Start date: February 1st 2018

End date: April 15th 2018

Total number of tokens: 100 million

Further Reading:

Tradeplayz Website:

Tradeplayz Whitepaper:

Tradeplayz Facebook:

Tradeplayz Twitter:

Tradeplayz Bitcointalk ANN:;u=1138788

1APayment Wants To Unite All Payment Systems With Crypto

Between January and December of 2017 Bitcoins market cap rose beyond $230 billion. This made it the 19th in the M1 Money Supply, just behind major nations such as Australia, Sweden and Hong Kong and ahead of the financial powerhouse of Luxembourg.

Despite its growth against these traditional, national based fiat currencies, Bitcoin is still relatively poorly integral with the traditional global economy.

1APayment has a vision of developing a system where everyone is able to use cryptocurrencies to make transactions and to pay their everyday bills.

The concept is a platform which serves a point of connection between the traditional fiat currency system and the cryptocurrency markets.

Here we’ll look at how 1APayment plans to provide payments systems and some of the key details of the upcoming 1AP ICO.

Paying Invoices With 1APayment

The beta phase of the billing services is already available. Using this service you can rent a car or pay your phone bills using Bitcoin.

For invoices up to €1500 you can pay the invoice without having to provide verification. Beyond €1500 you will need to provide verification.

How The Billing Service Works

Step #1 Fill in a form with the required payment details.

Step #2 Upload the invoice that is to be paid.

Step #3 Send the Bitcoins for payment to the wallet address which is provided.

1APayment then executes the transfer of funds to pay the bill once three confirmations have occurred.


Background to 1APayment

The head office for the team behind 1APayment is located in Switzerland. Secondary offices are located in New Zealand and Germany. Headquarters for their bank will be located in New Zealand. Because of the international locations in which they operate 1APayment should be able to facilitate 24 hour a day support.

Key Points of the 1AP Coin ICO

* 46,000,000 1AP Coins are being offered during the ICO
* Start date for ICO is 20th March 2018
* Length of ICO is 4 weeks
* ICO is divided into four week phases
* Discounts will be available from 2.5% to 15% depending on which week the 1AP coin is purchased.

More information is available here:

1APayment Website:

1APayment Whitepaper:

1APayment Twitter:

1APayment Facebook:

1APayment Instagram:;u=1138788

A Guide to The Knowledge Based Adtech Platform is an exciting new ad tech platform which uses the power of the blockchain to incentivise users to share their knowledge. This platform rewards users for offering their knowledge in a specific area and then uses this to enable advertisers to precisely target their marketing messages. Here are four reasons why the token sale is one you may want to pay close attention to.

#1 Targeting based on knowledge of the user

Knowledge is an advertising platform which is unique amongst its competitors. The majority of advertising platforms target users based on demographic data or their consumption of specific content. adds another layer which enables targeting based on how much that users knows about that particular topic. This level of knowledge signifies where that particular user sits within the knowledge funnel. Based on this love the advertiser can create advertising messaging which is specific for them.

Example – imagine someone who is purchasing a new computer. Some users may have detailed information about the workings of a computer and will base their buying decision primarily on the hardware specs of the computer. What’s more their knowledge score might indicate that they have the correct level of knowledge to understand the value of those specs. An advertisers could therefore craft and advertising message which appeals specifically to that level of knowledge. Another user might have very limited knowledge about computers. Therefore that user needs a more top level message and may be more responsive to other messaging such as price & branding.

#2 Elimination of fraud

One of the biggest problems facing the online advertising industry is that is fraud. A huge percentage of ad spend is wasted because of fraud and the use of bots. The platform would help to eliminate this problem in a number of different ways. Firstly, statistical outliers could be easily identified within the platform. Secondly, any partner that help to use bots in order to earn KNW tokens would be at risk.


#3 Identity verification

Users will have their identity verified when they spend their tokens in the marketplace. Verification will can also occur when users want to view their token balance or to sell their tokens on an exchange. This will provide another data layer and help to reduce the incidence of fraud on the platform.

#4 Rewards for contributing

Users are directly rewarded for contributing to the the platform. When a user contributes knowledge they are rewarded with KNW tokens. One of the things that is unique about the platform is that the tokens are not mined by cryptographic hashing but rather by solving questions. These question the form the basis of the users knowledge score. They can also be minded by using the apps and websites which are associated with the platform.

Overview of the KNW Token Sale

KNW tokens are an ERC-20 compliant token created on the Ethereum blockchain. They will be distributed in a token sale. The key details of the token sale are as follows:

KNW token rate: $1.00 USD in USD, BTC or ETH
Presale dates: January 15th to February 12th 2018
Main sale dates: February 12th to April 8th 2018
Minimum purchase: 200 KNW Tokensale: Website: Whitepaper: Twitter: Facebook:;u=1138788

Bitrace Token Sale: Key Facts To Consider

When hosting a F1 race developed countries enjoy an influx of high spending visitors to the area. This can be a major boon to businesses and government coffers.

Bitrace Investments Ltd is a UK investment company which is looking to develop the concept of a Tunisia Racing F1 City project.

This will include a full sports compound including an F1 racing track and surrounding hotel and recreational unites.

Bitrace investments is also the team behind the Bitrace token sale.

The Bitrace token sale will see the distribution of up to 1 billion BRF tokens. The goal of this token sale is to raise as much as $57,626,400.

BRF tokens purchased during the token sale can be used for a range of different purposes.

In July 2018 the plan is to enable Bitrace token holders to be able to use BRF tokens to rent vehicles. Also made available will be the ability to buy flight tokens using the token from specific tour operators and to buy holiday packages.

In October 2018 Bitrace plans to allow holders of the token to be able to buy timeshare.

Eventually if Bitrace is able to realise their goal of the development of the Tunisia Racing F1 City, products and services from the development can be purchased using BRF tokens.

You can learn more about the Bitrace token sale by visiting:

Bitrace website:
Bitrace white paper:
Bitrace token sale:;u=1138788

ODEM ICO Targets Fast Growing Alternative Global Education Market

In 2017 it was estimated that 23 million new students signed up for a new online distance learning course.

The internet has revolutionised the way that people consume educational content and become qualified for their work.

Through the internet students can access high quality course material that used to be available to only the select few.

But, what could be truly revolutionary is when the ability to reach an audience via the internet meets the decentralising power of the blockchain. And imagine if the reach of the internet was combined with type of quality education offered by being taught in-person.

That is the promise of ODEM a new educational marketplace built on the blockchain and enabled through a smart contract payment system.


What Makes ODEM Unique

At first glance ODEM might just seem like another online educational portal. But this is not the case. ODEM classes are on demand, meaning that they are based on the needs on the requirements of students. However classes are actually taught in person. Students are able to select what of training they want, then they are matched with an appropriate local educator.

Integrated Bot Technology

The ODEM platform will include integrated BOT technology. The bot will aggregate & verify the students and educators records. This will include organising assessment tests and providing a rating system. All of the data provided by the bot will be freely accessible through an immutable record on the blockchain.

Overview of the ODEMT Token Sale

ODEMT token will be used on the platform as a means of exchange. Ownership of ODEMT tokens will also give the holder special privileges and discounts.

ODEMT token is being distributed in a token sale between February 17th and March 19th 2018. The ODEMT token will be offered at a price of €0.05 to one ODEMT.

You can learn more about the ODEMT token sale by visiting:

ODEM Website:
ODEM Whitepaper:;u=1138788