Node ICO Opens Up Hot Wireless Energy Market To Crypto Investors

Between 2017 and 2022 it is predicted that the market for wireless transmission devices will grow by 23.15% annually.

Set to take advantage of this fast growing industry is the wireless energy transmission device company called Node.

Node has two products in the final prototype stage called the Eon and Alpha. The production and marketing of these products is planned to be funded by a token sale.

Below we’ll take a closer look at the the NODE token sale.

What Is NODE Token?

NODE is an ethereum based token. NODE token can be used to purchase the Node range of energy transmission devices. NODE token will be priced at $1USD.

Is there a presale?

Yes, there will be a presale lasting from 7th of December 2017 to the 1st of January 2018. During the presale there will be a 50% bonus. For each token purchased an additional 0.5 tokens will be provided. In the presale up to 0.75 million tokens will be available.

When does the main ITO start?

The main ITO will start on the 15th of February 2018 and last until the 15th of April 2018. During the main ITO up to 10 million tokens will be distributed (less those sold in the presale).

How will the funds be used?

Funds raised in the presale will be used for applying for trademarks in Europe and the USA. request for technology patents in Europe and USA will also be initiated. Finally, the legal structure for the ITO will be finalised. The funds raised in the main ITO will be used for the production of a trial consignment of the Eon to start in July 2018 and the Alpha in March 2018.


Where can you participate in the ITO?

You can participate in the NODE ITO by visiting:

Node Website:
Node Whitepaper:;u=1138788

Spade Wants To Revolutionise $4 Billion Global Online Gambling Using The Blockchain

Online gambling revenues derived from the United States are predicted to reach $4 billion by 2020.

One of the most promising technologies for the online gaming industry in recent years has been the blockchain. Unfortunately, the potential of this technology hasn’t been entirely realised.

Spade is a new decentralised gaming platform that is aiming to change that. One of the problems that they are aiming to address is the problems that on-chain casinos face.

Problems Caused By On-Chain Casinos

The blockchain allows for greater transparency & efficiency gains. Because the blockchain eliminates the needs for many intermediaries it also helps to reduce costs for casinos.

But on-chain casinos are not without their problems. One of the biggest problems is that while they are secure, they aren’t efficient. Everyone who uses popular blockchains like Ethereum has encountered the challenge of slow transactions.


While taking ten minutes to have a transaction confirmed isn’t a problem for all applications, it certainly is when it comes to casinos. Players don’t want to take take ten minutes to see the next flip of the cards in Blackjack. On chain transactions can really ruin gamer experience.

Fees of the Ethereum have also become extremely high. Fees of up to $1 USD, make smaller bets untenable. This is in large part due to Proof-of-Work, which makes scaling challenging.

Spade’s Solution

Spade is built on the Cardano blockchain. This uses Proof-of-Stake protocol, but with the security concerns that are normally associated with POS. This enables Spade to provide tens of thousands of transactions every second, without causing any limitations or constraints on user play. The end result is a seamless experience for the player and a scalable solution for casinos.


In order to get access to the Spade platform applications the user needs to own SPX tokens. These are the native tokens of the Spade platform. SPX tokens will be distributed in an Initial Coin Offering (ICO). You can learn more about SPX ICO by visiting:

Spade Website:

Spade Whitepaper:;u=1138788

How Blockchain Data Platform RepuX Works In 3 Simple Steps

It’s estimated that 2.5 Quintillion bytes of data are created every single day.

That data has real value but a large portion of it goes unused and is simply wasted.

Developers can use that data in order to train machine learning algorithms. The more quality, data that is available the better the models.

What’s more the data that is used tends to be collected by larger corporations. Small and mediums sized businesses typically don’t have an effective way of monetising the data that they have available.

RepuX wants to help ensure that as much of that valuable data is used effectively.

To do this it is creating a marketplace where small and medium sized businesses are able to sell the data that they collect to developers who can then feed that data into their Machine Learning Algorithms.


How RepuX Works In 3 Simple Steps

RepuX can be simplified into three stages:

Stage 1: Business that have gather data, sell that anonymized data and earn REPUX tokens.

Stage 2: Developers buy that anonymised data and use it to train Machine learning algorithms.

Stage 3: Developers then resell their AI applications to enterprises. Enterprises can use these applications in order to enhance their business decisions.

The only way to transact on the RepuX platform is to use the REPUX token. REPUX tokens are being offered to the public in a token sale.

You can learn more about the REPUX token sale by visiting:

Repux website:
Repux white paper:
Repux Telegram:
Repux Bitcointalk Ann:

Is Crypto Crowd Investing The Future Of Finance? CrowdWiz Thinks So

In 2017 venture capital via cypto tokens was four times large than traditional early stage investing.

The shift towards crypto-tokens as a funding mechanism for entrepreneurs is likely to only continue.

Traditional methods of fund raising have layers of intermediaries which increase cost and add friction to the process.

CrowdWiz is a new decentralised investment ecosystem which is taking the ability to fund raise via crypto-tokens to the next level.

Crowdwiz Laptop

CrowdWiz Core Concepts & Tools

CrowdWiz is based on the idea of the wisdom of the crowds. This is a thesis which is based on the concept that groups of people, making decisions in a decentralised & independent way, are able to make superior predictions than individuals.

The reason for this has to do with the marginal knowledge that individuals possess which can on aggregate produce superior results than even an industry expert.

For example, a financial analyst might have researched a retailers financials in-depth. Compared to almost anyone else they would know more about that company and it’s future financial prospects.

A person who shops at that retailer might know nothing about the financial information regarding the retailer, but they do have personal insight into their shopping habits. When you compare predictions from the shopper and the analyst, invariably the analyst will make a more accurate prediction.

What is interesting is when these two peoples predictions are combined. The “marginal” knowledge that the shopper has, is added to the financial analysts in-depth research, and a superior prediction is made.

Crowd investing takes this principle and magnifies it. Instead of just two people having their opinions aggregated and entire group makes predictions on the prospects of a financial asset.

While good in theory, crowd investing is harder to apply in practice.

One of the major challenges is that crowd investing requires that no one person has outweighed influence on the prediction or is able to sway the decisions of the other participants.

What you need in essence is a kind of decentrlised and independent platform where everyone is allocated only a single vote.

This is exactly what CrowdWiz is able to achieve through WizFund and WizVoting.

Anyone who holds the CrowdWiz ecosystem’s native token called a WIZ token is able to establish a WizFund which will invest into specific financial assets. Token holders that want to participate in the WizFund can then choose to do so.

The financial investment decisions that the fund makes is decided through a process called WizVoting. This system uses unique technology to ensure that everyone who is involved is only a a single vote. Voting is done through the blockchain many that the process is completely transported and can be tracked in real time.


If the theory of the wisdom of the crowds proves to be correct then it could have a huge impact on the way that investment decisions are made. WIZ token holders who are early adopters should be able to produce superior returns if the crowd can in fact make superior investment decisions compared to individuals.

CrowdWiz Token Sale

CrowdWiz is currently distributing WIZ tokens through a public token sale. You can learn more details about the token sale by visiting the links below:

CrowdWiz Token Sale:

CrowdWiz Whitepaper:

CrowdWiz Lightpaper:

Why LordCoin Could Bring A New Customer Base For Cryptocurrencies

With Bitcoin reaching almost $20,000 this year it is clear that there is strong demand for cryptocurrencies.

But, in many ways the market for cryptocurrencies is relatively insular.

A new MMO game called Lordmancer II could help to change that with their LordCoin (LC).

Why LordCoin Could Bring New Customers To Cryptocurrencies

The size of the MMO player market is significantly larger than that of owners of cryptocurrencies.

Lordmancer II could provide a “doorway” to these MMO players to the world of cryptocurrencies.

Players of Lordmancer II will be able to buy LordCoins (LC) directly from the Lordmancer II website.

They will also be able to buy “Crystals” another currency used within Lordmancer using in app purchase on the App Store or Google Play.

These Crystals can then be used to buy LordCoins.

At the same time LordCoin will be freely available for buying and selling on cryptocurrency exchanges.

The pricing of LordCoin will be deliberately lower on cryptocurrency exchanges compared to buying through the website or in-app purchases.

Over time Lordmancer II players are likely to be interested in using a cryptocurrency exchange because of the better pricing. This may be these players first exposure to a cryptocurrency exchange and the wider world of cryptocurrencies.

Reasons To Hold LC Tokens

Lordmancer II has introduced a number of features to increase demand for LC tokens over time.

Firstly, there will be unique weapons, skins and other game items which can only be purchased in LC.

Secondly, players will be encouraged to exchange goods using LCs.

In order for any player to player transaction to occur LCs first need to purchased in the market and then place in a Lordmancer wallet.

Secondly, with player to player transactions 10% of the transaction amount will be burned. In game to player transactions the amount burned will be 90%. This will decrease the supply of LCs and increase the value of the remaining tokens.

Learn More About Lord Coin By Visiting: