Arcona ICO Targets 1 Billion User AR Market

By 2020 its predicted that there will be 1 billion users of Augmented Reality (AR).

Augmented Reality, a technology which places digital elements into the real world, could have a transformational impact on the way that we live.

While augmented reality holds great promise it is not without its challenges.

Currently there is no one single tools which enables users to easily interact with augmented reality. Indoor AR projects are relatively easy to constructor, but outdoors one hold much greater challenges. And there are multiple different AR platforms which currently only support one AR enabled device.

Arcona is an innovative AR ecosystem built on the blockchain that believes it has a solution to those problems. Here’s who Arcona believes that it can help AR reach its full potential.


Cross-Platform Solution

Arcona is a cross platform solution meaning that it will support any device. Users of Arcona will be able to interact with digital elements in real world locations using any type of AR enabled device.

Working In Outdoor Environments

Arcona allows you to remotely place AR objects with a high degree of accuracy in a changing physical world environment. This is possible because Arcona doesn’t use GPS but rather real world objects as markers.

Single Tool For Access

Arcona will be a free public information space that is accessible to all users.

In order to fund the development of this augmented world Arcona is currently holding a token sale. Distributing during this token sale will be the Arcona token. This token will be used in order to buy, rent, sell and lease land within Arcona.

The Arcona Token

Used throughout the Arcona ecosystem will be the Arcana token. This is being offered as part of a public crowd sale. You can learn more about the Arcona crowd sale here:

Arcona Website:

Arcona Whitepaper:

What You Need To Know About The LOCIcoin Token Sale

LOCIcoin is utility coin which will be used through-out Loci an IP discovery platform.

In order to fund the development and marketing of the platform Loci is offering LOCIcoins in a token sale.

Here we’ll look at some of the key details about this token sale.


LOCIcoin has two primary usages. LOCIcoin is used for staking inventions onto the blockchain. Secondly LOCIcoin is used for buying and selling IP on the platform.



Loci have set the maximum amount of funds that they want to raise from the token sale at $19 million.


There will be four rounds for the LOCICoin sale. Pricing will vary depending on which round LOCIcoin is bought in:

Round 1 (Dec 6 -8)- $0.33
Round 2 (Dec 8 – 15) – $0.44
Round 3 (Dec 15 – 22)- $0.57
Round 4 (Dec 22 – 31)- $0.75


The LOCIcoin token sale is open to residents of the United States. Payments need to be made in Ethereum. You will need to use ERC20 compatible wallet like MetaMask or MyEtherWallet.

Further Reading

You can learn more about LOCIcoin and the token sale by visiting:

Loci Website:

Loci Whitepaper:

A Guide To VIN Tokens

VinChains goal is to provide a decentralised registry of vehicles history. By placing all of the data about a vehicle on the a blockchain it aims to provide a complete picture of that car.

VIN tokens are a cryptographic token which will be used with the registry. When someone wants to check the history of a vehicle using VinChain they need to pay using VIN tokens. It is costs 25 VIN tokens in order to check the history of that vehicle. At the ICO price per token that equates to a car history report costing $1.25.

In comparison the minimum a car history report can be obtained at in the current market is $9USD. This should give VinChain a clear competitive advantage over other car history report providers.

The payment made in VIN tokens will be distributed to the participants in the system that provide information about the vehicle. These participants include business and organisations that have relevant information about the vehicle. They include car dealers, insurance companies, banks amongst others.

VIN token is therefore in essence a utility token. VinChain intends the VIN token to be a stable cryptocurrency which value is derived from providing car history reports, rather than speculation.

VIN tokens are to be made available for purchase through an ICO. This will have a presale and mainsale phase. During the presale the VIN tokens is priced at $0.03 and during the main sale $0.06. As a consequence there is a steep discount available for anyone who participants in the presale phase.

Read more about VIN tokens:

Vinchain Website:

Vinchain Whitepaper:

Mindsports IO Wants To Eliminate Cheating From Mind Sports Online

The potential for cheating is a major issue for online games like Chess and Bridge.

Cheating is common for two reasons. The first is that there is a clear incentive to do so once monetary rewards are involved. The second is that cheating is relatively easy to do. Chess engines, player collusion and cheating by platform administrators all open up the possibility for unfair play.

The spectre of cheating has prevented mind sports from actualising their full potential. While large prize pools are definitely feature of modern mind sports they could be more widely available if cheating could be prevented.

Mind Sports IO is an innovative decentralised platform for mind sports which has integrated into their network a sophisticated multi-layer anti cheating system.


How Anti-Cheating Layers Works

In Mind Sports cheating can occur in a number of different ways and from various different participants. As a consequence there is no one right way to prevent cheating.

What is required instead is a multi-pronged approach. This is how Mind Sports IO wants to solve cheating.

First there is the stasitical analysis layer. This will perform analysis of players game play and compare this against chess engines.

Secondly there is a reputation layer. This intelligent reputation layer will flag up players with suspicious game metrics, playing habits and other factors. Users of the network will help to improve this layer by providing the engine with relevant metrics and be rewarded with MIND tokens in return.

Thirdly there is the community layer. Here users of the network will act as arbiters for disputes. Tokens can vote to resolve a dispute and gain improved reputation scores and MIND tokens when they are able to identify cheaters.

MIND Token

The MIND token will be used through-out the Mind Sports IO network including as part of the governance mechanism. The MIND token is an ERC20 token created on the Ethereum blockchain. 35 million tokens will be distributed as part of a token sale. Tokens will be priced at 1000 MIND tokens is the equivalent of 1 ETH.


Mindsports IO Website:

Mindsports IO Whitepaper:

Mindsports IO Tokensale:

How BANKEX PoA Protocol Could Help Startups

Three friends found a startup.

Like many startups it has both its up and its downs.

It attracts customers but also competitors. Investors attracted by the progress the startup is making, start to make overtures.

For two of the friends such offers are instantly disregarded. They are interested in the long term future of the company.

But, one of the friends is not quite so passionate about their startup. He has his own business he would like to start and he wants to do it his way.

In short he’s ready to cash in his chips and get out.

The friends are at crossroads. They can’t reach a mutual agreeable decision about how to proceed. Two of the friends are completely against the idea of selling out, the third wants it to happen right now.

Bankex ICO

This is becoming a major issue as the startup stalls because of the time being devoted to the issue of to sell or not to sell.

If they were a publicly listed company such a disagreement migh not be such an issue. The founder who wants out could sell his shares on the market.

But like 99% of all companies in the United States they are private.

BANKEX is an innovative proof-of-asset protocol which offers a solution to problems just like this one. With BANKEX the details of the shares can be recorded using a smart contract.

The founder who wants to sell out has their share become tokenised in a digital asset.

The nominal holder for that share can be any entity that is permitted in that jurisdiction.

This digital token can now be traded and the founder who wants out can realise the value of their holding.

But, at the same time the shareholding for that company is essentially reminding the same.

All parties are happy and the startup can continue on its path to growth.

This is just one example of how Proof of Asset (POA) tokenisation could have a massive impact on the way that assets are traded.

The type of scenario listed above happens every day, and this is just the field of private companies. There a vast array of assets that are currently difficult to trade and move which are ripe for tokenisation.

BANKEX is currently running a token sale for their BKX tokens. You can learn more here:

BANKEX Website:

BANKEX Whitepaper:

Is Crypto Crowd Investing The Future Of Finance? CrowdWiz Thinks So

In 2017 venture capital via cypto tokens was four times large than traditional early stage investing.

The shift towards crypto-tokens as a funding mechanism for entrepreneurs is likely to only continue.

Traditional methods of fund raising have layers of intermediaries which increase cost and add friction to the process.

CrowdWiz is a new decentralised investment ecosystem which is taking the ability to fund raise via crypto-tokens to the next level.

Crowdwiz Laptop

CrowdWiz Core Concepts & Tools

CrowdWiz is based on the idea of the wisdom of the crowds. This is a thesis which is based on the concept that groups of people, making decisions in a decentralised & independent way, are able to make superior predictions than individuals.

The reason for this has to do with the marginal knowledge that individuals possess which can on aggregate produce superior results than even an industry expert.

For example, a financial analyst might have researched a retailers financials in-depth. Compared to almost anyone else they would know more about that company and it’s future financial prospects.

A person who shops at that retailer might know nothing about the financial information regarding the retailer, but they do have personal insight into their shopping habits. When you compare predictions from the shopper and the analyst, invariably the analyst will make a more accurate prediction.

What is interesting is when these two peoples predictions are combined. The “marginal” knowledge that the shopper has, is added to the financial analysts in-depth research, and a superior prediction is made.

Crowd investing takes this principle and magnifies it. Instead of just two people having their opinions aggregated and entire group makes predictions on the prospects of a financial asset.

While good in theory, crowd investing is harder to apply in practice.

One of the major challenges is that crowd investing requires that no one person has outweighed influence on the prediction or is able to sway the decisions of the other participants.

What you need in essence is a kind of decentrlised and independent platform where everyone is allocated only a single vote.

This is exactly what CrowdWiz is able to achieve through WizFund and WizVoting.

Anyone who holds the CrowdWiz ecosystem’s native token called a WIZ token is able to establish a WizFund which will invest into specific financial assets. Token holders that want to participate in the WizFund can then choose to do so.

The financial investment decisions that the fund makes is decided through a process called WizVoting. This system uses unique technology to ensure that everyone who is involved is only a a single vote. Voting is done through the blockchain many that the process is completely transported and can be tracked in real time.


If the theory of the wisdom of the crowds proves to be correct then it could have a huge impact on the way that investment decisions are made. WIZ token holders who are early adopters should be able to produce superior returns if the crowd can in fact make superior investment decisions compared to individuals.

CrowdWiz Token Sale

CrowdWiz is currently distributing WIZ tokens through a public token sale. You can learn more details about the token sale by visiting the links below:

CrowdWiz Token Sale:

CrowdWiz Whitepaper:

CrowdWiz Lightpaper:

Is Foreground DEAL Token Worth Investing In? Here’s What You Need To Know

Foreground is a new decentralised affiliate marketing network. Foreground connects publishers with advertisers massively reducing commissions for both.

Used in the Foreground network is the cryptographic token called DEAL. Here we will look at why DEAL tokens may increase in value following their distribution during the current token sale.

Overview of the Deal Token

A maximum of 450,000 DEAL tokens will be created. Of these 333,000 are set to be sold to the public during the token sale.

DEAL tokens can be used to to create promotions on the Foreground network.

Using DEAL tokens to create ads will be up to 80% less expensive compared to using other purchasing methods.

When DEAL tokens are used they will have greater exposure on the Foreground Dapp (Decentralised Application).

For these reason DEAL tokens should prove to be a popular method for purchasing ads.

What is most important for investors in the DEAL token sale is the fact that when a token is used to buy advertising it is burnt.

As the platform is used more, so to are more DEAL tokens burned. This is turn decreases the available supply. If demand stays constant or increase, then this should naturally lead to an increase in the price of the remaining DEAL tokens.

Secondly the value of DEAL tokens are donimimated in Ether. If the price of Ether rises then the price of DEAL tokens should also increase relative to USD. It is calculated that if the value of Ether was to increase to 2000 USD / ETH then the USD value compared to the price at the token sale would be 80x.

While the value of DEAL tokens is highly contingent on the success of the Foreground network, there is good reasons to believe that it may prove popular. Affiliates are driven by seeking out the best ROI. Because Foreground will eliminate intermediaries it should be able to offer better commissions than are available elsewhere. If the Foreground has a good pool of affiliates and low comissions then it should naturally follow that advertisers will want to be involved with the platform.

If you would like to purchase your own DEAL tokens you do so through their token sale currently underway. For more information visit:


HashHive Wants To Deliver Cost Effective Cloud Mining For Everyone

Cryptocurrency mining is no longer the domain of at home miners. Crypto mining is dominated by industrial mining operations where energy is inexpensive.

There are very good reasons for this. Setting up a profitable cryptocurrency mining operation requires significant upfront investment.

The energy demands from cryptocurrency mining typically exceed the wiring of most domestic reasons. And the noise produced from miners can be ruinous for people’s home lives.

One good alternative for people who want to invest in cryptocurrency mining is cloud mining.


Put simply cloud mining involves the establishment of a remote data centre where the actual crypto mining takes place.

Users can then purchase mining power from this remote setup. They earnings from the mining are split between the cloud mining provider and the user.

HashHive believes it is well positioned to provide very favourable cryptocurrency mining for its users. One reason is the cooling system it plans to use.

HashHive uses an immersion cooling system. This innovative cooling technology delivers power efficinency of 1,03 – 1,05. An immersion system uses less power than an equivalent air cooled system.

A submerged cooling system also provides a lower cost for building the data centre. Using an immersion system means that you can deployed the miners in a bare environment like a warehouse. And it doesn’t require expensive air conditioning equipment.

Funding the purchase and installation of the HashHive mining system will be a token sale. During this token sale CELL tokens will be distributed. Owners of the CELL tokens will be eligible for 40% of monthly profits from HashHive.

Read more:

HashHive Website:

HashHive Whitepaper:

Traders Can Earn 18% Of Their Followers Profits With COVESTING

Successful cryptocurrency traders will soon be able to massively leverage their returns without exposing themselves to any more risk.

How is the possible?

Thanks to model trading through the COVESTING platform.

With COVESTING traders will earn 18% of the profits from any traders that choose to replicate their winning trades.

Traders who are able to show a record of successful, winning trades should be able to attract a large following and in turn receive profits from everyone who is following them.

COVESTING isn’t just good news for uber cryptocurrency traders as well. The platform is designed to enable new cryptocurrency traders to play with the whales and not lose their skin.

By using model trading they will be able to enjoy an automated way to trade alongside the best in the business.

The entire process is actually very straight forward. Successful traders who want to attract a following simply need to add their existing trading accounts to the COVESTING platform using an API.

Once they have done this they are all setup. They can decide whether to keep their trading private while they are building up their success record or make it public straight away.

All of that traders trades are recorded in a model. Because the information comes directly from the exchange that the trader is using it isn’t possible to fake or inflate the data.

Getting started for traders who want to emulate other successful traders isn’t any harder either. In order to model another traders trades they simply need to follow that trader and choose how many of their funds should be used.

Once they have done this COVESTING will automatically execute trades which mirror those of the trader which is being modelled. Traders following another trade will pay fees of 18% to the successful trader on every profitable trade and a 10% commission to COVESTING.


Powering the platform will be the COVESTING token called COV. This COV token is a utility token. When a modelled trade is successful the investor will receive the profits from the trade in COV. The more successful trades which are executed the more the person COV balance will increase.

The value of COV tokens should rise in relation to usage of the COVESTING platform. As there are more successful trades their will be more purchases executed for COV.

COV tokens will be distributed as a token sale. Token sale will be divided in a pre-sale and main sale. During the pre-sale there will 1,500,000 COV tokens distributed. During the mainsale 2,500,000 tokens will be distributed. The remainder of the tokens available will be shared among the founders of the COVESTING platform. These will be locked in a smart contract for a period of three months.



5 Reasons Why Crypterium Could Dominate Crypto Payments

The world of banking is being transform by the blockchain. Cryptocurrencies provide a revolutionary new medium of exchange allowing for instant, secure and inexpensive payments anywhere in the world.

Crypterium wants to be the crypto bank for this blockchain banking revolution. Here are five reasons why they might just succeed.

#1 Transaction Fees Are Significantly Lower

When you make a payment using your American Express, Visa or Mastercard credit cart the merchant has to pay a fee. This varies as an amount of the transaction but can be as high as 5 – 6%. When paying with Crypterium the amount would be between 0.5% – !% of the transaction cost. Merchants will naturally prefer payments using Crypterium.

#2 Makes Paying With Cryptocurrencies Easy

Crypterium is going to integrate with an existing network of 42 million payment terminals. Paying at these terminals with cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum would be as easy as making payments with fiat currencies. This will enable users to make everyday payments using their cryptocurrency holdings.

#3 Low Fees For Users

In order to make any payment using the Crypterium mobile app it will be necessary to hold Crypterium (CRPT) tokens. Transactions will be charged at 0.5% of the current market price of CRPT. When a transaction occurs CRPT tokens are burned as fuel for the transaction.

#4 Attractive Loyalty Program

In order to attract users for the app Crypterium have built in a loyalty program. From the fee charged to the merchant for the transaction 0.15% will go toward loyalty program rewards. The more the person spends the greater the rewards that they receive. The reward levels will depend on how many CRPT tokens the user holds. This will give users an incentive to hold more CRPT tokens.

#5 Move Towards Cashless Banking

There is a strong move towards cashless payments and more specifically mobile banking. Crypterium is strongly positioned to benefit from this trend. Combine this with the growing popularity of cryptocurrencies and you have clear support for this technology.

Find out more:

Crypterium Website:

Bitcointalk ANN: